Jan 11, 2009; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) on the sidelines with head coach Norv Turner against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Photo By Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Rivers should receive Manning Treatment in SD



We have all talked about it.  I have spoken with  fellow BoltBeat writers and contributors on the phone, I have seen it in the comments section, all across the internet, and I have, for some reason, delayed writing the article about this very same topic.

Should Rivers receive the Manning treatment in San Diego?  When I ask this question I would like you to pause and think about where it is that I am going with this before you continue to read further.

When I say the Manning treatment,  should Norv Turner give Rivers the ability to run the offense a la Manning in Indy?  I realize the irony of using the word run while speaking of our beloved quarterback.

The QB and Head Coach combo have worked together for 5+ years now.  It sure looked to me like Rivers was seriously upset with many of the playcalls last year, amongst other things.  He seemed to be visibly and vocally upset, for that matter.

Considering that Rivers has been around football his entire life, starting with being the son of a football coach, and certainly his college and professional playing experiences, his football acumen happens to be one of his most overlooked qualities in my opinion.  Rivers himself has commented that when his playing days are over he, like his father, will probably end up coaching football.

Turner has already stated that he was going to lean heavily on Rich Bisaccia in many game management situations.  It is my opinion that he should let Philip run the show.  Both Turner and Rivers know what the other is thinking in regards to down, distance, and how to attack the defense given the opponent’s formation.

If Norv is truly 100% committed to winning first and checking any and all egos at the door, his own included, then I think it’s time to hand over the reigns to one of the best signal callers in the league.

Knowing the game tells you that, of course, Norv is still going to be the go to guy during the week in preparing the offense for the upcoming game.  Installation of formations that will be successful against the opposing defenses would completely be up to him with a little bit of input from the offensive staff and Rivers himself.

To be quite honest, if Turner would like to be the coach for seasons to come then he might need to strongly consider letting Rivers run the offense like Peyton did in Indy.

The additions of wide receivers Meachem, Royal, and even Parrish have provided the Bolts offense with the quickness and speed that I have been hoping for the team to obtain for quite some time.  You add in the deep speed of Floyd and the fact that Vincent Brown will have had the benefit of a full offseason to the equation, and we could be downright deadly.  That kind of speed at the WR position makes running the hurry up offense darn near impossible to stop.

This also does the running game an enormous favor as well.  With the passing attack having so many options, teams will be forced to use many more Nickel formations within their defensive gameplans.  This means great things for the rocked up Ryan Mathews to have that breakout season that even Norv Turner expects him to have this year.

So, in conclusion, do you think Norval should give the keys to San Diego offense’s car to #17?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  • RMainwaring

    I agree but only to a certain degree. Turner should let Rivers have a little more say in running the offense, BUT, I think Rivers is emotional and a fiery guy. He may let his emotions overtake his objectivity on the field.  I say let Rivers have more input, but not 100%.

    • BoogaP

       You’d rather have first and 10 (insert RB here) up the middle every time?  He may be fiery but I think you’re not giving him enough credit for his knowledge of the game and how to set up plays. 
      Peyton had the freedom to change the play at the line if he saw fit without having to worry about doing so. The O.C. called the play initially.
      Now when in the hurry up, Peyton, on the fly would call two plays at once and then audible if he didn’t like what he saw.

      • RMainwaring

         @BoogaP All I’m sayin is Rivers would prolly go for it on 4th down every time! I know I would! LOL

        • BoogaP

           All I’m saying is that it sounds like you would prefer conservative/milquetoast OCs calling plays as opposed to Fiery,competitive, take chances and go for the throat kinda guys.  Not me. The NFL stands for Not For Long when you just sit back and let the other team dictate the flow of the game. We have been far too conservative on offense in recent years. See Jets game, especially the 2nd half w/ an 11 point lead.
          This reply is based on your first comment not your Id prolly go for it on 4th down comment. Still love ya bro. lol.
          Im waiting for my phone to ring…lol

        • CallyUlrich

           @RMainwaring  dang I hate it when the keyboard can’t keep up when you’re all fired up

        • RMainwaring

           @BoogaP I think it’s a fine line. It’s not a secret that Turner always has a top five offense just the way it is. Maybe a little tweaking by letting Rivers have more control, I’m all for it but I’m not so sure about giving him total control. So there! :-P

        • BoogaP

           I don’t even know wo you are anymore! (:

        • BoogaP

           I don’t even know who you are anymore!! 8-}

        • RMainwaring

           @BoogaP I’m Randy Mainwaring, nice to meet you!

        • BoogaP


  • boltsfan1972

    I think they should give RIVERS partial control at first and slowly build up to full play selection for an entire game

  • KeenanRickless

    I think the a QB of Rivers caliber needs that power. If everyone is worried, wait till we have a huge lead, then hand it over completely to Rivers and see what happens. I think he can do it and I think he needs to.
    As an experienced QB with years and years in and around football, let him judge what he sees on the field. Turner should only go to Rivers and tell him what he sees from the sidelines.
    Peyton can read a defense and decide what needs to happen, Rivers can too. At least we should see if he can.
    YES he gets emotional and fiery, but give him the credit of being an experienced guy. We shouldn’t assume it would make him a bad play caller.

  • All Charged Up

    If Norv wants to keep his job, it probably wouldn’t be good for him if his QB became self-reliant, thus making him more expendable. 

  • BrandonReisinger

    I could get on board with this, I think Rivers has much more to do with the play calling then most of us realize already as well though. Calls are coming in from Norv but our system is very much so built so that Rivers has a lot of options in the way of audibles at the line. I would like to see some stats on how much he audibles compared to other QBs in the league. 

    • BrandonReisinger

      With that said…. Give the man free rein with the 2 min offence FFS!!!!! 

    • BoogaP

       Rivers should have the control that you are thinking that he has and more. I liked your second comment cuz it’s spot on.

    • PeteSpinning1

       @BrandonReisinger Me too… I love facts!!!!

      • BoogaP

         And I love lamp. I love lamp.

        • PeteSpinning1

           @BoogaP Lol… lamp? I’m a newbie here, so forgive me. What is lamp?

        • RMainwaring

           @PeteSpinning1 Watch the movie Anchorman. Then it will all become clear to you.

  • BoogaP

    @whittmcp Thx girl. I appreciate the RT ;)

  • BoogaP

    @whittmcp Agreed. No 1 ever faulted Favre 4 takin smack. Ppl loved it. They faulted him for some other stuff, obviously. No pictures Brett!!

    • whittmcp

      @BoogaP Haha! Rivers makes people nervous. Well, if you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen. #BOLTUP

  • BoogaP

    @whittmcp U obviously know both Rivers and the Chargers… Im not surprised but impressed. ;)

  • RussellGrant

    Norv was original when he had Aikman as his QB but that was almost 20 years ago.  His play calling is stale.  Put the control in PR’s hands and let him grow with it.

    • BoogaP

       Norv gets much of his credit for the “Dallas Years.”  My son could call plays for Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin, Novacek, Moose Johnston, and one of the best o-lines of all time. 

  • MikeTuck

     @BoogaP  Good read and my feelings exactly. Our offense was slow setting up plays waiting for the calls to come in. Rivers has been around football all his life and is smart. he reads defenses well enough to call plays himself. Turner can design plays like no other but if your the one out there reading what the D’s doing you should be the best at calling plays to counter. The penaltys that were called do to the lines last minute lining up could be prevented by letting Rivers have alot more control alla Manning or Brady.  All great offenses find their rythem through their QB and his playcalling. They had no rythem last year and Rivers fustration showed. He’s very good at clock use if given the ability and the hurry up has been what brought us back in games.  You can’t keep a defense off balance when your constantly having to wait for the plays, this in part is what lets the DE’s t-off on him. I’ve been waiting for Turner to give Rivers the full rope until he hangs himself. Then a coach should step in. But in this day and age when your listening to the offensive coordinator through the headset and seeing with your own eyes he should have a pretty good read on things. The weapons he has at his disposal, his intelligence, and the ability to set a pace that keeps the defense guessing are all enough to give Rivers the team.

  • AndreHascall

    I think it would be great to have P.Rivers running the offense similar to P.Manning. We have all the right tools to be a superbowl contender we just need better decision making. With our recently added threats I dont see the Denver Broncos running away with the division title. Speaking of the Broncos they did a great job getting P.Manning, but like the draft the free agency has its fair share of busts. When your on the wrong side of 30 the chance of you being a bust is a good chance. Also why B.Weeden will have a real tough time in the short stint he’ll most likely have with the browns
    Anyways, if Rivers ran the offense by himself he would be a great contender for league mvp, chargers would be back in the playoffs, and rivers would be the next QB to pass up Dan Marino’s 5,000+ yards 

  • Chargertom

    Why not try it and see.Can’t hurt to see if it works.But Rivers problem last year was protection not play calls.He diden’t have time to throw the ball.When Jarred Gaither came into the picture things were diffrent and it showed in the Ravens game.Also in the Raider game.But i say if it will help do it!!!

  • MikeTuck

    @Chargertom; Exactly, it’s no different than Brees first year when he got beat to death, Hudson Houck takes over OL job done. A QB can play as good as the line lets him. They do their part and Rivers is All Pro line play like last year he’s Mark Malone.

  • PeteSpinning1

    Great article, Booga!
    Sure… Why not? Let him run with it for a bit, and see what happens. If he starts getting too cocky, and makes bad mistakes… just reel him back in. I do agree with Randy, as well. It may (or may not) be a good idea to hand the “keys to the car” over, completely… AT FIRST. But, Philip is probably more than capable of handling it (he IS supposed to be an elite QB, after all). Having said that, there is a part of me that feels like there are so many changes with our team this year, that changing yet ANOTHER dynamic might be a little much. We have a few new players on offense, and they already have a lot to absorb. They might not be at the point where Rivers can call audibles, and they know exactly what to do.. maybe they will be ready for it… we’ll have to wait & see.
    I gotta be honest though. All this sounds great, without a doubt… but, IDEALLY…. the defense just gets off of the friggin’ field on 3rd down, our pass rush gets better, Norv fixes his “stale” play-calling & 2 minute drill, Rivers stops throwing senseless interceptions, Mathews puts some glue on his hands, the CB’s stop getting torched, and the O-Line plays like it did in the last 5 games of 2011. Those are the changes I really want to see.

    • BoogaP

       The changes actually support Rivers taking over, imo.
      CBs were touched BECAUSE of the lack of a pass rush.
      Rivers knew the defense stunk and tried to do too much. Plain and simple.
      U da man Pete.

      • PeteSpinning1

         @BoogaP I hear ya about the pass rush, as it was anemic at best. However.. let’s be honest. Jammer only defensed 8 passes in 2011, and didn’t get any interceptions, whatsoever. Cason only had 2 INT’s, although he DID defense 17 passes, and looked better toward the end of the season. No pick sixes at all!!! All of this means one thing. Our CB’s lack any big play ability. Those are worse stats than even the pass rush stats… hahaha! The stats tend to point to poor play, even if the pass rush was weak. They need better play out of all of these guys, or we are going to see more of those Jets / Lions games. Those killed us! One we were up 21 points at the half, and blew it with awful coverage.. and the other.. well… we were never in that Lions game. Our coverage just got exposed for what it is… horrible. It’s our worst unaddresssed area. I’m not sure if better pass rush can make this unit look good (but, I pray for the best).
        Much Love Booga-Man!

  • Bolts_NFL_music

    Well Nov is not the man, Charger fans love the most and there was a little controversy going on between Rivers and Turner regarding play calls. And taking a look at the outcome of the last two seasons -> missing playoffs, and considering the fact that Rivers is thinking bout a coach career after his QB days – then why not giving it a try? We got a great, experienced and constantly good playing QB – not very much teams can say that of their QB – I think it would be a logical next step for the Chargers offense. And btw to state it one more time: I am so so glad we got a QB like Rivers in San Diego – thank god and Bolt UP!

  • Surf_the_Spear President

    That was a great write up! Really Enjoyed it!!

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

       @Surf_the_Spear President No you didn’t, ass!

  • shockstrip

    @r_mainwaring Agree! mannings broke

  • MikeTuck

    At all of our fans. Rivers is a proven QB from a coaches son to USC to the Chargers. Now if you think Baldinger was crazy for putting KC first you better hold your breath. Elway will see to it that Manning has the go ahead to run the team. Cassel I don’t know but lesser a QB has been given alot of rope. This is about Turner and Smith and whether their able to put their jobs on the line for Rivers. When your use to controling every aspect of your job do to trust issues and not being able to evaluate your QB’s strenghths any better than they have to this point, there’s a damn good chance they still can’t let go of that control or worse limit it to a point where Rivers feels not trusted. Rivers could be way better than we’ve ever seen him if Turner would pull the trigger and tell him ” It’s your team, the Superbowl can be yours if your learn all the plays, watch enough tape to know all the reads, and get all your players on Offense to respect and stand behind you. If you can do that I’m behind you 100% win or lose until the end of the season.” Turner tells Rivers that in so many words, we’ll see SD in the Superbowl.
      The real question here is where do our managers loyaltys belong. Turner has nothing to fear at this point, so if he’s smart which I know he is, he’ll set down with Rivers and let him know that the Offense runs through him and the Offensive Coordinator along with himself will give him anything he needs to get the job done.