Dec. 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) walks off the field after a game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Should McCoy Bring Tim Tebow To San Diego?

Well, its official. The Super Bowl is over which means the NFL season is also over. For once in many long years, Chargers fans have a renewed reason for optimism. Head Coach Norv Turner is gone. General Manager AJ Smith is gone. New, young, fresh faces take their places in the 40 year olds; new Head Coach Mike McCoy and new General Manager Tom Telesco. The pedigrees of both speak for themselves and their hires to fill out the coaching staff have to thrill Charger Nation and grab the attention of teams who wrote off the Chargers long ago as a rag tag group of underachievers. Ken Whisenhunt was Head Coach in the Super Bowl five seasons ago and will be the new offensive shotcaller. Frank Reich is new quarterbacks coach. Here in the first day of the offseason, the real work begins. Getting the Chargers back into the AFC’s elite is the task and lots of names are floating out there in free agency and the draft. With McCoy, the Denver offensive coordinator who was the sexy pick for head coach stalked my multiple teams this postseason, he will have many big choices to make. A name is floating out there that needs to be shot down. Or should it?

That name is Tim Tebow.

The question has been broached on these pages before but the discussion warrants a devil’s advocate. Anyone who has spoken with me or followed my twitter feed knows The Greg One thinks Tim Tebow is the worst thing to happen to the quarterback position since David Carr, Gino Toretta, Danny Wuerffel and Jamarcus Russell COMBINED. As a confessed despiser of the Broncos, seeing the name Tebow during my sunday afternoon football makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. However, friends and countrymen, this is football. The bottom line is winning. Until Tebow lands somewhere other than America’s finest city, the link between Tebow and his former offensive coordinator McCoy will hover above the organization like a thundercloud. McCoy is the only coach aside from Urban Meyer smart enough to figure out what to do with Tebow’s skill set, changing his whole offensive philosophy IN MIDSEASON, after Tebow took over as starter. The rest is history. The Broncos got into the playoffs and with Tebow as quarterback and beat the heavily favored STEELERS in the playoffs, which is a hell of a lot more than the Chargers can say they’ve done in the last three years. McCoy should get the Nobel Prize for pulling off that achievement alone!

Here is why no thought should be given to having Tim Tebow anywhere near this roster:

1. A quarterback should be able to throw a nice forward pass. Tebow hasn’t shown he can do that. Its a miracle the wounded ducks he throws aren’t intercepted by the bushel. Tebow would have a better completion percentage if he threw a basketball.

2. A quarterback should be able to read a defense and make timely throws BEFORE a play breaks down. Tebow makes his best plays when he’s running all over the field like a decapitated chicken with the defense bearing down on him. We’ve seen enough broken plays in San Diego over the last three seasons. If we wanted sandlot football we’d buy a ticket to the Arena League.

3.Not to sound like a heathen, but the same way there is a separation of church and state in the Constitution, there should be a separation of church and FOOTBALL. You’re a good, clean cut, God-fearing man. We get it. Just leave the pulpit in the car when you get to the stadium. That goes for the rest of them as well. (Looking at you Ray Lewis…) If you could pray your team to a win, everyone would do it. The rest of us who are HOME on Sunday instead of at church don’t need to hear the sermon after the game. That was my pulpit speech, but it does lead to the main reason this is a bad idea.

4. With Tebow comes the Tebow zealots and the Tebow haters. That circus rolls into town and it distracts everyone in its path. The storm of Tebowmania may have died in New York but it would regain strength in a new city. It would bring attention from all corners of the states. Media would have a field day overanalyzing the move. Does the new brass need all those extra prying eyes and annoying media questions? Does the team need the distraction? Every player would be asked their opinion of having him on the team and the one ‘anonymous’ player who has a negative reaction would have his words posted on newspapers, all over talk radio and on the bottom line on ESPN for days.

5.The team has much bigger fish to fry than worrying about who will be the backup quarterback. Hopefully Norv or AJ left Billy Volek’s number in the Rolodex on their way out. Clipboard Charlie is still here. Getting an offensive line should be the all-consuming goal of the new management above all things. With the new powers that be, I have a feeling they already know that.

That being said, meet the devil’s advocate. Ironic turn of phrase in the middle of a Tebow article don’t you think? But I digress…

Here is why Tim Tebow SHOULD be brought to San Diego:

1. McCoy actually knows what to do with him, which is more that can be said for the coaches in New York. McCoy turned Jake Delhomme into a Pro Bowl quarterback. Not saying he’ll do that with Tebow but for a few minutes McCoy’s offense turned Tebow into a national hero. As a University of Maryland quarterback Frank Reich had at one point led the biggest college comeback in NCAA football against the Miami Hurricanes and followed that up by leading the biggest playoff comeback as quarterback for the Bills against the Oilers 20 years ago. Between McCoy and Reich, Tebow could learn how to be a serviceable backup.

2. McCoy could get Tebow to finally move to a different position. We all agree the man would be much better as a fullback or halfback than he ever will be as a quarterback. One of the many Achilles heels of this team has been at the running back position. Tebow is built like a running back and is more than capable of making plays with his legs, a lot more so than with his arm. Tebow is a bulky, bruising runner with awkward, plodding speed. Teach him blitz pickup and he can open holes for the fleet footed running back that will eventually land in San Diego. I’m sure he’ll take that over playing special teams in New York.

3. With the read option all the rage in the NFL at the moment, who better to come in and run that type of package than Tim Tebow? The read option is all Tim Tebow ran at Florida. Check for the pitch, if the play isn’t there, take off running. Its different from the Wildcat because the read option evens the sides. In the Wildcat the running back/quarterback takes himself out of the play when the ball is pitched. In the read option both the quarterback and runner are moving and both are advancing toward the line and there is the threat of the pass. McCoy could definitely tailor a version of the read option for Tebow.

4. The Tebowmania buzz would be considerably quieter because everyone knows there is no chance he’ll be the starter. In New York, Mark Sanchez is bad enough to lose his job to Tebow so that speculation didn’t die until the final weeks of the season in New York. This is Philip Rivers’ team and that isn’t going to change. Players may have to answer a few questions immediately after he comes to town but aside from him being integrated into the offense on more than a complimentary level, he won’t be that big a distraction.

5. Nobody wants Tebow. NOBODY. The Jets have said they’re going to hold onto Tebow in hopes of trading him. Helen Keller can see Tebow is going to be cut. His best chance at being anything but a backup, Jacksonville, has already said there is no way he will wear a Jaguars uniform. The Jets did themselves no favors by playing Tebow on special teams. In all, Tebow was on the field for 73 plays this past season. If you want to try to trade your backup quarterback for something, letting him play would have been a good idea…No one is going to give the Jets a pick or a player. Tebow is going to cost his next team nothing more than the minimum. He’ll be thrilled to land on a team and not have to cover kickoffs.

6. Could Tebow be a positive influence in the locker room? Everyone in Denver’s locker room sang his praises like they were in a bad informercial. No doubt the man is the most polarizing figure in football, unless he’s on your team. Florida’s record during the Tebow era can’t be denied. Denver’s playoff run two seasons ago with Tebow can’t be denied. Tebow is leaving the most toxic locker room in the NFL with the Jets to the clean air of the Chargers locker room. Tebow could be a more positive influence off the field than on it with his teammates. What affect would it have on Rivers? Either Rivers will love the guy or it will piss him off so much he’ll go out and break Drew Brees’ passing record next season. Either way, a good thing.

In closing, The Greg One is starting to break out in hives at the idea of Tebow in lightning bolts. Even after advocating for both sides, The Greg One would probably cry for a few days after hearing Tebow is coming to town. The reality of the situation is that it is the ultimate LOW risk, potentially high reward situation. It would cost next to nothing to add a piece that adds yet another wrinkle into the new offense. Tebow could turn into a utility player, catching balls out of the backfield, running the read option or bowling over defenders as a blocking back. Maybe Antonio Gates helps school him on running routes as a tight end. If Tebow plans on extending his career, lobbing McCoy a call is his best option.

What side are YOU on Boltbeat?

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  • arnie


  • Joey Nicks

    Yes, ONLY if he agrees to be a HB/TE. Other than that we have our QB

  • Charlie

    You cant be serious right?

  • Joel Garcia

    No is not going happen ! We have our QB !

    • Post Corner

      RIver’s is a mess. His arm is dead. He gave the Broncos and others the game with all the INTs he threw.

      • Joel Garcia

        Yeah we all know that form last season but we were under Norv and inured key players and…ohh…A CRAPPY O-LINE !!

  • Tom Spalsbury

    I say Welcome to San Diego Tim Tebow.I also say welcome the spirit of the Lord Jesus living inside him…

  • Jeff Whilde

    Another hack wannabe sportwriter trying to get hits on the internet by using Tim Tebow’s name. I didn’t need to read past ” A quarterback should be able to throw a nice forward pass. Tebow hasn’t shown he can do that” to know that this writer is obviously a Tebow-hating moron. San Diego would be lucky to have Tim Tebow.

  • George Papadakis

    Didn’t TEBOW SHOW – PROVE that he can throw NICE forward PASSES by BEATING the Steelers in the Play-Offs? I think a lot of teams would be luck y to have him.. especially when you look at their QB situations…

    • Stefanie Smith

      Tebow proved nothing. Don’t even suggest that the Chargers’ “QB situation” warrants a goof ball like Tebow. He is divisive and causes problems.

      • Jack Furst

        No, sister, YOU are divisive and cause problems.

    • Stefanie Smith

      And one nice forward pass hardly constitutes a trend… as history shows.

      • Jack Furst

        Stefanie, that wasn’t just “one nice forward pass”, Tim Tebow set several Denver Bronco playoff PASSING records in that playoff game that he still holds to this day. Do your homework. Tebow threw for 316 yards in that game, and he’s the first QB in Denver’s playoff history to EVER complete 3 passes for over 50 yards. And speaking of “Trends”, the only “trend” that matters is Tim Tebow’s consistent trend of being a WINNER — in the NFL…in college…in high school. Tim has NEVER started for a team that has had anything less than a WINNING season. If that doesn’t count for something in your world, sorry.

        • tubbs45

          yeah his contributions to the Jets has been nothing short of a miracle…

  • jaylyn

    I don’t care if they get Tebow … as long as he plays no more than Charlie has in the past. I love the kid as a person but he had yet to show that he can consistently play even average in the NFL. He surprise a lot of folks at the end of the previous season but that only lasted until teh D-coordinators caught up. Make him a linebacker or fullback, pay him a lot less and he might be a good deal.

  • Gary Schneider

    The Greg One is way off. Tim Tebow has shown that he can throw very well. Thank you. Tim Tebow is excellent at reading defences. Thank you. The media is the circus, not Tim Tebow. The Greg One should talk to his mama. She would know more about the subject.

  • Charles

    If everyone (which apparently does not include football coaches, GMs, or VPs of Operations) thinks this kid is so good, why did they let him go, why did VP of Ops (Denver), coach (Jets), and GM (Jax) all pass on him in one way or another? Maybe they just aren’t as good a judge of football skills as the rest of us?

    • Jack Furst

      Charles…Denver let Tebow go because they were able to land a HOFamer quarterback of the caliber of Peyton Manning…The Jets didn’t play Tebow because they are so heavily invested in Mark Sanchez that they can’t see straight….as for the GM of Jax, he said the only thing he could say publicly regarding Tebow, or have you never heard of the NFL “Tampering” rule? Don’t be surprised if Tim Tebow doesn’t end up A) The starter at NY Jets next season (it’s quite telling that he is STILL there), or B) The starter in Jax next season, or C) The starter at the AZ Cardinals next season.

      • tubbs45

        Telling that they cant trade him. But hey starting for the predators next year should make you happy.

  • nolan

    He has more playoff wins than peyton manning in Denver lol bring him in

    • Jack Furst

      Unless I am mistaken, Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than Phillip Rivers does

      • tubbs45

        You are indeed mistaken. Rivers have 3 wins in the playoffs. You should try Google or Bing sometime, its amazing how you can actually fact check instead of continuing trust your failed memory.

  • Craig Hammond

    no…. but for the right price…. why not?

  • Mikedaddy

    He’s a much better quarterback than you are a writer. No cred!

  • RussinSactown

    Think about this scenario. Bring in Tebow and Rivers gets hurt. You’d end the coach and the GM’s careers in eight weeks. Greg One, no. Not a good idea

    • Post Corner

      Tebow is the reason Denver survived 2011. Tebow is the reason Manning came to Denver. If Tebow didn’t save the 2011 season and Orton had finished the season with a losing record, Manning wouldn’t have even taken an interview.

      • tubbs45

        horse shit. manning said what he wanted: 1. good O line. 2. Great D 3. Good receivers. Manning is the reason Tebow is gone

        • Post Corner

          The defense was ranked 26th in the league. The O line ranked out near the bottom – mostly because their pass protection was so bad. Had the Broncos gone 4-12 Manning wouldn’t have even given them a look.

          • tubbs45

            Get your facts straight: Denvers D was 20th in total D. They were 15th against the pass, 11th against the run, 9th least in scoring, 10th in sacks. They held teams when it counted.

            Their Oline/rushing was first in the league, passing was last in the league. The Oline has not changed very much: Beadles, Clady, Clark, Ramirez, Franklin. But suddenly their pass protection is good??? Put down the Tebow-punch. he is an athlete, just not a great NFL quarterback.

          • Matt Welch

            that defense had like 4 or 5 starters on the defense in the pro bowl. tebow had nothing to do with manning coming to denver.

          • tubbs45

            yep, completely agree…

          • Jack Furst

            Matt, you’re delusional. Tim Tebow made Denver an attractive option for Manning.

          • Jack Furst

            Dick-wadd Tubbs, Tim Tebow holds Denver Payoff PASSING records that even Peyton Manning didn’t manage to break. The “Tebow isn’t an NFL Quarterback” is about as weak of an argument as anyone can make. He has proven he deserves to be in the NFL. Where was Phillip Rivers in the playoffs? Oh, that’s right, watching them from a couch somewhere.

          • tubbs45

            Jack-off, “wadd” is spelled with one D, dumb ass. You are right that Tebow should have a starting job in a professional football league:

        • Jack Furst

          Yes, Manning IS the reason Tebow is gone, but Denver can thank Tim Tebow for elevating that team to being a playoff contender that ended up just 2 games away from The Super Bowl so that Peyton Manning even gave them a serious look.

  • RussinSactown

    How about Matt Flynn? You know, someone who can play QB for McCoy to work with.

    • Joey Nicks

      I agree but if we get Flynn he needs to learn under Rivers a year or two then we can bring him in. prob? Salary.

  • Post Corner

    You’re insane if you think tebow can’t throw the ball. He ran a prostyle offense that was similar to the regular offense Orton ran, with the difference being how the TEs were used. McCoy ran a 2 rec set offense with his TE and backs staying home for full protection. Reasons why Tebow had a low completion percentage:
    1) most of his passes were out of blind play action with 2 receivers
    2) The offense was run heavy on first and second down. Most pass plays were from third and long. Again with only 2 receivers going out on routes.
    3) Tebow was told to throw it away instead of taking chances.
    4) Never had time with the system or the 1s.

    And he still succeeded. And he beat the Chargers.

    • tubbs45

      those are all weak ass excuses for poor completion percentages. Plenty of protection but still over threw mannings #1′s. Never had time with the 1′s?? Maybe not during the preseason, but how many games did he end up playing? Denvers defense kept them in games. yes Tebow won games, but it wasn’t through great passing, but adequate passing. He is very athletic and can scramble like a looter in a riot.

      • Post Corner

        Not poor excuses at all. If you’ve ever played the position you’d know that blind play action with only two receivers and a horrible pass blocking O line isn’t a recipe for success. Running an offense without TE’s going out for passes doesn’t help a QB. Keeping your running backs in as blockers doesn’t help either. That’s what Denver was doing. Tebow threw 22% of his balls deep- league high. Most of Tebow’s deep balls came on third down–with the other team blitzing.

        Denver’s defense was successful because Tebow won the field position battle. Champ Bailey even gave it to Tebow, sighting that Tebow kept the defense off the field and allowed them to rest. He also noted that they almost always won the field position battle because of Tebow’s ball safety. Tebow didn’t lose the games against the Patriots, Bills, and Lions. Those games were lost by the defense.

        • tubbs45

          Playing OT for a Division 1, Ivy league school, as a 4 year starter, qualifies me to understand the game. Percentages are often misleading (league high) when your denominator is extremely low. Denver went to the read option putting aside McCoy and Fox’s NFL offense. They used Tebow to highlight his athletic talents, not is inaccurate sling. Hell in Weeks 7-12, Tebow completed 14 of 46 pass attempts thrown 15 or more yards downfield from the line of scrimmage.
          They lost to the Patriots and Lions because they were better teams. Why they lost to the Bills was squarely on the D and Tebow’s 3 INTs.

          • Matt Welch

            joe flacco proved this season that completion percentage meant nothing. if you look at rg3 this season and how many times he had wide open receivers, it was the same with tebow. you dont HAVE to be accurate to throw in that type of offense but sooner or later a defense will learn to play against that kind of QB.

          • tubbs45

            While I wouldn’t say completion percentage means nothing, it is another thing to measure a QB. Flacco’s CP was like 41% regular season, but in the playoff he was ridiculous, 7-13 for 171 yards and two touchdowns on passes deeper than 10 yards downfield. I really think that has to do more with the OC’s scheme, teams personnel, and the QBs talents.
            Tebow can be very successful (obviously) give the right surroundings if you build the team around him. Going to the Jets were a horrible choice on his part.

  • Truth

    TheGregOne is yet another fool brainwashed by Steven A. Smith and his ‘Tebow Can’t Throw’ Mantra. Funny how before S.A.S. came along the popular thing to say was that ‘Tebow’s throwing motion is flawed’, now it’s simply ‘He can’t throw’. I suppose if he told you robots that Tebow didn’t have the right haircut for the NFL you’d all wander around the internet repeating THAT TOO! Seriously Greg, grow a brain cell or two and go back and actually watch Tebow’s first 16 games as starter. It’s just damn right impressive what he did in his first full season as starter, it had nothing to do McCoy, it’s called TALENT, get some.

    • Greg Williams

      If Tebow HAD started 16 games, I would have seen them. He became starter at midseason. I’ll give you a mulligan on that rant because it is funny…

      • Truth

        He’s started 16 games, 9-7 as a starter, check your stats. Of course he stared mid-season, which only makes his accomplishments that more impressive. And stop talking as though McCoy was the real reason for the turn around in 2011. McCoy was a combined 13-24 as OC spanning 2 1/2 seasons with Denver PRIOR to Tebow taking over. The monumental change that occurred on week 6 in 2011 was Tim Tebow.

        No matter how much you people hate him for his race, religion, college affiliation, media attention, etc…….you can’t argue with the facts, he took care of the ball, made the big plays when they had to be made, and got the Broncos back to the playoffs and actually won a damn playoff game THROWING THE BALL………he’s a winner.

  • Lou Tompkins

    I was a charger fan when they were in the high school field downtown San Diego. Yes they have put up big numbers but never seem to have what it takes in the end. Rivers seems like a good QB but he like all the rest wilts under pressure. Give me a player that rises to the challenge. Tebow would be an asset for the Chargers and maybe they could win a playoff game for a change.

  • Lyman Ellsworth

    chargers can’t afford to waste a roster spot the team needs real help

  • edemusmaximus

    “Leave the pulpit at home”…being irreligious is just another belief system working its way out too…you telling Tim to not display his faith in a public manner is also you proseltyzing some aspect of whatever faith/non-faith/belief you have. you are doing the same as he, so if its cool, i would appreciate it if you left your belief system that people who are religious shut up somewhere else.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Sick and tired of the Tebow promotion when he has failed to produce much, except problems.

    • Brett

      Your football IQ is obviously off the charts. No need for anyone to debate this anymore.

      • Stefanie Smith

        That’s why teams are just beating down the doors to sign Tebow.

  • Stefanie Smith

    We have a QB and DON’T NEED Tim Tebow. Let him go to the Jags. Oh that’s right, they don’t want him anywhere near the place.

  • Matt Welch

    i totally agree with this. the last thing sd needs is a “wildcat qb” who cant do anything at all.

  • Jack Furst

    Tim Tebow coming to San Diego to be reunited with Mike McCoy would be all kinds of positives for The Chargers. I would dearly LOVE to see this happen

  • otaycec

    Tebow is the most under rated quarterback in the NFL. He has been demonized by the theophobes for his faith, but he is a very tough player who stays cool under pressure. He is in the peak of condition right now and could be drafted for much less than he is worth because of the negative publicity. The Chargers will make a big mistake if they pass on him. Rivers has had some good days, but his time has passed. Tebow is just beginning to come on strong while Rivers is headed for sunset.