Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer (23) celebrates with cornerback Shareece Wright (29), safety Sean Cathouse (40) and linebacker Larry English (52) after intercepting a pass against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

6 Reasons Why Re-Signing Quentin Jammer Still Makes Sense

Bolt Family, in my last piece I explained why I´m not too amused by that latest news concerning the Bolts´ secondary situation. U-T San Diego reported that the Chargers are planning to move Marcus Gilchrist over to strong safety. I already mentioned that I´d rather get him in competition with Shareece Wright for the second starting job at cornerback.

Instead of moving Gilchrist over to strong safety, I´d re-sign Quentin Jammer to a short-term deal and put him next to Eric Weddle in the last line of the defense. Surely this would be no solution for the next few years, but a solid option for the upcoming season in my opinion.

Okay, now without wasting any time, I want to point out why I think the Chargers would benefit from bringing Jammer back for at least another year.

Leadership for an overall young defense
Alright, we all know Telesco wants to make the team younger. But when looking at the defensive guys and starters who are already on the roster – e.g. Corey Liuget, Donald Butler, Kendall Reyes, Melvin Ingram or Shareece Wright – one has to admit the defense is pretty young already. With Takeo Spikes and Shaun Phillips gone, John Pagano´s unit lost their leaders in the locker room and on the field. This also means, 28-year old Eric Weddle would be left alone with the leadership role on the defense. The 31-year old Jarret Johnson had only one season with the Chargers; don´t think he´s the man to fill that hole. The offense has it´s leaders with Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and Nick Hardwick, so why leave Weddle alone with that job on the defense? Quentin Jammer was drafted by the Chargers in 2002 (fifth overall pick) and has stayed with the team ever since. He is a loyal and positive role model. He has the respect of his young teammates.

Health and Reliability
As a starter for the San Diego Chargers since 2003, Quentin Jammer has only missed two games! This also means with 172 games for the Bolts he´s in the all-time top five of Chargers players with the most career games in a Lightning Bolt uniform. So with quite a few injury-prone players on the roster (to say the least), a healthy and thus reliable veteran could definitely help the team. Please remember: last year’s starter, Atari Bigby, and the potential starters at strong safety for this year, Darrel Stuckey and Brandon Taylor, ended the season on injured reserve. I´ll say it again: Jammer only missed two games since 2003! This leads me to my next point:

Cornerback Insurance
Yes I said, I want Jammer to play strong safety. But I guess fans are aware that the Bolts´ most expensive acquisition this offseason, cornerback Derek Cox, can´t exactly be considered a “reliable” force in the secondary. He missed 17 games over the last three years, and 14 games over the last two years due to injuries! Don´t get me wrong; he has great talent, but the Jacksonville Jaguars have been quite frustrated with his inability to stay healthy. It´s definitely a possibility that we might feel the same way next season, when he´d find himself a nice, comfortable home on the injury report list. And if Shareece Wright and Marcus Gilchrist go down too, we´re left with no starting corners. We drafted Steve Williams in the fifth round in this year´s NFL draft, but with 5’9″ he is a bit too under-sized to play outside cornerback. So in that worst-case scenario, the 33-year old could be the team´s savior in the secondary. This also means a Quentin Jammer on the roster creates options. And when I´m looking at Telesco´s additions so far, I can see he is all for a versatile player personnel. Chalk up one for Jammer!

Affordable Acquisition
Well, it´s already May and Quentin Jammer is still on the market without getting much interest from other teams. It was reported, the Washington Redskins met with the veteran (they most likely also wanted him as safety), but aside from that he had a very quiet off-season so far. All in all, it´s not a big surprise; he´ll turn 34 this summer and with his last two seasons he definitely couldn´t boost his market value, to say the least. And if a team will make him an offer, it probably would be for backup purpose only. So it will be hard for him to find a starting job as cornerback for the 2013 season in the National Football League. I guess this also means he would come in at an affordable price. And since our new General Manager is riding the low-cost wave, Jammer could surely find his way onto Telesco´s plans. Chalk up another one for Jammer!

Experience and Motivation
Jammer served as cornerback for the San Diego Chargers his entire NFL career. But he actually has experience in playing safety, having played the position in Texas, where he went to college (and high school). And we all know he´s been a physical corner through all the years, so I guess he´d do fine in run support. As safety, he would have to cover tight ends one on one in some cases, and considering his size and strength, this may be another reason why his transition to the position next to Weddle could make sense. Sure, he would have to learn how to do the job in the last line of the defense, but there´s a completely new front office and coaching staff in town, so he would have to study a new playbook anyway. And he has already mentioned a couple of times that he is willing to do the move; and whether or not you believe it, he even said it to me via twitter:

So, the experience and the motivation are there – chalk up one for him yet again! (that chalk stuff´s already annoying?…lol, kinda diggin´ it)

Giving Brandon Taylor time to get healthy and to develop
I remember last year, right before the season started, there was quite a bit of Brandon Taylor hype within the Bolt Family. Things like “he will outplay them all and will end the season as starter at strong safety” were said and written all over the net. And now that he ended the season on injured reserve (just like Darrel Stuckey and Atari Bigby), suddenly most of the fans forgot about him or just can´t see any starting talent in the 23-year old warrior.

Whatever, I don´t want to write Taylor off just because he got injured last year. He tore his ACL, had surgery in January, but it´s not unlikely he´ll be ready for Week 1 of season 2013. Darrel Stuckey – we already know he was placed on season-ending injured reserve too – is also in the mix for the starting job at strong safety. But Stuckey is doing such a great job on the special teams; he keeps things stable. I don´t want him to leave that unit in order to prevent unnecessary disturbance. They already had some very bad plays in the second half of last season – I don´t need another special teams season like the one in 2010!
So, as I don´t want to give up on Brandon Taylor just yet, the re-signing and transition to strong safety of Quentin Jammer could give Taylor the time to get healthy and the chance to develop into a starter.

Alright, these are the reasons why I think re-signing Quentin Jammer to a short-term contract and moving him over to strong safety would be a solid option for the year 2013. If Brandon Taylor is not able to develop and become a starter this season, then the Chargers will have to find a way to fix that position in next year´s draft or free agency.

Thank you for staying with me ´til the end and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • J.C. Ortiz

    I would have no issue bringing him back, but he needs to compete for the job. If he beats out Gilchrist at SS so be it. Get the best players on the field.

    • tubbs45

      Totally agree with you about the best player, but I don’t think TT would move both to SS to compete.

      • MC Boltman

        Yep! thats what I´m talkin bout.

  • scubapoet

    Jammer has been, is, a solid DB. The knock was always he was supposed to be better, a complete stopper. He is solid, durable, and reliable, something the Chargers have had issues supplying at other positions.

  • Ambitoos

    Did I miss something. Didn’t Jammer sign with the Redskins? Read that awhile back but I don’t see him on their roster>

    • joerockt

      Apparently he just visited, hasn’t signed anything yet, and doesn’t look like he will.

  • Christopher Maniachi

    I’d totally support resigning QJ. He’s a fantastic leader, loyal and always plays hard. Very well written article. I agree on all points.

    • MC Boltman

      Thanx very much! Yes Jammer as SS for 2013 would make sense IMO

  • Cgoodness13

    Ya, as soon as we sign our rookies to contracts and see what we left then sure, after we sign another NT for depth why not.

  • Lee

    jammer used to always come in and eat at the restaurant i worked at and he was always a chill dude. he has been one of my favorite players this past decade and his presence in the locker room will be missed if he doesnt get resigned. i hope TT inks him to a new contract!

  • joerockt

    I would sign him as insurance if we can get him cheap. I hate “locker room guys”, but its true we need leadership on that D. But really the spot is pretty much Brandon Taylor’s to lose.


      Every post you make seems to be negative, then you say you “hate locker room guys.” So your good at reading articles about players online and then think you know so much about football and all the skill involved with playing the game. Let me guess, you played in high school, so that makes you an expert? If you just go to this site to bash your team, and talk shit about all the moves they make, then maybe its time to find a new team. You’re obviously not a “locker room guy”, those guys keep morale high and light a fire under everyone else’s ass. The guys that trash their situation and talk shit all day bring everyone else down with them.

      • joerockt

        Easy there, Slappy. You can take a deep breath and realize there isn’t anything about my post that’s negative. And even if it was, who the fuck are you? I can say my posts are critical at times, but if I didn’t give two shits either way, why would I bother posting? I call it like I see it and if they make a move I don’t care for, I speak up about it. You’re really going to sit there, type that bullshit and tell me you agree with every single thing the Chargers management, personnel and players make? Good for you, sounds like you’re a bona fide kiss-ass to me, congrats. I give props where they are due, and I’m critical when its due, based on MY OPINION, little Hitler. So if you’ve got something to say to counter my opinions, then yank the string on your tampon, step the fuck up and lets all hear what you have to say, positive or negative, because this crap you just wrote does nothing to contribute and was only written to antagonize. And you can wipe your ass with who I should or shouldn’t follow.

        Now, in regards to my “hate locker room guys” comment, my point there was that in general, those vet guys may have a presence in the locker room (like Takeo Spikes), but usually do little to contribute on the field (like Takeo Spikes). It goes along the same lines as a “Players Coach” like Norv was perceived to be and he had no business being a head coach.

        • geigage

          Bona fide kiss ass? No. Fan who trusts PROFESSIONALS that were brought in to do their job until proven otherwise, yes. I read your post history, you seem to be overly critical of players who havent had an opportunity to prove themselves within the Chargers system yet. Reading your posts regarding draft picks (Fluker & Teo) is where I found negative material. As a lifelong fan of this organization I get tired of fair weather fans blasting this team and the organization as a whole. My post was written in frustration, Quentin Jammer has been a solid contributor to this organization for 11 years and has knowledge and leadership abilities for an organization that is extremely young. I think we can agree that last season was not Jammers finest, but our pass rush sucked and QBs had all day to wait for a receiver to get open. If these posts were written mid to late season after players have had an opportunity to prove themselves, then they would have more credibility. My opinion, give the organization at least 1 full season to see what kind of progress is made before we blast every move they make.
          P.S. I do admire your passion, I can tell you were pissed off by my response (i.E. little hitler- kinda gnarly dude)

          • joerockt

            There are few people I really trust, and least of people I don’t know. And I’m sorry, but I’m not being overly critical and saying that “Well, these picks suck, and TT sucks and the Chargers suck”. Never said that, never will say that and I don’t appreciate you putting words there where they do not exist. I’m not only a Charger fan, but a fan of the game (yes, I played for many years as a kid). Therefore, I can form intelligent opinions based upon the information that’s out there, either in print or on video. I have no respect for someone who would blindly follow without checking the facts. Fluker, while an excellent RT, doesn’t fit our need at LT. So why exactly did we draft him? If the hope was to draft Fluker and pick up a good (great) LT in FA, we failed (so far). If we had a chance to trade up and get one of those top 3 LT’s, we should have and we wouldn’t have a gun to Rivers head at the moment. With regards to Te’o, I’m not an ND fan so I’ve avoided watching their games. Part of my opinion was based off the BCS Championship game which I did watch, and like the rest of planet earth, was not impressed. Since we drafted him, I have watched more video and I have to say that I AM impressed with his play and I DO see the potential there. Guy reminds me of Donnie Edwards a bit, but even more physical. He runs directly through people when he tackles which I absolutely love. We’ve been missing that ILB ball hawk, so let’s continue to hope he is the answer. If he sucks, expect to hear about it from me. Last year people were blasting me on the UT website for me saying that we should pick David DeCastro, who would have been a perfect replacement for Dielman. We ended up picking Ingram and putting Green at LG. How’d that work out? Oh yea, to the tune of 49 sacks. Would DeCastro have helped with that number? More than likely. And since Ingram’s season wasn’t anything special, that pick may have been the difference between playoffs and golf. A few less sacks, a little more time to throw and those close losses could have been W’s.

            So with all that said, I’m not at all “unhappy” with what has been done so far. Overall the team is heading in the right direction. The GM and the Coach are both saying the right things and seem very genuine in their purpose to get this team turned around. You will continue to see me criticize and you will see me prase. I think that’s what being a sports fan is all about. So be careful next time you call someone out, they might not be as nice as I was.

          • Bill Nichols

            Right on homie, I got your back. You are talking sense here. enough with the bull dhit already.


      Attitude is the key to turning this situation around right now, you just dont seem to get that

  • tubbs45

    Reason number 6 he can lay the wood. Jammer can hit. I have liked the idea of him at SS for a couple of years. CB changing to safety often struggle at first, it’s a big change. The same goes for gilcrest, who ever we pull in, get them started now so they can get some reps!

    • tubbs45

      MC Boltman, thanks for the reminder about this topic!
      Jammer, Weddle at safety
      Cox, with Gilcrest/Wright at CB
      Ingram, Butler, Teo, English(?) LB

      Leugit, Thomas, Reyes DL
      Solid… OLB would be the spot to add to…

      • MC Boltman

        Thanx for your reply! Yeah, Jammer & Weddle in 2013 would be nice.

  • Jonah Lee

    all solid points, definitely would like to see Jammer back with the Bolts, great post bro!!

    • MC Boltman

      Thanx bro! Yeah, I think these are reasonable arguments for his comeback. #boltup

  • Brian Smith

    Great article, i thought they should have done this last year. I really hope that management see this in him too. However, they seem to be thinking younger.

    Love Jammer, he still is our best open field tackler, hope they bring him for one more!! Go Bolts

    • MC Boltman

      Thank you! Yeah he´s an awesome tackler. It would make sense #boltup

  • John De Angelis

    I totally agree, it should have happened already.

  • Ioane

    I’m with on bringing back Jammer. Especially if move MG to safety. He would provide depth.

  • Gunnar Martin

    People. Stop holding on to something that is gone and is not coming back. He had a very solid career in San Diego, but it is just time for him to MOVE ON. If he ever plays again in the NFL, it will be in a different uniform.

    Get over it already.

    • MC Boltman

      May I ask you if you read the article? It´s not about getting over “something that is gone”, it´s about something that makes sense…if something makes sense, why not going for it?

      • Gunnar Martin

        Yes, I read the entire article. I just have a separate opinion. Do you remember those countless times when a receiver would fly right by him in a crucial part of the game and the only thing he could do is practically tackle him, resulting in a quite deflating penalty? His skill is just not there anymore.

        I do not doubt that he could help the team leadership-wise, but at this point, he would be more of a weakness in the secondary than a help for the team.

  • noel golondrina

    send it to CHARGERS asap (NOW)

    • MC Boltman

      Haha…alright, I´ll check if I can get Tom on the phone – the draft is over, he can´t be that busy right? :) Thanx for the appreciation!

  • Sid Klum

    Everyone has been waiting for Jammer to move over to safety. He would be great. The guy can hit and has cornerback speed.

  • Peter Thompson

    Another compelling article MC!!! Great job!

    I know it’s not the popular opinion, but…. no thanks. Jammer hasn’t played a snap at safety since college… which was eons ago. Who knows if he can even make the transition? Why spend valuable time training a 34 year old player, who most likely won’t be on the team next year? (this is probably why you are already seeing Gilchrist there, and not Jammer). I already don’t like the “Gilchrist to Safety” move… but, I would take that over moving Jammer there. At least he could get some experience at safety, and be a back-up in case Taylor goes down again in the next few years. Gilchrist is going to be around for a while, so that actually makes sense to me. Preferably, we need to get an ACTUAL stop-gap strong safety (not named Bigby).. not teach a guy, so he can fill in for half a season. Not even sure if there are any good options left out there anymore. Maybe we can pick one up when players start getting cut after camp. This is exactly why they should have drafted Kenny Vaccaro. I feel it’s time to move on from Jammer, unless he is willing to take a role as a back-up CB, and not steal valuable playing time away from our younger talent. Jammer’s a nice guy, and all… but, I just don’t see TT making that move. Who knows.. maybe he will. It would apparently make a lot of fans happy, that’s for sure.

    • MC Boltman

      Thanx man! And yeah, it´s ok – everybody can have it´s own opinion. And I also get your point. I just think it would not take too long or that much effort for him to make that transition (he wouldn´t be the first veteran CB to successfully move over to S). But I also don´t think TT will go for that option – thats why they´re planning to plug Gilchrist in there. Whatever…I´m fine with every solution that works and gets us up front #boltup

      • Peter Thompson

        Word. Nice articles though mang. I am getting hammered this week at work, so my writing has taken a hit. I really enjoy your stuff =)

        • MC Boltman

          Wow, thanx again – I can say the same about your stuff. Yeah…it seems, the more my job p#sses me off, the more I write haha – seems to be some kind of “keeping the balance” thing :) thx!

    • joerockt

      I agree. Taylor was a 3rd round choice and as long as he shows he’s ready to play and has a good camp, he deserves the spot.

      Personally, I think Jammer should have moved to S a long time ago. Think of all the PI’s we would have avoided lol.

      • Bill Nichols

        Jammer equals PI machine………. Or TD for the offense. Been there done that. Time to cut bait with him and get someone younger, faster, and hungrier then old ass Jammer.

  • geigage

    Re-sign him already!

  • Harry Robinson

    Personally, I never thought Jammer was all that! He gets beat more times than i can count! Good riddens!

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Nice guy, leader and tough. He should end his career as a Charger.

  • Bill Nichols

    issue is that Jammer can’t cover my grand mother, ? Simple as that. Look back and see how many big plays were made against us cause jammer got burned, Wayy too many to count. and if he can’t get to the play, he gets flagged for interference, Sorry man, I love what he did in the past, solid hitter, so so coverage guy, but no mas. Unless he wants to play for free, I say, check you later bro.

  • tubbs45

    Question: would you rather have Jammer back or Charles Woodson?

    • MC Boltman

      Well, Charles Woodson was a $11,500,000 cap hit for the Packers last year…so I want Jammer :)

    • Ernie Padaon

      woodson please

  • arnie

    very well stated, now we need T&M to sign on.

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