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Chargers Need To Figure Out How To Trade For Jake Long

The San Diego Chargers have issues at tackle. Jeromey Clary keeps giving up BIG plays. Mike Harris shouldn’t be starting in the league and Jared Gaither can’t get off the injury report. The offense is visibly better when Gaither is able to play.

Philip Rivers is getting constant pressure when he drops back to pass with the combination of Harris and Clary starting and he can’t get comfortable. Philip doesn’t have the ability to escape the pocket, so the team needs to invest bug time in an offensive line that can give him time to work with.

A player that could be available in a trade is Miami Dolphins OT Jake Long. The Dolphins drafted Stanford Jonathan Martinwho could be their future left tackle. Long has had an up and down season, but is still considered one of the top tackles in the league. He is a free agent at the end of the season and that could be one of the reasons why the Dolphins try to move him. They want to get something for him, before he hits the market. The Dolphins also would love to stockpile some young talent onto their roster.

Who would the Chargers give up to make that trade? I don’t know the price it would cost and don’t even know how it will work in the salary cap, but there are some creative people in the Chargers front office that can figure that part out. With AJ Smith on the bubble, a desparation trade would not be a suprise. AJ has a history of making trades during the season. When the Chargers needed a wide receiver, he brought in Chris Chambers from the Dolphins. He also brought in Keenan McCardell in a trade with Tampa Bay. Our biggest need at this point is on the offensive line, will AJ pick up that phone again?

If we do get Long, where would he play? He stays at left tackle! He is considered one of the best for a reason. If Jared Gaither is actually healthy, you move Gaither over to right tackle. He played right tackle for the Ravens a few seasons ago. Gaither may not like that idea, but it would be a HUGE upgrade. Clary would then be the backup at tackle. If Gaither can’t play, having Long and Clary would be a tremendous upgrade over Harris and Clary.

The offensive line would be stout and could give Philip time to throw the ball and could open up some holes for Ryan Mathews. All the receivers would benefit from the move and the offense could finally hit a groove.

AJ, get on the phone with Miami! A big time trade could bring some momentum to a team that needs it!

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  • Stefanie Smith

    I really wish you were the GM or the coach.

  • blu3ny3llow

    Sounds good don’t know if its worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick for the long run …as far as a trade..hmm they can have mouton n gilchrist…..wishful thinking of course

  • James P Derrick

    Send them Clary, English, Mouton, and JJ for all I care…Fricking Clary is a physical mammoth that plays like a molested momma’s boy….how in the world can he outweigh Dumervil, yet get owned..???

    • Ernie Padaon

      but why would they want that trade? hahahahaha… but what if they asked for vincent brown with some draft picks?

      • JoseSD

        It would be great to pull off that trade and Miami needs WR and have a history of trading with SD, maybe giving them Royal and a 2nd rounder would suffice throw in Garay or maybe Rosario, I think thatd probably be good Royal,Rosario and a conditional 3rd rounder that could turn into a 2nd. Youre right about Gaither who knows how big lazy would take being moved to RT

      • Arnie

        Draft pick, yes. VB, no. Vincent showed he was one of the only play making WR we have on the roster. Mike Willie is the other one.
        but you have to look at it from Miami’s perspective, they “want” to move him before he’s a UFA. releasing Clary and Dombrowski, gets rid of dead weight, an free’s up a roster spot, to either add depth at CB, OL or WR.
        either way the chargers need help. now. waiting until we have to get into a bidding war to acquire his services, is not an option either.

        • Ernie Padaon

          You are right. If we want to make a big time move, we would have to act sooner rather than later. Losing Brown would hurt IF we can’t lock up Long to a deal. If we can get him in a deal, it’s easier to find a receiver than a left tackle, so I make the move. It wouldn’t be a popular move in town, but AJ never said he was trying to be American Idol. It might be a move Miami could actually consider.

      • James P Derrick

        Just being comedic….funny now a 6′ 5″ wr is somehow going to fix OL issues…….the problems won’t go away til’ the line issue is fixed…..

  • Rick Sweet

    You guys are high if you think your getting Jake Long,for anything less then 2 first rounders and a WR.We’ve got $53 million in cap space next year Jake will stay a Dolphin for a long time,unless you guys want to pay the price.It’s been a long time since we Phins fans have seen any light in the building of this team,with a QB,OL, RB’s,an ok TE,a tough front 7 on D,were almost there. WE’d TAR & FEATHER the GM and ride him out of town on a RAIL,if he took less, ( A lot of us don’t like him much ). 2 first round draft picks and a WR for a 4 time pro bowl left tackle,sounds about right to me,if you don’t like that go else where. ; p

    • arnie

      thank you Mr. dolphin GM. the only person that is high is you. the Dolphins management is thinking about trading him, not us. because it’s the “cap space” they’re thinking about. to keep Jake it will take up some of that, and do you think miami isn’t thinking about using that money to upgrade the talent? it wont take 2 first rounders to get him.

      • Brian Miller

        As the editor of Fan Sided’s Dolphins site and a close contact with Ernie, could someone please give me a link to where the Dolphins are shopping Jake Long? My contacts in Miami fell out of their seat laughing when I brought it up. So I am curious…:) And Ernie you didn’t contact me on this? The shame…LOL

    • Ernie Padaon

      seriously… that is your team that has him on the market

  • Robert Hall

    I somewhat agree with Rick Sweet… Jake long is AWESOME! He is the best or one of the top two best LT’s in the league. LT’s of his caliber are hard to come by.. I wouldn’t let him go for anything less than a high 1st and 2nd, or high 1st and 3rd and your best WR…. The Dolphins are a few good draft picks from contending for the playoffs/Superbowl, and those extra picks could put us over the hump come next season. Also, just about every player is expendable or tradable at anytime for the right price.

  • Dolfan

    lol why on earth would the Dolphins trade our best player? Dream on. Ireland has said that a deal with Long will be done.