Recent QB Movement and the San Diego Chargers

(What if Geno Smith is available when San Diego Drafts)

Will Phillip Rivers Remain a San Diego Charger if QB Geno Smith is available when San Diego picks with the #11 overall pick?

Aprils Fools turned out to be no fooling around today, with three new quarterbacks going to three new NFL teams. Now that Buffalo signed Kevin Kolb, Arizona about ready to trade for Carson Palmer, and Oakland trading for Matt Flynn, some quarterback hungry teams aren’t that hungry any longer. These three transactions can very much alter this month’s NFL Draft, especially for the San Diego Chargers and their current draft needs.

San Diego cut ties with left tackle Jared Gaither last week opening a glaring hole at left tackle (which is their most important draft need). The top three offensive tackles (Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher & Lane Johnson) could be taken before San Diego picks at number eleven. San Diego can elect drafting other needs in the first round (like outside linebacker, nose tackle, guard or even receiver ) but if Philadelphia, Arizona or Buffalo elect to pass on top rated quarterback Geno Smith, San Diego might be forced to draft a new quarterback.

Geno Smith has been projected the #1 overall draft pick, as well as the highest rated quarterback in the 2013 draft. Smith was first projected to go #1 to Kansas City, but the Chiefs traded for new starter Alex Smith. The Cardinals, Raiders and Bills all have had links to quarterback Geno Smith within the top ten picks, but all have NEW quarterbacks as of TODAY. Those same teams that all pick before San Diego could all draft the big three left tackles, and are now more likely to be gone by San Diego’s #11 pick.

New Chargers GM Tom Telesco has already said that San Diego will draft the best player available, regardless of position. If Geno Smith is available at #11, Telesco may have to draft him. But that would seem alright, right? New GM’s on new teams want to draft their guys. Plus San Diego has a new head coach, and head coaches are the same way as GM’s, they all want their choice in players. Phillip Rivers was old GM AJ Smith’s guy. The last two years, Rivers has had too many turnovers and very inconsistent play, but most of that blame has been swept towards the porous offensive line. Therefore Rivers is still tradable and may be at his final peak as tradable commodity.

Rivers could get traded immediately (probably demand two 1st round draft picks). One team that has been willing to trade high draft picks for veteran players (and has the salary cap room to take on Rivers contract) is Tampa Bay (not to mention all the Bucs & Darrelle Revis trade rumors). Bucs head coach, Greg Schiano, has no “ties” with their current quarterback, as Josh Freeman was he drafted by the previous coaching staff. No loyalty there. And who has better chemistry with Bucs receiver Vincent Jackson than Phillip Rivers? (other than Antonio Gates)

Or Geno Smith could be tutored by Rivers for a season (and watch & learn from the bench). This may be additional motivation for Rivers to perform better (kind of like what happened with Drew Brees with Rivers on the bench). But without a new 1st round left tackle, Rivers will probably perform badly as he need the protection he can get.

Or Rivers could be traded midseason, kind of like the Bengals and Carson Palmer. WHO KNOWS…

Of course, I’m only guessing if left tackles Joeckel, Fisher or L.Johnson are NOT available when San Diego picks the draft. And usually good quarterbacks like (Geno Smith and Matt Barkley) get drafted quickly. Quarterbacks always go ahead from their projections as this is a quarterback driven league.

…but what if Geno Smith is available for the NEW San Diego Chargers to draft?


Story by James Fedewa (

Topics: Free Agency, Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

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  • Stefanie Smith

    Grrrr. No, Chargers are not forced to take Geno Smith at 11. Sorry. Take Cooper, Warmack, etc. Tons of others.

    It would maybe be different if we were talking about Andrew Luck, RG 3 or Cam Newton. And no, not trading Rivers either. And Rivers needs to be coached and not spend his time mentoring someone right now.

    If you seriously think that Rivers could or should be traded mid-season… get to a doctor soon.

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahaa….. of course you would be the first one to post on this one… haha… it wasnt me.. i just say it for laugh and everybody knows i am being sarcastic

      • Stefanie Smith

        You didn’t write this. Did you? Thought it was somebody named James Fedewa. Omg, if it was you, I apologize. Figured I could beat up the new people.

        • Ernie Padaon

          hahaha… not it

          • James Fedewa

            LOL – Just a thought… BPA, right?

          • Ernie Padaon

            ha… i do say that often, but i cant say we could do that with a quarterback… but if Geno turns into a superstar, then you can mark this date down

          • Pete Spinning

            We DO need a QB to succeed Rivers. He is a little bit of a project, but in two years, who knows? There are starting QB’s in the league right now, who made the playoffs last year, and were ranked lower. Just saying. Whatever TT does, I blindly follow.. That’s what I keep getting told by trolls anyway.

          • James P Derrick

            Tolzien from the 49ers may become 3rd string there…SD needs to bring him back instead of clipboardjesus.

          • James Fedewa

            Jesus is just alright with me…

          • Pete Spinning

            Agreed. I liked what I saw when he played. I also liked the kid from last season too… can’t recall the name… was it Jared Lee? Lost track of what happened to him. He was rough around the edges, but he showed potential in preseason.

        • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

          This sums up the article pretty well:

    • jamfed

      If you’re playing poker and you’re dealt two aces and two Jacks, how do you play your hand? Two pair, or just two aces??? You play your whole hand. two pair!

      The draft is a card game, and good teams play what they are given (and let the draft come to them)..

      Rivers may be ACES, and Geno Smith may be JACKS… so use both to your advantage. (even if it means trading RIvers, you don’t want to lose your JACKS)

      • Pete Spinning

        Ironically, that is Telesco’s exact approach to the draft, in his own words. Let the board talk to you.

  • Brandon Reisinger

    Never gonna happen lol! Make no mistake, the biggest reason Telesco and McCoy are in SD is because of Rivers

    • James Fedewa

      maybe McCoy, but not Telesco…

  • Brandon Reisinger

    Not to mention that Smith might be the top rated QB in the draft but he is by no means #1 overall talent. Teams often reach on QBs so of course the top rated one will make there way in to the top 10 or 15 picks but if his draft position was based on talent alone he would probably end up in the late 1st round or early 2nd… and that is really where he belongs

    • Pete Spinning

      Would you draft Kaepernick, or Wilson in the first round, knowing what you know now? In my best Morpheus… “Do you think that is air that you’re breathing? Hmmmm…”
      Just playing devils advocate… Lol. Mad love for you B-Dog.

      • Brandon Reisinger

        Lol! Quarterback has to be one of the toughest positions to evaluate I’m sure. Guys get picked up in later rounds and end up being studs but there have also be a plethora of guys that have gone in the top 10 that never amounted to anything. The thing about Smith to me that stands out is that i see nothing in him that screams leadership! To me a QB needs to be a leader of men, needs to instill confidence into his solders and i just don’t see that with him. But who knows… Wilson i think is gong to be a very good QB for years to come, Kaepernick while he is exciting to watch i’m not sold yet. He might just be the flavor of the month.. Again i just don’t see him leading his team out onto the field.

        • Pete Spinning

          I can agree with that. We don’t want to get stuck with a Vince Young, or Daunte Culpepper. Both decent, but they will bever be leaders.

  • Lee

    there will be far better players than smith at the #11 spot even if all the tackles are gone

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Uhhh forced to draft Geno? and PR worth 2 first rounders? had to stop reading there as I was about to enter never never land if I read any further. Yowser

    • jamfed

      Geno Smith can demand a lot in return. If Carson Palmer and Jay Cutler are worth two 1st round draft picks, why not Phillip RIvers?

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        I love PR man, but at this point right now (April 2nd 2013) we couldn’t get 2 first rounders for him with his stats from the last 2 years, GMs would hold those stats over his head as leverage and try to give a lesser deal. I know it’s his O-lines fault pretty much but to the rest of the earth outside SD it’s not.

        • James Fedewa

          I love PR too, but he’s driving me crazy. 17 is my man! I know he’s not 100% to blame, but…
          You know what else I like? Bacon And if I eat bacon every day I’m gonna get fat and die.
          I think Rivers interceptions & turnovers are gonna make me get fat and die too.

      • Sergio Quintero

        No QB will be taken this year, sorry man it isn’t going to happen, McCoy in large part took this job because of Philip. Second Geno Smith is not an elite prospect, he would have the 3-4 QB taken last year. If Philip falls flat in his face in 2013, then I would seriously consider 2 elite prospects in Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel who both are much better prospects than Smith. But for Geno Smith and this year no way.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    On a roster with this many holes you can’t select a QB that won’t play with your first pick because of just that (he wont be playing) plus why do you think every team and their brother just signed a re-tread qb? You didn’t see the colts or Redskins last year sign a old vet before the draft. Teams don’t like this QB class and are showing it, all of these dudes look like they will be backups now with only a couple maybe getting to compete for starting jobs.

    • jamfed

      San Diego could’ve won 5 more games in 2012 (Ravens, Broncos, Bengals, Saints & Browns) That’s a possible 12-4 record. The Chiefs have holes, the Raiders have holes…, This is NOT a rebuilding year for San Diego. They should’ve won the AFC West

      • Stefanie Smith

        Are you saying that those five losses were on Rivers? What about the missing o-line? What about Gaither not playing? There are tons of issues on the Chargers.

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        What? I’m talking right now dude, Holes galore……..your point makes no sense and neither does your article. ZING

  • Cgoodness13

    April fools was yesterday bro

  • Pete Spinning

    I immediately thought while reading… Steph isn’t going to like this one bit.

  • Pete Spinning

    I’m on record in a BoogaP fan perspective saying that PR is my favorite Charger of all time.. And I am a 30+ year fan. But, let’s keep it 100… if TT feels inclined to go Geno on us.. I’m down. A) because we need a backup QB, and B) the man knows Philip’s days are numbered. Do we really want to be clamboring for an RG3 in two years with every other team, once PR is gone? Because that means we had an awful year… Which some are greatly opposed to…. Including myself. Or, do you want to take the best QB in the draft when he falls to you. I will say this, I would take Geno over Smith, Kolb, Flynn, or Palmer any day of the week! Teams need to have their heads examined.

  • 1961 Fan

    The problem is what team would take on that bloated one million per game contract Rivers carries? Perhaps that heavy load is what makes him stumble out of the pocket!

  • Stefanie Smith

    They said the same thing about Kurt Warner–”ooohhh he stinks, oooh he throws interceptions.” Guess he really wasn’t so bad now.

    If you think cavalierly getting rid of Rivers is the answer for the best (actually means nothing as it is a simple opinion ranking) on the board.. then take a look at the struggles AZ is having. They are still struggling to find their franchise QB. Okay, then take a look at the Ravens. Everyone thought Flacco was no good. What would have happened if they had dumped Flacco? Flacco had plenty of issues the past few years.

    You ride it out. Just because some college kid is the best on some draft board does not make him actually any good. Let’s all go down memory lane and talk about how great Ryan Leaf was.

    When the majority of the holes are filled and the problems that affect Rivers’ performance are corrected, then you take a look at whether Rivers has come back to his Pro Bowl self.

    • James Fedewa

      Well, if GenoSmith is drafted by San Diego, and Rivers is traded (i.e. to Tampa Bay), the Chargers will free up about $10 to 14 million in cap space. That cap space could be used to sign free agents or resign their own (like D.Butler or Cam Thomas). Starting a young QB (and their low salary) helps the WHOLE team (i.e. Seattle &Indianapolis) as big money can be spread to other areas of need.

      But trading your franchise quarterback can also hurt your coach and GM (like Josh McDanials trading Jay Cutler’s coup d’état).

      Rivers has NEVER had a great O-line. Neither has Drew Brees. Neither did Doug Flutie. Flutie taught Brees to throw the ball quickly and adjust with what you have on your team. Brees taught that to Rivers. …and Rivers FORGOT! As much as I think Rivers will bounce back and regain his pro bowl form, he has clearly regressed. Blame it on the O-line or not, Rivers & Norv Turner didn’t adjust well and failed. Quarterbacks throw interceptions, not Mike Harris.

      • Stefanie Smith

        okay. After their rookie deal is over, do you dump the QB when he wants to get paid?

        I see that you are sort of anti-Rivers. And putting Rivers aside, you also just assume that a rookie that some board says is great is the answer.. when we already went that route–with Ryan Leaf

        Lastly, if you think Rivers will go back to his Pro Bowl form, then what is the problem? You are from the AJ School. As soon as these guys would want to get paid, you would send them walking or trade them. You probably think it was great unloading VJax.
        Good players want to get paid. Russell Wilson, Kap, RG3 (assuming he is back to form), and Andrew Luck are all on the rookie wage scale. After their first contract expires–look for them to make a whole lot of money. There is always a team out there that will pay.

        • jamfed

          Honestly, I’m a BIG Rivers fan, so I’m rooting for him. I was born near NC State, on the 17th, witnessed his 1st TD pass to M80, but above all, I’m a Chargers fan. I’d like to see better decisions, less turnovers and NO PIC SIX’s from Rivers.
          Staying loyal is critical with me, but I’m an IDEA GUY, so I like to toss out those ideas… and what if’s…

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