Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) lays on his back after a play during the first quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Why Philip Rivers is STILL the Answer For the Bolts

Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; General view of the San Diego Chargers helmet of quarterback Philip Rivers with the initials S.H.E.S. in honor of the shooting victims of Sandy Hook elementary school during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports


I am blessed to have been with since March of last year.  I have had some very, very popular articles… and some not so popular ones.  My guess is that this one will be split down the middle.

I have based my opinions on decades of following the Chargers.  Add to that playing football for over a decade, coaching for 3 years, and officiating for 3 years, I have a decent perspective on football and the Chargers.

I, without a doubt, have guessed wrong on some things.  Who hasn’t?  I suppose that there isn’t a single one of us that is above it.  Well, there is that one guy, that every website has, that can’t spell or form a complete sentence but he’s always right.  He may think he’s above it. 

Well, I’m certainly not above it.  Heck, I was that guy that started the “This is Our Year” movement on this site and Twitter during the 2012 offseason.  Yeah……not so much.

But I digress.

The following will explain why I believe that Philip Rivers is still the answer for the Chargers.  I can’t wait to see the comments on this one and I truly hope that there are quite a few.  I say that knowing there are a good number of you that are ready to start throwing daggers.  I welcome said daggers as much as I do the comments in which people agree with me.  It’s a part of the biz.

In 2010, Rivers led the league in passing yards with 4,710.  In that same year, Peyton Manning threw for a career high 4,700.  He finished second to Rivers.

The fact that number 17 threw for more yards than Manning’s career high is not the most remarkable stat of that year.  He did so by throwing to an NFL record 17 different receivers. 

That season also marked the last time that Marcus McNeill, Kris Dielman, and Nick Hardwick had spent the majority of a season manning the Bolts’ offensive line.

Although I am completely unable to defend some of the boneheaded throws/decisions that Philip has made at times, it is crystal clear to me that, when given the proper time, Rivers is an elite quarterback.

By comparing the 2010 numbers of Manning and Rivers, I am not, by any means, going to pretend that Philip is better than Peyton.  I’m just stating the facts.  Facts that can not be argued in any way, shape, or form. 

There is not a fan out there that can act as though Rivers is a mobile guy.  He is not capable of making things happen with his feet.  But what he can do, when given the proper time by a solid line, is pick apart a defense.   

Let us not forget that Rivers was far more aware of  how terrible the offensive line was than anyone else out there.  He knew going into each game that he was going to have zero time to make plays without being forced to get rid of it quickly or take a sack.  There were, obviously, some balls that he’d like to take back.  That throw to Leonard Johnson, of the Buccaneers, was absolutely inexcusable.

The Chargers have made a serious effort to help Rivers, coaching staff-wise, by bringing in Mike McCoy, Ken Whisenhunt, and Frank Reich. 

Throughout his time in the league, as a QB coach and Offensive Coordinator, McCoy has made chicken salad out of chicken (you get the picture) with the likes of Jake Delhomme, Kyle Orton, and even Tim Tebow.  Having the opportunity to see the game through the eyes of Peyton Manning is not too darn bad either.  If you are going to learn about the quarterback position from a player, who better to learn from than Manning?

Whisenhunt, depsite the debacle that has been the quarterback situation in Arizona the last few years, has worked with the likes of Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner.  Not too shabby.  The fact that the Chargers were able to bring in Whisenhunt is a huge plus for the team.  We will not be forced to watch an overwhelmed Norv Turner attempt to play head coach and offensive coordinator.  Let us realize too, that Whisenhunt will be auditioning for his next head coaching job while taking on the offensive coordinator duties for the Chargers.

Frank Reich was Peyton Manning’s quarterback coach in Indianapolis.  He then joined the Cardinals as a wide receiver coach on Whisenhunt’s coaching staff.  Reich was a student of the game as a player and, of course, as a coach.  Playing behind Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, Reich was at the helm for the biggest comeback in NFL history.  Buffalo was down 35-3 in the third quarter versus the Houston Oilers and Warren Moon. 

None of the coaching staff additions will matter if the offensive line is not properly addressed.  It has become plain as day to all of the football world that the Chargers need to fix the offensive line.  This can be done through both free agency and the draft. 

It is my opinion that the team must use two of it’s first four picks on the o-line.  Here’s to hoping that they do just that.

Philip Rivers is the answer at quarterback for the Chargers for the forseeable future.  He has proven, that when given time, he can lead this team to victory over and over again. 

But I refuse to act like the NFL is not a “what have you done for me lately” league.  The fans have grown impatient despite the obvious holes on our offensive line.  Couple that with poor decision making at times, and people have even suggested that Rivers be cut.  That is not a joke.  Commenters on this site have literally said “cut him.” 










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  • davacho

    well said- i agree whole heartedly. : )

  • Tom Spalsbury

    Not me I never ever said cut Rivers.I always knew it was because he didn’t have time to throw the ball.I also believe he wasn’t happy with A.J.Smith or Norv Turner.They killed this team with letting go key weapons.Maybe Rivers was just sealing AJ.and Norv’s fate.I just know one thing.Make Rivers happy and we’ll win games…

  • Saul Lopez

    Get this man a decent O-Line and he will be in the MVP talk once again. (or at least make the Pro-Bowl).

  • tubbs45

    Build the Great Wall of Bolts in front of Rivers and we’ll see him light that shit up again. That great wall will also help create running room, which furthers the ability to bomb the secondary when the SS and/or the FS close in to create run support. The thing I like about Whiz and McCoy is that there are no smoke and mirrors bullshit, they know they need an OLine. We need to make some tough choices in who we retain on the rosters, but being new to the team I think there maybe a little less reluctance to cut dead weight (and by dead weight I mean dip shits like Big-Lying-Lazy)

  • Pete Spinning

    I love “almost” everything about Rivers. From his talent, to his work ethic, to his off the field activities, to his demeanor, to the fact that (when the team is underachieving) he takes the brunt of the heat time & time again. Recently, he has deserved it. But, a lot of times.. the blame was at the feet of others.. and he still took it on the chin. The whole time he has been here, he has never bad-mouthed a coach, a GM, a player, or anyone that I can remember. When directly asked questions that push him to answer a “certain way”, I have seen him side-step it with a classy answer. On the field, it is clear that he has fire, and is a competitor. He takes the good with the bad. He was even booed off the field, and had a sense of humor about it.. but, you could tell that he still took to heart the gravity of being booed by the fans, and what that means.
    The day I really thought “This is our Guy!!!” was when he was jarring back to the crowd in Denver a while back. He went to the locker room, and on his way back out he was taking greif from the Bronco fan-base… and he looked up at the crowd, and seemed to be saying something like “Yeah.. Yeah.. eff you! Watch what I’m about to do next!”. Then he went out, and shut em’ up. Some people labeled him a “Trash-Talker” after that.. but, I loved every minute of it!!! He may have been bad as of late.. but, I think he deserves another chance from us. Especially in light of the circumstances. He never gave up on this team, and we owe him that AT LEAST one more year to see if it can be fixed. He IS our franchise QB, and I like him more than anyone we’ve had since Fouts.. and that includes Brees. I know some will disagree with that, but I am far more happy with Philip. He is a class act. Nuff said.

    • Nick in PB

      Pete and Dominic, I totally agree with you. The only thing Philip is lacking is an OLine, period. Give him some protection and he will make the receivers we have look awfully good. He’s done it before. He will never throw his line under the bus but he knows it and most of us fans know it too… he’s one good Left Tackle away from another pro bowl season. It didn’t help that Norv’s tenancies are well known throughout the league and that didn’t help keep Rivers out of second and third and long. We need to improve upon the entire left side of the line that will help the running game. That will help Philip.

      • Pete Spinning

        Run it up the middle on every first down!!! That’s the ticket!

        Seriously.. it was painful. He would actually put the playbook up to cover his mouth.. as if he was calling something secret. LMAO!

        • Nick in PB

          hahaha.. good one Pete! That’s so funny because I always thought the same thing! The “secret” carry up the middle on first down!!!

  • Stefanie Smith

    Rivers is ours. He is the face of the Chargers. Get him the proper tools and players and he will be fine. He has taken a beating under some pretty bad circumstances not of his making or choosing. Let’s hope they coach up this man, get him an o-line. He’s ours. And to cut him would be like something AJ would do. Not me. Rivers is the best we have. Make it work.

  • Dominic Seoane

    i dont really think anyone has a problem with rivers its norv that ruined us. I had a dream last night where i was at the super bowl in new york and phillip rivers was holding a lombardi i sure as hell hope this is true i need this ive lasted for my whole life and its time NOW

  • Stefanie Smith

    Don’t laugh, but Rivers reminds me of Larry Fitzgerald. A pretty good player with no weapons anymore. They did this analytics article on NFL. com about who are the elite QBs. We know who those are, but right below that is Rivers. They listed him up there and discussed his stats. The analysts looked at his stats, etc. and he came up numerous times in the article. Hope the Chargers’ management don’t let him wither on the vine or languish.

    • Pete Spinning

      Agree… too bad Fitz couldn’t come over with all these coaches =p

    • DougM

      I think it’s far less about the weapons than the line. Agree 100% with BoogaP. Note the statement about 2010, 17 different receivers. There were differing levels of talent spread out there, but the OLine was good and gave Philip time to throw. This is very simple. Watch the SD v NO game from 2012. Look how much time Brees has back in the pocket. You can pick any defense apart with time to throw. Then watch as Philip’s pocket collapses immediately. He’s been shell-shocked for two years. Fix that OL and you help the running game and the passing game immensely, even without adding more RBs and WRs.

  • arnie

    Agree 100% BoogaP.
    Franchise QB’s don’t grown on trees. when you have one, hold onto him, until the wheels fall off. Case in point, Dan Fouts. that guy could play. he did nothing but put points on the board, at will. his downfall, no defense. it was not uncommon for Fouts to thrown for 45 points a game. Also like Fouts, when the quality of players declined, so to did Fouts numbers. Sound familiar? Unlike Fouts, Rivers is not almost forty and at the end of his career, before they decided to make changes.
    Rivers still has another 4 year contract in his game.

    • #TheBoltFather

      Thanks Arnie. And yes, sounds very familiar.