Wild Thing!!

What the hell is going on around here? I have had this thought in my mind for some time now, but have reluctantly only shared it with a few friends. As much as I hate the idea, I have a horrible feeling in my gut that Spanos and Co. are getting ready to pack up and move north.

I have defended Norv to most of you, well that is over! Sure he WAS a great offensive mind as an OC, but as a HC he has shown us time and again he can not call plays and manage a team. His half time adjustments are crap! The 2 minute Offense well, wait there isn’t one. Having to be told by your QB “Should have punted” just shouldn’t happen! I thought this would change this year, but no it is the same ole $#@! different day.

At this point I am not very happy with AJ either. Sure he has put a few teams together that were capable of winning the big one for us. And had Rivers not been injured in the AFC Championship game we probably would have kicked the living $#@! out of Sheli Manning. I was and Still am ( for the most part) happy with this past off-seasons acquisitions. I do think JJ is not all that he was cracked up to be. Royal and Meachum   have both been injured, so to be on the same page as Rivers would be a lot to ask at this point.  Most of you clambered for some O line  help, at that point I didn’t think it was needed ( crow doesn’t taste very good!). I have always hated Clarry and Gaither is showing to be a waste of money. McClain is starting to show what a real fullback is supposed to do , as much as I liked Hester he isn’t a lead blocker. I have also defended our secondary Jammer showed us just how slow he is on his touchdown, but our pass rush hasn’t been all that great either.

As for the Chargers PR dept. and more specifically Bill Johnston. What a JERK!!! Ok , I get it, we are 3-3 with 10 games left. We have won 10 out of 11 games to make the playoffs. This is a different team, we don’t have LT to help us out. But to tell us to “take a chill pill” is not what any of us wanted to hear. To be honest that was the worst PR move in chargers history. The head of any public relations office should not be talking to his/her customers like that. He says he is a fan. Well I bet he gets to go to every game for free, his jerseys and other Chargers apparel for free. In fact I bet he does not spend any money on the Chargers except for gas to get to and from the office.

All of these things I have laid out above remind me of the movie Major League, you know the one that helped Charlie Sheen start “WINNING”. I just cant help but to think Dean Spanos kept a crappy HC, and a tyrant of a GM and really expects to win the big one. Albert Einstein once said ” Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” . Well maybe he doesn’t want different results, maybe what he wants is to piss us all off enough to be able to say ” Hey, look I am not making enough money in San Diego, lets head for LA.”


Vile Thing, you make my heart sting!Mild Thing, I really loathe you!



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  • http://boltbeat.com/ ChargerGirl Cindi

    Welcome to the boat.

  • Ignatius

    It may seem like it but the only thing that may set the precedent of moving is that they sell a part of the team to the corporation that would partly fund the Stadium and not only that but there’s a $500 million fee to be paid to the league for the right to call LA home because it’s not an open-vacancy and there is the little thing that the NFL doesn’t want and that is to have a corporation own a team, it would surely damage their brand.

    Even if the team ends up 3-13 and still decides to keep Norv and company, it will still make a profit after all, so it’s not a bad business and I for one would not sell it one bit.

    It would surprise me if they do decide to move because in San Diego with the right politician, right ballot measure and a winning season, it can be done. All those things were set place back in that 13-3 season but we all know McCree dubious interception sinked that ship.

    All and all, if they do decide to move, I hope that the logo, name and history stays in San Diego for when I become filthy rich (I don’t know how but something will come up) I’ll buy the Chargers and make them a winning franchise. One can dream though.

    • http://twitter.com/BoogaP #TheBoltFather

      I don’t always read your comments (because they are longer than the articles) but when I do, they are really good. lol. BUT, if you took some writing courses, you should consider writing about the Bolts. Seriously. You have very good perspective. But reading this is a reminder that it needs a little polish, so to speak. Please don’t bring up McCree’s name during a Bye week! lol. No game today to take away from that debacle of a play. Thanks for always supporting BoltBeat. Very, very cool.

  • 1961 Fan

    Where do you get your information on corporations? The Green Bay Packers are owned by the incorporated City of Green Bay Wisconsin. NFL Football teams are Corporations and have share holders; the Spanos family controls 96% of the franchise stock of the Chargers. On another note, don’t be alarmed because Joey Nicks has predicted the Bolts will finish at 13-3; when you stop rolling on the floor just remember anything is possible unless the President of the Corporation is Dean Spanos!

  • 619chargers4life

    Chargers aint going any where BOOM!!!! you got moded lol

  • 1961 Fan

    There is no “shovel ready” stadium in the Los Angeles market. To move the Chargers in 2013 the Bolts would have to play in the Rose Bowl or the Coliseum,
    good luck retaining most of your San Diego fan base or gaining any new fans in the L. A. region. The Spanos’s (Dean & Wife) have raised their family here and they are committed to San Diego as long as there is some hope of securing a NEW stadium in San Diego. Have you been to L. A. lately; who would want to live and/or work there?