The Real McCoy?

The 5 star general made his choice for his 4 star general by selecting Tom Telesco, Telesco made a decision to bring in the 3 star general. Meet Mike McCoy. Once who was a rival is now one of our own. Is it possible that he can take us to the promise land? I want to get one thing straight Chargers fan shouldn’t expect to be Super Bowl Champions next year, but the Chargers made two great promising decisions. I almost can’t believe the 5 star general made one let alone two decisions to benefit his army.

So what about Mike McCoy gave him the edge? When you can deal with adversity you make yourself that much better. McCoy was the Offensive Co-ordinator for the Broncos the last three seasons. McCoy went from Orton to Tebow to Manning and didn’t skip a beat. The biggest thing a Champion needs to overcome is adversity. McCoy can fix Philip Rivers and put San Diego back into competition. He’s smart, young, and ready to go.

He also knows what it takes to get to the Super Bowl. McCoy was a offensive assistant for the Carolina Panthers when they lost to the Patriots. So the experience is there. Now some may ask what does this guy bring to the table outside of all this? One thing I instantly thought of was the Left Tackle position. The Denver Broncos Left Tackle Ryan Clady will be a big time free agent this offseason, and who could have more pull than the Denver Broncos? The old Offensive coordinator of course! So keep your eyes in the paper to see if San Diego might be able to make anything happen with Clady.

What should we take from the presser? Take the fact that this man loves football, will not stop working until he is satisfied, and will never be satisfied. McCoy appears to be an honest hard working man who doesn’t want to win, but NEEDS to win. McCoy will give San Diego the best chance right now and seems to be smart enough to know what he doesn’t. I am also a big fan of what he said about when the organization makes a decision and a choice… it’s the organizations decision. Not his not Tom’s not Dean’s it’s a decision made as a whole and we will stick by that.

A new era has arrived in San Diego! All the fans including myself have good reason to be excited! San Diego has hired to good, hard working, honest men to add to the front office and the field. So we are left with the question is Mike the real McCoy? What do you think?

PS- By young I do mean young as a football coach! lol.

Bolt Pride!

-Joey Nicks

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  • Pete Spinning

    I will say this…. I don’t feel the way I did when they announced the hiring of Norv, and that is, most likely, a very good thing.

    • Joey Nicks

      Trust me i’ll never forget it said “they have it down to Rivera Ryan and Turner. I’ll take anyone but Norv.”Phones goes off*

      • Joey Nicks

        Chargers hire Norv Turner.., DOH!

      • tubbs45

        that was a depressing day… of all of the interviewees, I thought there was NO way they would hire a coach run out of two previous organizations (including the Raiders).

  • Edward Moretti

    The man certainly nailed his press conference. He appears very knowledgeable, honest and driven. As they say, the man can talk the talk. The next 3-4 years should tell us if the man walks the walk.

    • Pete Spinning

      I liked his tie joke at the end.. Heh heh.

      • Nick in PB

        hahaha… yes. He shows a sense of humor but also a strong sense of obligation. Seems like the kind of guy that won’t let the organization down for making that choice. I’m ready for this new direction. Dean, I think you got this one (two) right this time!

        • Joey Nicks

          I haven’t been this excited since The Chargers went 14-2! The reason i like him the most is he appears to think like a serious fan who knows what he’s talking about. “I don’t like making predictions but one thing i can say is that i expect to win EVERY game i go into.” Sounds exactly like something i would say.

  • BiggsyBolt

    I love it how everyone says “fix” Rivers. Its like you all have forgot how shity that o-line has been.

    • Joey Nicks

      Couldn’t agree more. One valid starter on that line, Nick Hardwick. Rivers confidemce is prolly hurtin