Chargers PR Tells Fans To Take A Chill Pill

So, I have this dog, Roxy, that hates doorbells. HATES THEM! Someone rings the doorbell and she will go ape SH** barking at the door. I also have this other dog, Kina, that doesn’t care too much for the doorbell, but will bark at Roxy because she is barking.

One day, both dogs are out chilling and someone rings the doorbell. Roxy launches to the door pissed out of her mind. Barking up a storm! Kina then gets to the door and barks once.Probably saying, “you are an idiot, it’s just someone visiting and not an evil door.”

That one bark pissed off Roxy even more and there was a full on Michael Vick dog fight in my living room. I had to pull them apart and got scratched up in the melee. I don’t know how Michael Vick did it!

Why was I saying this again?

Well, the Chargers PR guy did his best to try and calm down the angry mob of fans. In his attempt, he has now become the target.

Here is some of what he wrote to the fans on with the title “Take a Chill Pill”:

What’s with you people?

Yes, Monday night’s loss was bad. Horrible. Embarrassing.

Ok…enough already. No mas. I get it.

Now get over it. It was a loss. One loss.

Listening to some of you out there, you’d think Monday night was “win or go home” and the Chargers are now packing their bags.

“The Chargers are finished. Done,” said one scribe.

Another wrote, “Bye, bye Chargers. Put a fork in them.”

Sometimes I think Twitter was invented to give people a chance to puff out their chests and talk big, saying things they never would say to someone’s face.

And talk radio … don’t get me started. The old adage your mom used to preach – “If you don’t have anything good say, don’t say anything” – seems to have evolved to “if you don’t have anything good to say, call sports talk radio.”

Amazing stuff there. I could have told him how that would have went over with the fans. I have never called fans out, but we did once have a writer on here that decided to say that San Diego fans SUCKED and the team should move to Los Angeles because their fans are better. I won’t get into that argument, but the reaction from that one post was epic and I got heat for letting that get posted.

POST DELETED and that writer no longer is part of the team! Apologies sent to the angry mob that was created.

People invest their hard earned money into this team. We buy tickets to the game, sport the jerseys of our favorite players, rock out in overpriced t-shirts all for the love of that team. When the team sucks and we get angry, it is because we care! If you LOVE someone, you don’t let them do stupid things and let them ruin themselves.

That loss to Denver was one of the worst that any of us have ever seen. The stakes were high and we thought we were going to be able to show the world that we have arrived. The whole first half we beat down big bad Peyton Manning and his boys, then the ridiculousness happens. How do you expect us to react?

“Good game boys?”

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  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Again, you beat me to the punch on this one. I was reading this as I was on my morning walk and I actually just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. What a big fat pile of shit this guy is. Does he think he works for a preschool? This is football, grow a pair!

    • Ernie Padaon

      i couldnt believe the madness…people were PISSED. guess he wrote it around 5 last night and i saw it at midnight. knew it would be something i had to touch on. go ahead and add a post with your thoughts. haha

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        I will. Once I can do so without sprinkling expletives and words that end with “ick” throughout!

  • Joey Nicks

    This horrible don’t worry will voice my opinion but my guess is that a PR spot with the Chargers will soon be open. Good luck to all the peeps that apply!

  • James P Derrick

    as the days pass, I am slowly calming down from the MNF debacle. BUT…it really should sting this organization to be humiliated back to back on nationally televised games. For a PR guy to tell the fans what he did, to AJ’s rise from the ashes bit, it’s not very reassuring to the fans. I would of loved to see them say right from the get go something like we are sorry to the fans. IF Spanos had any self respect he’d do that. But it is what it is….
    I never want to see someone out of work, but someone must be held accountable and to a higher standard. Norv’s had the reins for some time now, and there just isn’t enough excuses to be made anymore….injuries, special teams, no jump ball WR…c’mon already!
    Play hard sound football. All of the free agents that were brought are barely doing anything. That’s because I don’t see Norv putting them in a situation to succeed. Get back to basics and play catch….Run the ball and wear out the other team’s D…This OLine can play if they’d get their act together. Someone please remind them they are big, strong, powerful, and able…Clearly Clary thinks he belongs in a ballet with his recent play….
    When they play again, if they don’t kick the snot out of Cleveland, we’ll pretty much know by then….I remember a time not to long ago Norv had ample time to prepare with a bye week and the team came out and flopped….Hmmmm…..Go Chargers

    • Ernie Padaon

      sadly.. this browns game has me nervous. the best way to get us to forget about any of this is to dropkick these Browns.

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        It’s f-ing crazy that we should be worry about the Browns!

  • Vardog

    Throw this PR guy under the bus and put it in “D”!

  • Russell Grant

    If we don’t win the Browns game will the PR guy tell us to start drink heavily?

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Oops, too late. I started drinking halfway through the Broncos game.

  • arnie

    “…it’s just one loss…” an they call me a broken record.
    it’s not just one loss. it’s the “way” they lose and to “whom” they lose. An how many times we’ve seen this pattern.

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahha… arnie, can you change your username to broken record arnie? haha

  • Ignatius

    Incredible that the PR guy said those things! It is one of the first things they teach in communications, always respect your clientele. We, as Chargers fans, are a clientele that needs to be catered all the way from the players performance on and sometimes off the field, treatment at the stadium and team events, so in hindsight, the PR’s words are a way of disrespecting the very people who give him or her a job and paycheck.

    I wish I can meet PR director Bill Johnston, the author of the article, so that I can tell him what I think about his job performance. I do not support him, I support the Chargers, the logo and what it represents and means to the city and it’s surroundings just like many of us do.

    • Ernie Padaon

      his name is bill johnston.. :)

  • tubbs45

    I have a message for the PR Guy… Blow me. Sorry I care and am pissed. Why dont you take a shut the F@#$ up pill you a-hole.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Perfect. A shut the f*ck up pill. I may borrow that.

      • Tubbs45

        I still have a stash from when Chomartie was here… He forgot to take them with him to the Jets!

  • veazy

    “Hey let’s fire the PR director that way we can still save AJ and Norv’s jobs!”