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Gorilla Gold Towels Statement: Chargers are one of many teams using towel for the past decade.

Looks like we guessed right with the Gorilla Gold towels that Norv Turner was talking about!!! Norv didn’t want to give them free marketing, but we sure did. Maybe they can throw me a dozen free towels or something!

Check out the press release that Gorilla Gold just put on their website:

Lewiston, Idaho (October 23, 2012) – Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer, a polyester- blend towel impregnated with all-natural resins, is used in a variety of sports the world over including golf, racquet sports, track and field, soccer, softball, baseball and football. It supplies a light tack, much like a tackified glove. When applied to hands or gloves, as in the case of fastpitch softball, football or rugby, it leaves no discernable residue on the surface of the ball.

“In regards to the recent NFL controversy involving Norv Turner and the San Diego Chargers,” Patrick Dugan president and inventor of the towel reported, “they were not the first, nor are they the only team or players to use Gorilla Gold. It has been in use by many teams including the CFL for over ten years on the field, on the sideline, and in the training room.”

In addition to providing a light tackification, it makes any surface moisture repellent, improving control in wet conditions. In fastpitch softball, the NCAA, ASA, USSSA and the International Softball Federation currently approve Gorilla Gold for use by pitchers on the mound.

Gorilla Gold is based in Lewiston, Idaho.

Now, I have to email them and see if we can get some custom Chargers towels made with the words “STICK-IT!!!” on them for us to wave around the stadium! These magic towels helped us to a 24-Nothing lead on them Broncos and as soon as they were confiscated, the game started slipping out of our hands!

Also, do you think these towels are illegal?

Again, here is the description from the site:

Here is the description of the product from their site:

Gorilla Gold Golf Grip Enhancer…The End Of Grip Gripe! Gorilla Gold is a towel that’s impregnated with a solution that allows you to tack up your grip to meet the conditions of the day you play.

Here is one of the awesome reviews on the towel:

I believe this product is meant for golfers, but it’s also great for pole dancers doing aerial work. When you first put it on the pole, it’s so sticky that you feel as if you could climb up the wall, Spiderman style. As your body and the pole heat up, the Gorilla Grip towel will lose it’s magic but that’s to be expected. You can gunk up your pole or you can press the towel to your body. I know a few dancers that do both. This is not an appropriate product for beginning dancers battling sweaty hands, though. For me, this is a grip aid enhancer not an antiperspirant. I love this product!

And here is the official wording on the Lester Hayes rule. Under the header PROHIBITED EQUIPMENT, APPAREL:

Adhesive, Slippery Substances — (i) Adhesive or slippery substances on the body, equipment, or uniform of any player; provided, however, that players may wear gloves with a tackified surface if such tacky substance does not adhere to the football or otherwise cause handling problems for players.

It would be a adhesive substance that would be put on gloves, yet it doesn’t leave anything on the football. Hmmmmm… Also, what if Eric Weddle put it on his hands, because he doesn’t wear gloves?

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  • Pete Spinning

    So… sounds we are in the clear, if they were only using this. Also, sounds like Jay Glazer is a Donkey Lover… AND a Denver Broncos fan.

    • Russell Grant

      No, just a Donkey lover, but we aren’t here to judge.

  • Craig Hammond

    “When applied to hands or gloves, as in the case of fastpitch softball, football or rugby, it leaves no discernable residue on the surface of the ball.”

    It leaves no trace on the ball. Case close.

    • Ernie Padaon

      that part of the rule is talking about gloves, what if it is placed on bare hands? Eric Weddle?

      • Pete Spinning

        Did the ref shake Weddle’s hand? Hmmm…
        (This whole thing is a joke IMHO)

        • Ernie Padaon

          blame it on Glazer… at least we arent talking about how bad we looked on monday night’s second half. or maybe that would be better. i dont even know anymore.

          is it weird that i think of donuts anytime we mention Glazer?

          • 619chargers4life

            not at all. i think of shaving cream lol

          • Ernie Padaon

            hahahaha… weird. i might think of that too now.

          • Pete Spinning

            Lol.. I think “redrum”. Have you seen that tired ass bit he does on NFL Network, where he talks trash to the players, and they talk trash back? Crickets every time. It’s the most awkward piece of television I’ve seen since Janet Jackson busted the nipple out, while I was sitting next to my 6 year old neice!

  • Pete Spinning

    Nice PI work BTW, Ernie ; )

    • Ernie Padaon

      google is my best friend… wouldnt have got through college without it!

  • Nick Judge

    Ha. I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho…about 15 minutes from lewiston. I think I might run over there and do some personal research

    • Ernie Padaon

      can you ask if they can customize some towels for us? hahahaha…

    • Brook

      Lewiston isn’t 15 minutes from Idaho Falls

  • Stefanie Smith

    Spanos has a right to be furious with this Glaser fool and NFL Network.

    • Pete Spinning

      FYI – Nice job posting this on I noticed nobody wanted to comment on your thread.. because there is NO argument.. hahaha!

      • Stefanie Smith

        I had to do it. It was putting a knot in my stomach. I could not tolerate thinking that the Chargers were cheating. I apologize. I should have cited to this website, but I was too worked up at that point.

  • tdonahoe1
    • Ernie Padaon


  • 619chargers4life

    never really did like Glazer any way. now i really dont like em

  • tubbs45

    Anyone wanna split the cost?

  • Ignatius

    Has anyone used similar gloves as NFL and college players use? Those things are very sticky! They don’t need stick-un or anything else to get a good grip, that is why if always baffles me when some pro receiver drops a clear pass. Anyhow, this is all BS and should die over the next days as more teams are “caught” using this special towel.

  • James P Derrick

    How much longer will it be until the NFL makes a statement? They must really hate the Chargers. Why can’t they give them some love. Bastards!!! Go Chargers

    • Ernie Padaon

      Seriously… How long does it take to investigate a towel?