Chargers Swiss; They Need Cheddar

While the San Diego Chargers have hired their General Manager (Tom Telesco) and Head Coach (Mike McCoy) they had a block of “Swiss Cheese,” awaiting them. When a team doesn’t make the playoffs they always have a ton of room for improvement. So what do the Chargers need to address? What can take them to the next level? Most importantly how should they address these issues?

Cornerback- It is a must in the NFL, especially when your two lead guys are on the free agent market. The Chargers have some young talent but it still remains to be seen if they have enough young talent to lose both Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason. Between Cason and Jammer San Diego might be able to let one walk and make a signing. If that is the case Cason states a case as to why he should be the guy. He’s young, he still shows room for improvement, and the experience is there for consistency. The only problem is that his price may be a little high, so signing Jammer and drafting a Cornerback in the first round isn’t a horrible idea.

Prediction: I think the team will bring Jammer back and draft a nice young Corner for him to teach. Seems like it makes the most sense, and the cheapest.

Offensive line- Some have said this was the biggest problem with the Chargers this year. O-line is never an easy fix in the past. It seems like now a days more and more Offensive linemen are coming out and working hard to improve their game. San Diego has a lot of options with this spot. The only player safe is Nick Hardwick. The Left Tackle slot is WIDE OPEN. With that being said, The Broncos Left Tackle Ryan Clady will be a free agent and San Diego has the power with Mike McCoy to sign him. Drafting a Left Tackle makes sense because of the position of the draft that San Diego has this year. San Diego could also sign a Guard like Levitre and draft Eric Fisher out of Central Michigan. Don’t stop thinking about Luke Jockel as the Bolts might feel the need to make the trade.

Prediction: I have a very strong feeling that San Diego will sign a Left Tackle like Clady or on his level. Jake Long is a possibility as well.

Outside Linebacker/DE- The Chargers defense looked nice in 2012 with one problem. They weren’t sacking the quarterback. They were always just a hair too late and with Dwight Freeney on the free agent market who can’t help but entertain the idea that he could be wearing a different shade of blue next year? Even with Tom Telesco in San Diego maybe he has a little edge in luring him away from Indy for the right price. He is also athletic enough to line up at linebacker so we can put that to rest. Kendall Reyes has proved he can be a starter no questions asked. Corey Liuget has proven me wrong and came out to play (I eat my words Booga). I wouldn’t count Shaun Phillips out of San diego just yet. San Diego should make some improvement here to create a better pass rush.

Prediction: San Diego signs Freeney at a less sexy price due to his age and injury issues while retaining Shaun Phillips. It just makes sense.

Wide Receiver- Why do I think this is a hole? It’s due to the fact that M-80 just couldn’t carry the load in 2012. Alexander played well down the stretch but that knee will always be sitting in the back of my head. Meach didn’t work out as well as the Chargers had hoped, but they are going to need to find a way to make it work. Vincent Browns coming out party was postponed but, with number one potential, they have to be thinking about his ankle and if it can hold up. With all this being said San Diego doesn’t have one Wide Out that is a RELIABLE number 1, and with Dwayne Bowe looking for a new home with a reliable quarterback. Who better to fit his need? Rivers is a big selling point for players on offense as well.

Prediction: In all reality the Chargers do have bigger fish to fry other than a number 1 Wide Out, but it should be sitting in the middle of their minds. They might try to make do making some minor moves here.

San Diego has a lot of work to do but the smaller pieces need to be put in place to win. While all these moves may seem like “sexy moves,” remember players get older and skills wear and tear. For instance the Dwight Freeney signing only holds value of veteran ship, leadership and gives the young guys Corey and Kendell someone who they can really learn from. San Diego will need to fill the holes in their, “Swiss Cheese,” and make a solid block of sharp edgy, “Cheddar.”

Bolt Pride!

-Joey Nicks

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  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Bolt up Joey. You are spot on. I would love to see Jake Long on board.

    • Joey Nicks

      AGREE! Clady is a double whammy though! Take him from the Broncos and put him on our team? Kinda like the McCoy signing

  • sd blues

    I think as much as we would like to speculate about Bowe and Clady etc…, Telesco has his eye on, or will be eyeing that huge list of free agents hitting the market this year. And since none of us can read his mind, what we might think makes the most sense to us it probably doesn’t to him. But I have complete faith he will make the decisions that put us in the best position to win, GO BOLTZ!!!

  • Daniel Ayersman

    I hope your predictions are right joey!

    • Joey Nicks

      Me too! It could be very exciting but i think if we can pull off bringing Bowe and Clady/Albert we would be in GREAT position for the draft!

  • Preston Niedert

    Lest be honest ppl we might at best pick up four or five free agents and they want be top notch they will be there for depth or to a certain spot of the agents I hope they sign a RB and a proven LT like Brandon Albert I wouldn’t mind Ryan Clandy but no way Denver lets him leave where franchise tag or a new deal as or jake long he might be out of our price range but if not sign the man even if he’s at 70 percent it’s better then drafting a rookie that will have a tough learning curb to learn also sign Sean Greene I know ppl will not like that signing but the man might be that cheapest RB to sign then draft one like Stephen taylor or johnathan Franklin it’s going to be a fun free angecy and draft.

    • Joey Nicks

      While i agree w/ some of your points i would like to argue that Freeney might go cheaper than people think and why not SD he’s familiar w/ our GM and it would be a great move for development of the younger pass rushers.

      • Preston Niedert

        Freeney might be a good singing but with the money and new changes and a new system to learn freeney might not see SD as the best spot for him but if he come over that would be nice also we need to groom or find a Backup QB cause rivers might go down so why not sign Matt Moore he can win games and push rivers or starting time

        • veazy

          Ever since I saw him on Hard Knocks, I’ve disliked Moore. I think a rookie QB might be better.

          • Preston Niedert

            Then who a rookie QB is going to take over if rivers goes down what most nfl teams fail to realize is what happens if a QB goes down for let two monthes or longer who replaces him a rookie no what I’m saying is we should sign a backup a. Decent QB that can A. win games and b. Take over for rivers if he struggles or is benched but as usal the chargers will for some reason I don’t know why will ignore it until it becomes a issue and they can’t avoid it but this with new mangement I hope the chargers get a back up QB that can play not just hold a clip board and veazy its dosnt matter if you like the QB also as he games and can play rather then hold a clip board I’m on board with.

          • Joey Nicks

            Believe me i understand brotha, i just don’t think we have too much torry about in terms of QB right now. I think we have bigger issues than that. If we can draft a QB and groom him and keep Rivers upright, i think we should be good. I think we should def. look into a Back up QB this year though either way.

          • Preston Niedert

            YOkay that makes sences but who should the chargers go after as backup QB maybe alex smith or matt flynn it dosnt have to be for long maybe a year or two or until the drafted QB witch they should draft can learn the system. They should get a backup QB cause this year might be rough it could take midway through the season before the chargers get it togather and by then denver will be a game or three ahead of us and the chiefs as well as the raiders might get better and we would have a wideopen AFC west again norv was right in the scense the chargers might not make the playoffs and its only coach mcCoy first season and new scheme and new coaches as well new players coming in as well as old players leaving this year I not stetting the standers high maybe a wildcard spot if were lucky look at oakland they tried ZBS and they didn’t do much better so don’t get your hopes up ppl.

          • Joey Nicks

            Well i agree we should shoot for the stars but that’s also what makes a fan. In all reality i would find it very interesting to see Flynn come in, but he wants a starter job and will cost us. As for real true down to earth hopes? My honest expevtations AT THIS POINT is 8-8. I think playoffs are a possibility, BUT i also don’t know the plan of attack. It will be interesting to see if we can get Clady. Even just due to the fact that it would be taking away from Denver as well as add to us. LT is the second most important position outside of QB. First being the Center. Nick is doing his job, we need a big boy on the end who can get the job done.

          • Ambitoos

            Alex Smith is already a backup and doesn’t like it. He’ll probably go to Kansas City or the Raiders. I would like to see them start rebuilding with youth. Freeney is great but he won’t be around much longer. Shaun Phillips can give us the veteran leadership that we need and bring in some youth. I also disagree on keeping Jammer. He just can’t keep up with the young recievers anymore. He was burned over and over last season because he can’t keep up. To compensate, he played too deep and he was being burned underneath. MO.

          • Preston Niedert

            Then who should we get Matt Moore would be a nice plan B and drafting one in the draft would be a smart move as well but who knows with the new reigeme there to much going on and getting a backup QB would be top priority on my list the a proven LT maybe Brandon Albert of the chiefs he wants to play OT spot and the chiefs want to move him to OG so he come over to chargers and play the LT spot a win for both side Albert get to play OT and the chargers get a proven LT out of it.

          • Ambitoos

            We have a backup QB that will do just fine. Too many other spots that are needed to make us a good team again. We really don’t need a QB controversy with somebody new. First priority is to fix that O line. It has been average to bad for along time. Clary has to move on. He has always been nothing but a backup to the starter. We’ve lived through alot of AJ Smith’s mistakes. We need to make good decisions on that O line. Without an O line, Matthews is doomed to fail as a running back.

          • Joey Nicks

            Agree, while moore is young i think moore is not young enough. We can find QB’s in 3rd 4th or 5th round this year. Maybe bring Lee back!!! Lol even if we do groom a QB, moore would be past his prime by the time P-Rivs is done.

          • Nick in PB

            Yes, bring Lee back. Too bad we couldn’t hang on to Tolzien a couple of years back. We wouldn’t be talking about this right now.

    • Joey Nicks

      I also would point out Greene is a tough hard nosed football player who can run down hill! The J-E-T-S were a mess mess mess! Lol he didn’t do too bad their. Put in a good offense he could be efftective! So as per your Greene signing i don’t think it would be a bad idea!