Sept 9, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) after their game against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium. The Jets defeated the Bills 48-28. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The Chargers Should Trade for Tim Tebow.... Now.



I wouldn’t want him to play QB at all. I say that meaning that he should only be used in an emergency role as QB.  Similar to the likes of Antwan Randle El or Brian Mitchell .

There are certain things about Tim Tebow that you can not teach.  You can manipulate them to a degree but you can not teach them. 

What are some of those things you ask?  Leadership, true positivity, hardwork, drive, and ability to be a true “football player.”

A team can attempt to force the issues of all of those attributes.  A player is capable of flashing signs of all of them.  It just so happensTebow has them engrained deeply in his soul. 

I’ve taken my shots at Tim Tebow the quarterback.  I didn’t even list him in my top 100 ranking of NFL players.  That being said, there are 32 teams in the NFL.  I believe that there are many teams that need a football player like Tim Tebow.  I believe that we all put far too much emphasis on ranking players.  I am of the opinion that you can either play football or you can not play football.  Plain and simple. 

My issues with Tebow are all quarterback related.  I truly don’t see anything that would lead me to believe that his throwing mechanics can be fixed.  While under pressure, as a quarterback, it is only human to resort back to what you’ve known how to do since you starting throwing a football.  I, personally, do not see any opportunity for him to grow as a passer. 

Tebow has proven that he is a winner, leader, hardworker, optimist, and football player.  If you couple the rumors that I’m hearing with the things that I believe this team needs….. Tim Tebow can help solve a lot of those problems for the Chargers.  Not QB related problems.

I tweeted out earlier, in an effort to warn people about this article, that I was writing a piece that many, many people would have issues with due to the content. 

I get it.  Tell me to “Tuck” off if you find my opinion to be worthless.  Tell me to take a “Tucking” flying leap off a tall building. 

I see people coming after my editorial director, Ernie, very often.  I guarantee that not a single one of them has ever had the privilege of meeting him.  But, again, I digress.  Two beers in a bucket….. “Tuck it.”

I truly think that bringing in Tebow as a RB, FB, TE, punt protector, etc. would help provide a much needed positive spark to this team.  A seriously needed spark to this team. 

Did I mention that he has great faith in the man upstairs? 

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that believes we could use a little bit of that on this team.

Please leave a comment, positive or negative, below to let me know how you feel about my opinion on Tebow.

If all you are going to do is talk smack about this article on FaceBook…… go “Tuck” yourself. 

I suppose this brings new meaning to the “Tuck” Rule.


Thanks a lot for reading.











Thanks a lot for reading.


I won’t read the comments until tomorrow…. Release the Hounds!!!!






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  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Whatever it takes to win. Plus, he’s kind of cute. I’m pretty sure our roster is full, who would you release to get Jesus Barbie?

    • veazy

      how about exchanging one Jesus for another?

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        Do you mean clipboard Charlie, aka clipboard Jesus? Why not?

  • Nick Judge

    Not a horrible idea. He is a proven winner. We could use that

    • Dante Reeder

      Your right Nick I Agree!! 100% We could use him!! And We should get him..Watch if we do and We end up winning these hating ass fools will start on a Tebow bandwagon

  • Johnnie Lovell

    I like him as a football player. I just don’t like all the publicity around him. The next time PR throws a couple of pics you will hear all the bandwaggoners saying to let Tebow start.

    • Ernie Padaon


  • Tavo Alvarez

    I think it be a great way to wake up Phillip Rivers off his slump if he feels the pressure that he can lose his starting job to Tebow…. He might snap back to his pro bowl ways.. And get San Diego Chargers to the mother land…… The Super Bowl…

    • Dante Reeder

      And Tebow Could and Might Steal his Starting job-

  • Edward Moretti

    I see that loss to Manning seems to have broken a lot more brains than just Ernie’s. Hopefully, the next 13 games will be less stressful for ya’ll.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Love that you say 13 games!!!

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        Me too! Does Edward have a crystal ball?

  • Tavo Alvarez

    Fire AJ Smith and sign Tim Tebow!!!! And bring some excitement back to San Diego again….

    • Ignatius

      Stop smoking that!

    • Dante Reeder

      Hell Yea!!! Well Said I am with you!

  • tiiiiiiiiits11


    I have not only lost respect for you as a fan and reporter…., but also as a man.

    I have faith that you are doing this for the sake of attention towards a post, but this is just a sick joke.

    This Jesus-freak virgin will be out of the league in two years

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  • 1961 Fan

    Tebow? Get real, just because THEY call you a “staff writer” does not mean you know what you are talking about. The Bolts had a good prospect in Jarret Lee but canned him to keep a spot open for those cast off veterans that can’t get out of their own way. They had Billy Voleck who is much more Mobile that Rivers but treated him like crap during the off season and wanted him to just come to camp and then go off into the sunset. What good player wants to come to San Diego and play for that A-Hole A. J. Smith and Norv Turner’s Chargers? Think about it!
    You Mr. Writer is just as desperate as the Bolts.

  • srichey321

    It would be great to bring him in after Chargers get a lead. It would be martyball on steroids.

  • Ignatius

    Why in the world would they trade for Tebow, it makes not freaking sense! It just makes want to have a stroke and die in the street at the sight of Tebow in the good ol’ blue and gold and doing his silly trademarked “tebowing”.

    Even though PR makes me mad sometimes, he is our guy and we’ll sure as hell stick with him until the very end.

  • Jim

    I like it and I would consider him to fill in for Rivers at times like this – time like now when our front line couldn’t block a dead whore never mind and able bodied athlete

    • Dante Reeder

      Your Right! I Say Get Tebow! Some of these people don’t understand how good he really is..I laugh at them-

  • 619chargers4life

    lol horrible idea. immediately would make the chargers as desperate as rex ryan and whoever else desperately needs a spark. we dont need a media frenzy in SD. the team needs to focus. and not be caught up in a circus.

  • paul henson

    I don’t know whether his throwing mechanics can be fixed…I don’t know enough about it to say, but I was astounded when he was shipped off after turning Denver into winners. It wouldn’t kill us to bring a quarterback to this town that has some legs for a change. Dang, I’d like to see a dangerous runner at the quarterback position. But who’s to say that if he was brought in under Rivers’s and Turner’s tutelage that he couldn’t turn into a good passer? This team needs to do something to give it some heart, that’s for sure. These last two games have broken any faith that I might’ve had that there is any guts on the field, as they seem to just go home at halftime and don’t come back. I don’t know how they’ll recover their faith in themselves without some spark. Maybe Tebow could provide it, who knows? I like the guy, although I could surely do without the genuflecting on the field. Oh, well, I could stand that too if somebody would win a game after having a giant lead.

  • Loran Pilling

    If he was an Arab we wouldn’t know who he was. What a stupid article. I would become a Raider fan if he was on our team. I wish I was born 1000 years from now when people were more enlightened

  • Sandi Salgado Jardine

    Maybe I am crazy in posting this and I just might be ‘tucked’ too – but I agree 100%!
    I have been saying this lately, whenever talking about my team. I am a Charger fan of well over 40 years – and while i am not ready to give up on my beloved Bolts or PR – I think a ‘shake it up’ is definitely in order – and I am banking on Tebow.
    I know, I know….I’m just sayin’.

    • Dante Reeder

      Well your just saying and I aGree With you 100% Bring Tebow to SD!!!

  • Russell Grant

    Booga, If they trade for Tebow, AJ should resign on the spot. The only way I can see doing that going down would be if the Jets would take a broken down Gaither and a case of Arrogant Bastard for Tebow and a tackle off their practice squad. We still would have overpaid for the tackle by a six pack.

  • 619chargers4life

    oh and Booga , with all do respect. you signed up for this job. you are going to get criticized for what u write. Maybe not by me but the other ppl in the world. If u cant handle it maybe u want to think about doing something different . seems like recently in your post your defending yourself for your opinions but only yours matters and u seem to want ppl to stop the SH** talking. C-mon man. you do you and they will do them. you let these ppl rent space in your articles to often. C-MON MAN

  • R.c. Lightning

    Congratulations!!! You win the “worst idea EVER” Award!!!

  • James Carr

    by that logic we should just get the most positive player in the NFL for cheap rather than trade for Tebow

  • Stefanie Smith

    Why does everyone say that Tebow is a hard worker? If he is so hard-working, his skill set would be better. He works hard in front of the camera is about it. We don’t need the circus coming to San Diego.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Mark Sanchez is regularly at practice 3 to 4 hours early and before Tebow, but Tebow gets the credit for being the hard worker.

  • Jason Chaousy

    If the Chargers pick up Tim Tebow, I will burn all of my chargers gear and NEVER watch another game they play. I hate Tebow. Tim Toilet Bowl has no place on this team. He is a cry-baby and not a QB. He would much better be a RB, TE or LB in the NFL. Perhaps if wants to be a QB he can do that in the AFL.

  • Alfred Villasenor

    I would gladly take tebow.. I said that when he was drafted….bolt franchise if your smart pick him up asap?this guy is part of the new QB era he’s what we need…

  • Mary

    I think the Chargers need a little more of Tim Tebow’s Spirit. Perhaps there is so much pressure to do better this year the stress is working against them; perhaps if there is more “let go and let God” in their efforts they could/would feel the pressure less and do their best.

  • Dante Reeder

    Fuck what anyone says Rivers is Fuckin up the guy can’t Run when the pressure is on he loses all composure..Tebow is a new generation QB and he proved himself leading the Bronco’s to those Victories and beating the Steelers in the Playoffs… Regardless I Say The Chargers should try and snag this guy from the Jets and YES! Start Him…


    YOU are an IDIOT!!!!

  • Jose Martinez

    After reading that he TM’d his onfield bow-prayer, I lost my respect for him as a person, Regarding his football abilities he is where he is because that’s all he is.

  • Matt Dorlaque

    My problem with Tebow is this, how many other people get NFL jobs because they have good attitudes?
    He is not even close to be an NFL quarterback, not even close. It is not possible to go from where he is at to starting (without completely simplifying an offense) in the NFL. It will never happen. Now the talk about moving him to running back, fullback, or tight end? What a joke? He is not that type of athlete. It won’t happen. He isn’t an NFL player, period.
    So this goes back to my original point, which is this, there are 8 zillion team players that a coach would love because they kiss such good behind, and only this primma donna (focus on me, not my play or the game), religious zealot, gets an NFL job for it. The players all know and I’m sure they resent it. But, they are smart enough not to diss him or get skewered by the media.
    I’m a white male, but even I have to say, “F’in white people!”.

  • davacho

    i know i’m a bit late BoogaP, but you bring up solid points. the media has tainted tebow. i agree with pops when he says we’d have a media circus- so frustrating… but, how quickly we forget that tebow won some serious games for the donkeys… ugly wins some may say, but at this point i sure as hell would take ugly ass mother tucking wins and have a 5-2 record! his intangibles that you speak of could make him quite valuable… personally, if it came down to signing just one player- i’d like a BA offensive linemen. thanks for the brave article- hope you didn’t get lynched too hard.

  • Lou Tompkins

    I was mistaken when I thought people hated Tebow. They don’t hate Tebow they hate Jesus Christ. What have the Chargers to cheer about. I have watched them play since the 60s and they always break your heart with wilting seasons where they looked stupid and scared they might win a big playoff game. Why not try a winner for a change. I thought all people cared about was winning but it seems more are upset about Jesus’ name being heard after the win. Win but not if we have to listen to that. San Diego used to be a nice place but anymore it is just South L.A.