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Chargers - Regular Season "To Do" List

Now that preseason is finally over it is time to reflect on what was learned and figure out how to fix it.  This may seem like a daunting task for Norv Turner, so I thought I would make a list and offer up some advice.

1.  Fix the offensive line – This is the number one priority heading into regular season.  The left side is horrible.  We need to get Gaither some stem cell injections or find some new guys to replace the Wal Mart greeters currently at left tackle and guard.  I’m putting this more on you Hal, you gotta make this right or Rivers will be breaking his INT record.

2.  Work on third down conversions – The Chargers had 17/52 over four games.  I’m not good at math, but I can tell you this statistic is not good.   Unless your defense is getting the ball and running it in for a touchdown every quarter the offense needs to produce some first downs.

3.  Amp up the running game – I realize that our go to back is hurt, but our offense is all of a sudden predictable.  Ok, maybe we have always been predictable, but with Gates back in the game and Mathews out it doesn’t take a defensive mastermind to figure out that the ball will be passed more often.  Of the 59 first downs earned in four games only 15 were by rushing.  (Chargers were 32nd in rushing in preseason)

4.  Score more often – I know, this one seems weird, right.  I just didn’t see any big exciting throws to the end zone.  I realize Rivers was rushed almost every play and it was preseason, so maybe he was saving it up, but seriously, go big.  Big explosive plays are what win games.

5.  Erase the word conservative from everyone’s vocabulary – This is just as important as the others.  No conservative play calling.  Aggressive time management for all 60 football minutes.  In your face player correction.  It’s time for Norv to step up and act like he wants to win.

In case you didn’t notice, no fixes on defense.  I like what I see.  Jammer is back to his hard hitting self, Weddle is still being a badass and there seems to be a lot of energy on this side of the ball.  I think the new kids are making an impact and I cannot wait to see some sacks on Monday – you hear me Spikes?

We definitely have some adjustments to do before Monday, but I can see the Chargers coming together in a way we have not seen in a long while.

Believe and Boltup!

ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • James P Derrick

    I like what you r sayin’, but offensively, Rivers can only do what he can if the O Line gets it together…same goes for the running game…NORV needs to go for the jugular of all opponents and run up the score…..they can do it…question is will they?

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      I certainly hope so!

    • Pels04

      Couldn’t agree with you more. One of things i hate about Norvs coaching is letting off the gas. If the offense is clicking and can put up 45 on team…..then do it. I love coaches like Mike McCarthy in GB, he lets Rodgers loose and they consistently put up 35 pts. Rivers is good enough to do that, he just needs the chance. Thats why i feel this year will be “different” for the Chargers. With Norvs job being on life support im hoping that there wont be any coasting to the end of the game.

  • davacho

    great list!

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Thank you. :)

  • Pels04

    I thought when i clicked on it it was just going to say “WIN”

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Oh yeah!

  • arnie

    Great article Chargergirl Cindi. you have listed all the glaring issues on this team. which means you actually “watch the games”. ;)
    i’d like to point out something, 3 out of the 5, are directly related to coaching.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      True. We have the talent on the squad, just not in our coaching staff.

  • Joey Nicks

    Couldn’t agree more with #5 It’s the biggest thing on any football team. GET AFTER IT! Those who sit and wait finish last. San Diego also needs to stop pussy-footing around! They mess up GET IN THE EAR HOLE! Let them know they have someone else right behind them that can take their spot if they make this consistent! That alone can DRASTICALLY improve a team!