Sep 1997; San Diego, CA, USA: FILE PHOTO; San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau (55) at Jack Murphy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter Brouillet-US PRESSWIRE

Should the Chargers use a #55 Decal/Patch?

May 10, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Fans react at the Celebration of Life for Junior Seau at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE


I must admit that I have yet to write an article about the passing of Junior Seau.  I did the “Moment of Silence for Junior” article but that was truly an attempt to do my part in getting all BoltsFans and Seau Fans together.

It was met with an astounding amount of support.  Dozens of Chargers players, Peter King of, thousands of Chargers fans, and many NFL players retweeted the article.  Reggie Bush, amongst many others, made it a point to do so.

I have yet to thank the thousands of people that participated.  Thank you.  Thank you very, very much.

So the question at hand is should the Chargers provide the players with either a #55 decal or patch to their uniforms?  I can’t help but say that it seems like a no-brainer to me.

After the great decisions made by the Chargers organization to retire Seau’s #55 jersey and to bring L.T. back on a one day contract to have him retire a Bolt, I can’t imagine something won’t be done.

May 11, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Former San Diego Chargers player LaDainian Tomlinson speaks during a celebration of life service to remember Junior Seau at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Whether it’s a decal or patch does not matter to me at all.  I just want to be sure that we never stop recognizing what Junior meant to the entire Chargers organization, the fans, the San Diego community, and the NFL.

Most writers would include a poll in an article of this type.  Not me.  I want you to put your name on it.  Leave a comment and a word or thought to our beloved Bolt, Junior Seau.

Lots of readers, and of course my followers on Twitter, know about my love for the Bolts.  The love/respect that I have for #55 is one that can only be understood by that of true fans.


Not just true Chargers Fans or true Seau fans.  One must be a true lover of life and good people to understand how I feel about Seau.

As I sit here writing this article, my 13 year old cat, Seau, lays next to me on a chair as a constant reminder of the man that did so much for so many others.   It’s not a reminder that I feel is a negative at all.

My heart tells me that it’s okay to hurt and to be pissed off.  I was unable to meet the man, but the Lord knows that I wish I would have had the opprtunity to do so.

Junior, this is my article to you and I know that you are watching us from “way up high.”

We all miss you so very much.  After “giving the world” to so many, you absolutely mean the world to us.  We love you Buddy.  We love you unconditionally, Buddy.

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this article stating how you feel.


Thanks a lot for reading.







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  • tedipe1

    @BoogaP I’ll leave a comment after I compose myself. Beautifully written my friend. #BoltUp

    • BoogaP

      @tedipe1 ugh… thx. I have been avoiding doing a Seau article. Still wasn’t quite ready. Thank u very, very much.

  • charger17

    Motivation Motivation Motivation Motivation!

  • Juan Galvan


  • Mike Barbee

    No. Making his momma cry is not patch worthy.

  • RMainwaring

    He was such a gracious person, not arrogant or stuck up in any way. He loved his fans and his fans loved him. He is the one that will help the Chargers get back to the SuperBowl. I sincerely believe that. Our human nature dictates that we be sad because we don’t have him in our physical world anymore but you have to think outside of the box. He’s still around us, just in a spiritual form, so let’s take solace in that because he truly is happy and in a better place. He’s with God. That’s where I wanna be someday.

    • BoogaP

       Awesome comment bro. Agreed.

  • MNickErickson

    Very well written. Seau will be remembered as one of the greatest to play the position, wear a Charger jersey, and one of the greatest all around guys in the NFL. SD truly lost a great one in Seau. He’ll be watching over this years Chargers. I think it’s good incentive for the team to win for him as well. I obviously vote yes to the patch and decal!

    • BoogaP

       Thanks a lot man.  I couldn’t agree more with you about Seau as a Lber, Charger, and a person.
      Welcome to Boltbeat! BoltUp!!

  • chargerrocket

    Wonderful article! Seau was a leader and respected on the team and the community of San Diego. We should dedicate the season and give respect by having the patch and decal. It will provide incentive and motivation to the team. #BoltUp

    • BoogaP

      @chargerrocket Thank you very much!

      Love the avi by the way. That is cool!

  • Bleu

    I think he gets that honor with out question

  • biggsybolt

    Great write up Dave! Not only do I say yes but, HELL MFIN YES! Aside from his last act being selfish and I’m not going to pretend why what happened did but, Jr was the most selfless person that has graced my presence, a pro’s pro and an exceptional human being. We miss you Buddy! Rest in peace, I hope we meet again!

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  • pels04

    With what he means to the chargers organization, the city of San Diego and the entire NFL, it’s a must.


    #55 on EVERYTHING! Patch, decal, butt tattoo..ERRTHANG!! :-)

  • TheNakedPresident

    I only had the benefit to know who Seau was around the time LT was tearing up defenses, but only cuz my whole family, literally 10 uncles and 2 aunts, we’re raiders fans and hated when they had to face the chargers. I was young and was more into baseball at the time but as soon as I realized my family needed someone to go against I went ahead and chose the best CA team out there. Will never regret that decision. IMO they definitely should have a 55 decal on there jersey this year. And as soon as LT is inducted in the HOF do the same thing. But this season should be dedicated to Seau and SB or Bust in Norv we trust.

  • MikeTuck

    IF SPANOS HAD A OUNCE OF RESPECT HE WOULD. Seau was a icon of the Chargers. No agrument to be made, never leave one behind. 

  • davie726

    Is this even a question??? Without a doubt!! It’s not that they should, It’s that they better!! They did for John Butler (RIP) who was only here from 2001-2003 and no disrespect to him or his family but he’s not even in the same class as Jr. Seau when it comes to what type of impact they had on our city! Regardless, I’ll be rocking my #55 Jersey every game this year! #WinItFor55 #ThisIsOurYear #BoltFam

  • DonPedersen

    my hope is they ask one of JR’s ohana to carry out the bolt flat when PR address the line up ! Akua ho’omaika’i a ke ohana SEAU ! RIP JR !

  • JustinBrinsfield

    Yes!  YES!  YESSS!!!!