All Work And No Play...

All work, and no play makes Jack a dull Charger boy.

Hi Folks…… it’s the offseason. The time when readers, and writers alike, get to rehash every tid-bit of information, as if it were a CIA secret. We get pictures, but the players aren’t really doing much more than running around with their new jerseys on.

That’s why I decided to do this article about some players who will be “All Work”, or “All Play” in 2013. Feel Free to add your own players… but, keep in mind that I will be posting more of these, and I won’t be “biting” anyone’s material, after doing so.. So let’s not get too complicated. Shall we begin???

I’ll start with the most obvious.

Manti Te’O: “All Work”

When a team gives away a “precious” draft pick to trade up and get a player.. there are automatically expectations. People are already talking about bulking him up. The Man has barely shaken hands! Is there really anyone who should be in front of Manti on this list?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”

Philip Rivers: “All Work”

I put Rivers second, because he has already shown me that he is a Charger. It doesn’t matter if another player succeeds, or not… Rivers will be scrutinized the most. Not to mention, his spot is perceptibly “under review”.

At no point have I ever felt like Rivers wasn’t happy about being a Charger. He definitely has a “gosh & golly” way about him….. but I like it!

What’s funny, is that he is league renowned for his smack talk, and fiery attitude. He has already proven himself elite, and is going to have to work harder than anyone on this roster.. which is nothing new to him.

Donald Butler: “All Play”

Already a Defensive Captain lock, Butler talks (and plays) a hard game! I know he is stoked to be able to hold a newbie “up to the light” of the Takeo Spikes role model. I’m most excited to see what he can teach the new rookie, and where these two can go with the middle of this defense.

DJ Fluker: “All Play”

Being a first round HEAVY DUTY draft pick, for a position that was “OK” before, shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Fluker only has to be as good as Clary to get the nod. He is pro-bowl material.

Tourek Williams, and Devan Walker: “All Work”

Tourek Williams didn’t get ANY votes on a poll that I posted after the draft! He was a top 6 choice, and people voted for Sorrenson over him!!! That’s ridiculous! Walker seems to have the right mentality. Both of these guys need to work hard to push for playing time behind English. This is a weak spot, and we need somebody to back Ingram up.

The Cornerbacks: “All Play”

I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t hear anyone really bitching about the CB position, anymore. Gilchrist could be moving to safety, which makes sense that they drafted a speedy nickel slot CB like Williams (who should meet Welker eventually). Which leaves Shareece Wright to step up to second CB. The last time I checked, Wright was showing some flash, and doesn’t play safety. Cox clearly has the 1st CB Spot locked down, and should bring a dynamic that we haven’t seen in our backfield for a long time!


I will do another “All Work / No Play” post in the future, as the plot thickens. I’m sure that there will be plenty of players that will need to step up during times of adversity. Perhaps we can see some of these “work” players switch to “Play”, or vice-verse.. Only time will tell.


Keep Bolting for Excellence!


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  • Cgoodness13

    Isn’t wright a “sniper” hitter though? I’ve seen him lock onto guys and just shoot right a them. To be honest I’d prefer him at SS than gilchrist, or it’s it gilchrist that’s a “sniper” hitter?

    • Peter Thompson

      You may be right. I’m just looking at Tom Telesco’s moves. He can go whatever way he wants to go. I just know that he has Gilchrist playing safety snaps. This could mean that Gilchrist is better at safety.. it could mean that Wright is worse.. it could mean that TT thinks that Wright can hold down the job until Taylor comes back, and then Gilchrist is back in.. and TT could just be trying players out. We will probably see more players rotating in. They are looking at the options. As of now, Shareece wright may be the starting corner.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Pete. Does TT actually make the calls on who plays where on the team? What does Coach McCoy decide? I thought TT simply gets the players that the Coach wants, or best on the board type of thing. TT also has a hand in the deal making part of it.–getting people signed, contract extensions, etc. He doesn’t have a hand on who plays where, does he? I would think the D coordinator, the offensive coordinator also would have some input.

        Doesn’t Coach McCoy and whatever coordinator who is affected decide who is playing where and at what position? If TT is making these calls as you say, what exactly is Coach McCoy’s sphere of responsibility? I don’t think TT is going to tell McCoy to switch a player to a different spot or play somebody else. Maybe I am wrong.

        • Peter Thompson

          From what I’ve seen from their interviews.. they all pool together, and make their suggestion, the one with the most experience, and best ideas tends to step to the front, and they all own their decision after it has been made. TT was a great judge of talent, according to Polian. I bet his fingerprints are all over the player rotation, as much as McCoy’s are. They’re a team. They’re making a bond.

          • Stefanie Smith

            We wouldn’t have liked it if AJ was all over it… wasn’t his job… same should go for TT. Not trying to argue here, just sayin. That would not be TT’s job as a great talent scout, to make coaching decisions as he has never coached.

        • Nick in PB

          With this new regime, I think there is conversation between TT and McCoy as to who is going to play where. It is, by all means a coaching decision but it’s likely TT talked to McCoy about SS and if we had one on the roster or not. If they didn’t feel Gilchrest could take the spot then TT would be looking for a SS to pick up. In a way, it’s a mutual decision but the HC is the one that’s going to decide who starts and who doesn’t. Once camp begins, I’m sure the two of them will work together on roster decisions but if the coach says, this guys our starter, then this guy will be the starter.

      • Nick in PB

        I like Wright as the starter. He’s going to go through some growing pains but I like his attitude. He’s a hitter too. Not sure about his ball skills but I think his cover skills are pretty decent. I liked what I saw from him last year and he’s only going to get better.

  • JoseSD

    Sorry Pete but I don’t get what you mean by “All work” or “All Play” players, can you break it down for me

    • Peter Thompson

      Obviously all of the players need to work hard. But, there are players that have a point to prove, and others that have proven their point already, or are in a better position to succeed than others.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Exactly. T’eo has something to prove. No one seems concerned about Fluker. And yes, Rivers has something to prove—that he hasn’t lost his edge. That would put him in the all work crowd.

    • Nick in PB

      I’m with you Jose… not really sure what it means either. Peter, if you are going to do more articles like this one, please expand on the All Work and All Play theme. Thanks man!

      • Peter Thompson

        Fair enough. Everyone gets a stinker. Thanks for the imput.

  • Rob Base

    As the plot thickens or when it thickens hopefully its nothing serious bro.