Nicks Rates top 20 Receivers

Last week we ran with the backs, now it’s time to catch with corp. On the fields as green as a lime Popsicle tall, fast, dominant men run up and down the field. They make catches and plays that we can’t believe. White alright, but what about Cruzing with Victor? Perhaps you’ll drive Miles for Austin, or enjoy putting a Bowe on your team. Either way I am here to help. Here they are folks my top 20 Fantasy Receivers for the 2012 season!

20.) Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans- Needs to stay on the field, but a GREAT WR while on.

19.) Robert Meachem, San Diego Chargers- OUR BOY! I think he honestly does great this year! ESPECIALLY if you have a big touchdown bonus.

18.) Steve Johnson, Buffalo Bills- A little iffy on. Good hands, great speed, and good offense as a team.

17.) Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys- I feel as if this is his year. If Romo has time to throw, he will be VERY dangerous.

16.) Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons- Got used to the league last year. Time for defenses to beware!

15.) DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles- The mans paid and happy now. I expect big things, but he has to prove it to me for a higher spot!

14.) Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs- We have seen what this man is capable of. With a healthy Cassel it will be big. Big numbers for Bowe.

13.) Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints- He may be low, but there’s A LOT of drama in the town of Cajun!

12.) Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants- He may drop easy passes, but he is a straight up play maker and has the ability to be a beast.

11.) Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers- Still I think a little underrated, best offense in the league, and shows up consistently.

10.) Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers- Cam is keeping him up here at this slot.

9.) A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals- Should have a monster year, as long as Dalton doesn’t have a Sophomore Slump.

8.) Victor Cruz, New York Giants- We’ll see, he was great last year, but can teams stop him now? I don’t think so.

7.) Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers- Complete monster! Pittsburgh likes to run it first, but when Ben is healthy he can air it out to this guy with the best of them! If you are in a PPR league though be careful. Not a lot of receptions but a lot of yards!

6.) Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers- Great hands, great athleticism, will get the job done on all ends. A little fragile.

5.) Andre Johnson, Houston Texans- FIVE!?!?! Only because he has a hard time staying healthy. He needs to stay on the field and put up big games like we all know he is capable of.

4.) Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons- Shows up every week for the most part. Can make catches and have big games! Turner helps take some defense away from him too.

3.) Wes Welker, New England Patriots- PPR GOLD MINE! I feel like alls Tom Brady does is pass to Welker! I just hope that drop in the Super Bowl last year doesn’t affect his psyche.

2.) Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals- The best WR HANDS DOWN! This man makes it happen all the time. NEVER drops open passes, and is a HUGE part of his offense!

1.) Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions- Almost put him number 2, but if there is anyone that can beat the Madden Curse it’s him! (That sounds familiar? OH that’s right Ray Lewis!)

There ya have it! 20 WR that I think will be beasting it up this year! Does yours look the same? Maybe a little different? Please let me know below! PLAY ON PLAYAS!

-Joey Nicks

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  • boltsfan1972

    No Malcom Floyd ? I say at least first 2 or 3 weeks Rivers throws to him alot. Meechem and Royal start making a difference when timing is better ! Healthy Malcom is in top 16 – 20 WR. Well at least that’s my thoughts.

    • joeynicks

       @boltsfan1972  I compleley agree with you are saying I hear you out BUT when has Malcom been on the field for a WHOLE YEAR? Not last year, and not the year before that cause the past two years I had him on my fantasy team. “Flying High”  is a great talent! I love him as a Charger!

  • BoogaP

    Really like the list Joey. Great job.

    I’d have to add Royal in there somewhere.

    He’s my fantasy sleeper of the year. Regardless of team.

    • joeynicks

       @BoogaP I think he will be a good sleeper, I just feel as if Rivers will spread the ball out a lot and Meach will break some BIG yards! Which I would LOVE to see!

  • MikeTuck

    Steve Smith is alot higher than that. If we could have gotten Smith it would have been a steal for sure. You look at the QB’s he’s played with, Carolina liked to run but have now opened it up. The guy is tough as nails and his hands are great. There are alot of flashy type recievers there but Smith is a get-r-done guy.

  • RMainwaring

    No Santonio Holmes? Miles Austin? Vincent Jackson? I know how hard it is to make a top 10 or 20 player list because everyone will have their own opinion. Great job.

  • BoogaP

    @r_mainwaring I just left a coment in Randy shou legally change his name to Randizzle!!! @JENFABULOUS #BoltFollow

    • r_mainwaring

      @BoogaP @JENFABULOUS LOL Randizzle Mainizzle!!


        @r_mainwaring @BoogaP I should have received your notepads by now. If I don’t get it by Mon, someone is going to get an unpleasant call LOL.

        • BoogaP

          @JENFABULOUS @r_mainwaring Gladthat Im not on the wrong end of that call!!! LMAO! ;P