Time to 'Layeth the Smacketh Down' to the AFC West

If you asked me what do I do best my first response would be talking smack. It’s what every sports fan does and is used to hearing. That is part of what makes sports so great. It’s the rivalry of being better then every other team. Players themselves have the same passion, and jaw jabbing as some of us. It’s time to wake the AFC West up starting today. Football season is about to start and we need to make it known that the division is ours! OUR San Diego Supers’ win this division HANDS DOWN THIS YEAR! It’s time to make the fun part of fandom come alive.

My first jab goes to Oakland. Why must we put up with your non-sense every year. Every year people mock you, and while that isn’t the worst part of it, people say to look out for you guys. The only guys I am worried about is the fans. Branch can’t hang with Meach, and McClain isn’t going to get it done against Gates. The Raiders of old flared last year as players threw cheap shots left and right. I am happy that we start off against you guys though. So we can start out 1-0 and do it in front of a NATION wide audience. We’ll go to the “Black Hole.” Don’t you worry about that. Just worry about another, “Black Hole,” as our boys will take the field with a new defense and same “Flash and Dash,” offense!

Don’t tear an ACL Kansas City, I got you right now! Romeo didn’t succeed in Cleveland and he won’t here. You are going to need more then just a botched snap to beat us this year. Bring on Dontari Poe! The Running Beast, Ryan Mathews, is gearing up with a new squad which includes the Big Mac Daddy! The McClain Train is coming through and you better not be on the tracks! Jackie is already set to do, “Battle” if you know what I am saying! Know what I mean?!? lol Bring it all day long! We are going to be KING of your Cassel!

The Donkeys! Don’t think you are getting away! Hows Peyton doing? He better be ready cause Super Melvin is coming. Better hope he makes it past Pittsburgh. That frail neck has to last 16 weeks, and as John Elway said, “We don’t have a Plan B.” San Diego is ready to step it up and Jesus himself (Tebow) is in New York. Von Miller was even in disbelief when truing with Melvin Ingram when Ingram was still at South Carolina. You know what that means? TROUBLE! Denver better get ready because a storms brewing, and the Lightning Bolts are gonna SHOCK YOU! Not going to lie though I am pretty worried about Peyton Manning’s ONE career win against us. Hope history doesn’t repeat it self or anything.

One thing we can all agree on is that the season is approaching fast. That’s something EVERY team can be happy about! We all have to remember smack talk isn’t to be taken seriously. It is part of the game, that makes it SO much more enjoyable! Us as Charger fans hear it, so we as Charger fans must dish it. Did someone see lightning strike? Hope Peyton Manning is ok. Have fun with it everyone, but remember don’t take anything to serious! It’s a game that we love with all our hearts, and creating camaraderie is as far as it should go!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/xTENCEx760 Huy Nguyen

    Lol peyton gets blasted by melvin n ends his career. Bet money!

  • jonpviv

    The Raiders of old flared last year as players threw cheap shots left and right? When did they ever stop doing this? They’ve always been that way haven’t they. They lost too much, didn’t get anything in return. I really can’t see them winning more than 5 games.

    people brag about denvelway’s defense last year, but they were middle of the pack defensively. von miller looks to be the shit, but dumberville is overrated in my opinion. manning is one hit away from paralysis. The running game was okay (WAS) ok last year but I don’t think mcgayhee will do squat without tebow back there keeping defenses guessing. I know the name eric decker. he’s a receiver. that’s about all I can say about the receivers. I see in the best of circumstances 9-7, and probably 8-8.

    Even superstars who have shredded their knee take until their second year back to really get back to where they were. That presents a big problem in KC, and all 3 of the shredded knees (berry moeaki charles) are still young and have only shown glimpses of all-pro capability. None of them are all pro yet. And the chances are very long that all 3 will be pro bowl material this year. Berry probably has the best chance. Their secondary looks good, but it has to translate to the field and that takes time. I’ve already read bad reports about Poe. NFL.com had him listed as a guaranteed draft bust. And the most important position on the team, qb, is a big question mark with this team. In a best case scenario, everything falls into place, they could possibly go 11-5 or 10-6. But realistically I see the same thing as Denver, with denver probably 9-7, chiefs 8-8. QB is just too big a question mark.

    I love my bolts, but I also am realistic. i like what they have done in the offseason, AJ did his job really good and for the future of this team I hope spanos jr learned a lot because he is the long range GM for this team. So shut up AJ bashers. the chargers seem to have some problems that have existed no matter what decade or owner or players they have. Some things repeat over and over, but they have shown the can make it the superbowl and have had the best last decade that they’ve ever had. Personally, I think rivers played scared last year and I don’t think that that will happen again, as long as the o-line plays to their potential. And I think that area of the team is key to success. As long as they play to their potential I think this team can make it to the superbowl. I think with the reports of Gates being lighter and in great shape will help the deep game immensely as i don’t think we have straight up deep threats. We seem to have some depth at receiver which I think is important as malcom floyd is almost a sure bet to get hurt, he is a little brittle. I think Brown may surprise some this year and step up. Lindley had a sub par year last year at State w/o him. I think Mathews is gonna step up a little more this year, he still has something to prove and we have great depth at RB. don’t expect to see much out of Hester except on special team. The defense is going to be sound. No repeat of next year. But it does need the line and secondary to step it up. A lot. But I feel the big problem last year was 3rd down and coaching. I don’t think that will be repeated.

    Overall, I think that even with best case scenario for all teams, our chargers have the capability and the talent to win it all and I do not think any other team in the division has that. Kc has the talent but qb is question mark. Denvelway has the qb but not the overall talent. and I can’t see anything positive in jokeland. Every team has a murderous schedule in this division this year. And a bad thing is once again New England has the easiest schedule and I see them at 14-2 or 13-3 and whoever represents the AFC in the SB will have to go to new england and beat them there. Realistically, I see Chargers 11-5, denvelway and kc flip flop take your pick 9-7, 8-8, jokeland 5-11. Best case scenario, bolts 13-3 denvelway 11-5 kc 10-6 jokeland 5-11. Worst case scenario denvelway 10-6 bolts 9-7 kc 7-9, jokeland 3-13.

    There isn’t going to be a wild card from the west, it will come from another division.

    My dark horse move of the year is Steve Fairchild as Norv’s assistant. too many time the last 3 or 4 years, charger behind with ball, 2 down, 2 minutes late. Camera pans to Norv and he is staring off into space with a quizzical look on his face. For this reason I believe that norv lacks in multi tasking. If he can just concentrate on the play calling and not the clock and everything else and Fairchild takes care of the rest, It will be really big because historically the charger play the tougher teams tough and their is going to be some close games, and with Fairchild there to handle the the bits and pieces, Norv won’t be so confused and the bolts will pull it out. And norv will get all the accolades.

    • Joey Nicks

      I wish the Bolts go 13-3! That is honestly the best case scenario I love our boys more then anything! I agree though we need to get off the field on 3rd down defense. We will be better. 13-3 that’s tough. I will be giving my predictions in a couple of weeks so I won’t burst the bubble just yet!

  • http://twitter.com/Bolts_NFL_Music MC Boltman

    Haha nice you got a Boltman vs. Predator pic here :) In my OAK Suck Vid they´re fighting against each other & guess who the winner -> Boltman, baby!!
    The same will happen on Sept 10th against the Raiders.
    Haha we´re gonna surprise so many of those “the Bolts aren´t gonna make it” sh#t talkers :)
    But you´re right, after all don’t take anything to serious, it´s a game, a game we all love!

    • Joey Nicks

      You know whats funny @twitter-565319920:disqus I am a long time red sox fan, and I read an article a couple of years back that was so sad. A woman walked into a bar in Boston decked out in Yankees gear. Tried to run her mouth their, and it didn’t work because you are in Boston and they won’t have it. So she got boo-ed out of the bar. She pulled her car around and waited once the two guys who were razzing her came out she ran them over. Why? Whats the point? You take human life over a sport?!? I would hate to see if something actually serious happened what she would do!