Too Liuget to Quit


With the 18th pick, in the 2011 NFL draft, the Chargers selected Corey Liuget from the University of Illinois.

Although he played predominantly in a 4-3 defense, A.J. decided that he was our guy with our first round pick last year.

Liuget was very disruptive in college for being a DT at Illinois.  Although he was going to have to make an adjustment to DE in a 3-4, I was pleased with the selection of Liuget.

Corey had worn number 93 in college, but he decided that number 94 was the way to go in the pros.

Of course we all know that Castillo wears 93.  My son Kayden has a Powder Blue Castillo jersey.  Yeah, he is liked a lot in this family.

Liuget said that he wears the number 94 to honor his late father.  His father tragically passed in 1994.  That, of course, is the same year that the Chargers went to the Superbowl for their one and only appearance.

There are many fans that believe that either him or Vaughn Martin will be replaced by Kendall Reyes sooner rather than later.  Although I am very excited to see what Reyes can do, I am happy with both Liuget and Martin as starters.

The same can be said about what fans feel about Castillo forging his way back into the starting lineup. 

I’ve been quoted multiple times as saying that, “competition breeds excellence.”

I stand firmly by that opinion.  I am also of the opinion that regardless of who the starters are at any of the spots on the defensive line, I just want the best man for the job.

Liuget is primed for a breakout year now that he will have the benefit of a full offseason.  All of our 2nd year players must be foaming at the mouth to improve in a controlled setting.

Of course the 2012 rookies need a full offseason as well.  I am very excited to see how all of our youth on both sides off the ball contributes to our SuperBowl Championship!

Career Statsmore
Season Team   Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
  G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2011 San Diego Chargers 15 13 19 14 5 1.0 2 0.0 1
TOTAL 19 14 5 1.0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1

Although Liuget’s stats aren’t off the charts, him being a 3-4 DE doesn’t require monster numbers. 

Football novices everywhere have this notion that if a 3-4 DE isn’t putting up big sack numbers then they are not doing their job.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Of course the more sacks the better, but that is not the primary role of a DE in a 3-4.

The job consists of eating up blockers, holding your ground in the run game, and freeing up the LBs to make plays.  While sacks are a plus, they are not the determining factor as to whether or not a DE is performing well.

Liuget started to show a lot of improvement throughout the 2011 season.  

The word is that Liuget looks to be in phenomenal shape.  Couple that with the fact that we have great depth on the d-line, I am expecting big things from the defense this season.

I just have one question…. are you ready for some football?  I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of the entire BoltFamily when answering that question with a resounding YES!

Thanks a lot for reading.






P.S. By the way, I do realize how corny the title is that I used for this article.  :)





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  • charger17

    Im thinking Castillo will really have a big year.. More of a comeback season for him, From breaking his leg the first game or not playin up to his contract. I think one off the reason’s he signed back was to show the fans he can get back to his 2005,2006 form.!!! Go Bolts!

    • BoogaP

      @charger17 Its really nice to have quality depth in te d-line. Sooo hyped.

      • biggsybolt

         @BoogaP  @charger17 This dept at the dline you two are talking of will allow for more frequent substitutions witch will allow for freshness in players. It is something we haven’t had in a few years. It wil allow Pagano to run his D more like Wade Phillips did. I am so ready for some football!

        • Bleu

          @biggsybolt @BoogaP @charger17 what you just said about keeping your dline fresh is exactly how the giants won the superbowl……. it’s a great formula…..

  • http://@theroyallace JRoy16

    Chargers DLine will make a name for themselves. So much depth… #SDZoo!!!!!

    • BoogaP

      @JRoy16 Don’t feed the animals!!! HAHA!

  • joeynicks

    LOVE THE HEADLINE!!!! haha. Love his name! Love the player like I have always said he’s young, he can get to where he can be a major force! I would like to see some better numbers out of him somewhat like LOUIS! My boy a love a big man that can CHA- CHA! lol Great Read! Keep it up playa!

  • RMainwaring

    I sincerely think that Liuget will have a much better year this year. I would like to see him drop a few lbs this season. If you watch his college highlights, he looks much trimmer. 

    • BoogaP

      @RMainwaring He has lost some weight and built some more muscle mass according to UT.

  • Bleu

    thank you for clarifying the role of a 3-4 DE for all the haters and critics. I keep telling dudes that the dline makes it possible for our olb’s to get sacks. but I like what we have done with the dline and I truly believe the afc is in trouble this year. we have added great depth to the core of our defense.

    • BoogaP

      @Bleu No prob man. Drives me insane when ppl spout off abt 3-4 DE ‘needing’ to get sacks. Of course, there are exceptions but not enough to prove it to be a necessity. U da man Bleu.

      • biggsybolt

         @BoogaP  @Bleu  So true, I also hate when ppl complain about the NT not having an sacks either! Its not their job to get sacks. Some ppl need to learn the game before they open their mouths and chew on their shoes!

  • BReisinger86

    Depth Depth Depth Depth Depth Depth Depth……………………. Is what we have lacked in years past. They say you can never have to many Defensive Linemen, gotta be our deepest position heading into this season. I have no doubt that we will utilize this and rotate players frequently and keep them fresh. DEPTH!!!!!!!…………………

    • BoogaP

      @BReisinger86 Did someone say depth? lol

      LB depth is more important in a 3-4 BUUUUUT you are right about our depth teamwide and at d-line. Our front seven will help show what this secondary is truly capable of doing.

      I know as well as anyone else about the necessity of rotating 3-4 d-lineman. Those big fellas need a breather for sure.

      Good comment B!

  • MikeTuck

    I don’t think it fair to judge any DL under Manuskys defense. Luigit I think will become a solid performer. All this ragging on the picks of the last few years on defense has to stop until we see what a good DC can do with their strenghths. After all the GM sees something they do very well, but it’s up to the DC to bring out the best in what their skill set is.

    • BoogaP

      @MikeTuck Perfectly said. BoltUp!

  • MikeTuck

     @biggsybolt Thanks but pour ol Manusky has gone 12 rounds lately. Lets hope Pagano is a 1-2 punch and the QB is out.

    • biggsybolt

       @MikeTuck I would love to see Pagano pull out some of what Wade Phillips did years ago!

      • BoogaP

        @biggsybolt @MikeTuck We must be aggressive and attack the QB to dictate the tempo of the game.

        I am sick of other teams determining the pace of the game.

  • the gorn

    The d-line has so much rotation during the course of a game and the course of a season that whoever starts is meaningless.  We need to be at least two deep on the dline.

  • BoltBaby1

    @BoogaP @antoniogaray had some encouraging words about him on Chargers Power Hour yesterday. Like to see him take a big leap forward

    • BoogaP

      @BoltBaby1 @antoniogaray Tone speaks the truth. Garay is a real dude that does his job and has fun before, during, and after work. #BoltUp!

  • SkinnyDuzIt

    @BoogaP I dig ur writing man. I can feel ur emotions 4the team in ur writing, always key. I’d like to hear your opinion on upcoming season

    • BoogaP

      @SkinnyDuzIt Means a lot. I live Bolts. I’ll get u a cpl articles that sum it up. much respect for u bro. In short tho… #ThisIsOurYear

      • SkinnyDuzIt

        @BoogaP much respect to u too my man. Keep up the good work, love reading & supporting independent writers, so keep me updated on new 1s

  • arnie

    i like Corey. for the obvious he was a first round pick that spent last season on the field and not on the trainers table. the more tim he get’s, the better he’s going to get. however with the change D coordinators, there will be a learning curve. with that said corey gets a full offseason to improve his skills, with a better DC as his coach. if Pagano takes the Wade Phillips approach, by mixing up where the LB line up and attack the weaknesses in protection, Corey should have great year. how do you know that? double teams. if Corey is causing trouble for a blocker and getting into the back field, they’ll double team him. the other side is, if Pagano confuses the O-line on who they need to block, then again Corey will have great year.