Oct 31, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Curtis Brinkley (44) leaps over in the second half of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

The Answer at RB2 is #36

Oct 31, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Curtis Brinkley (44) leaps over in the second half of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

For those of you that are concerned with the running back situation in San Diego, look past the end of your nose and be thankful for what we have.

I was vocal about wanting to draft Chris Rainey in the 3rd or 4th round of this year’s draft.  I really liked what I thought he would bring to the Chargers in 3rd down plays and on special teams.

Congrats to Pittsburgh for getting a player that will certainly help out in those situations.  The fact that I hoped that he was drafted by the Bolts was not for the purpose of carrying the load.  Rainey, albeit, a very talented player, was not and is not, the guy I would choose to step in for Mathews if for some reason he went down for a couple games or, heaven forbid, the season.

The guy that WOULD be able to do so is Curtis Brinkley.  The guy that I had crowned Dub Cuatros, #44.  I have been following him on Twitter for a while and telling him how I know he can be the guy we all want.  Letting him know how all the true fans feel about him and how he has the support of the BoltBeat team.  He followed “nobody me” back shortly after, by the way.  He also made it clear that he is working his tail off to prove, not to himself, but to everyone else, that he can and will get the job done.  He seems very humble and confident but does not even tip-toe on the edge of cockiness or conceit.


Talk about fighting through adversity.  The man has come back from “bullet holes” to continue to be an NFL player.  Being named the Ed Block Courage award winner this year is one of the most fitting honors I have ever seen given to the appropriate person. You see, far too often, that the wrong people receive awards for the wrong reasons.  Brinkley receiving that award just goes to show what he means to the entire Chargers organization.

Although the award proves just how important he is to the team, there are other obvious indicators that ring true as well.  The fact that Mike Tolbert is in Carolina is one obvious reason, to me anyway, that Curtis has the faith of this coaching staff and ownership.  I know we offered Tolbert more money than the Panthers did. Hush! If the team really wanted to keep him or, more importantly, didn’t have faith in #36, then they would have found a way to do so.


“Wait, BoogaP, you moron!! You just said #36 in regards to Brinkley. You stinkin’ Jackwagon.  What kind of name is BoogaP anyway?? He wears # 44!”   Well, that’s what I thought when I purchased my #44 Curtis Brinkley jersey.  After giving him props on Twitter and direct messaging with him, I told him I’m waiting to receive my Dub Cuatros jersey.  He very simply replied, ” I am # 36 now.”

LOL. Ha ha, yeah sure I thought to myself.  He has tweeted some funny stuff here and there and seemed to have a sense of humor.  If it were me, I would totally joke with someone that way.  Then nervously I asked, ” are you really?”  When I say nervously, I am nervous when I have the honor of talking with any of our Super Chargers players.   Knowing that I had just purchased his jersey and having it sink in that he was serious, I told him, “well, now I’ll have both #44 and #36 Brinkley jerseys!  At least you’ll know that I have been a fan then & now.”


I then began to blabber like a little school girl about how crazy it was to be talking with an actual Bolts player.  And then the unthinkable happened.  My phone beeps, I look at it and see that I have a new direct message.  My phone is set up to inform me of Twitter happenings as well as the BoltBeat App, ahem.  It also is faster than my computer for informing me of said things.  So I click on the DM and it says I have a new direct message from @boonah920. That is Curtis Brinkley’s Twitter name.  I click on it and it says, “I’m givin u tics to one game,, u pic 1!!!”


If I thought that I was being a tool before, yaking like a little child meeting their idol, now I had lost it.  It was like the older gals who win the brand new waffle iron/RV prize package on The Price is Right!  AHHHHH!  WHHAAATTT!! I probably sounded pretty pathetic.  I didn’t know what to say.  So I did what I do best….. I said too much! Dang it! I have many gifts and other than my kids, wife, family, and love for the Chargers, my Gift Of Gab is perhaps my strongest.  Other than the aforementioned gifts, it is true. I like to talk.  And in this case, as in so many others, I probably talked too much.

Let’s get down to business.  If you have read ANY story or ANY comment that I have left on BoltBeat, you will see that I am a true fan.  I actually receive more hate mail from supposed Charger fans than I do anybody else.  I am not stupid.  I do not blow smoke up people’s rear ends.  In my bio I say that I have forgotten more about the Chargers than most people know.  That goes for the NFL and football in general, as well.  This is the perfect example of how being a true fan actually pays off.  I am rewarded by just knowing that I will always be there for my team.  Now, in a way, my team is there for me.  Brinkley made that happen.  I don’t know much, but I know I love the Chargers.  (Yes, ripped off a lil song lyric for a minute.  Leave title and performer in comments and I’ll send you a Chargers player autographed card! No joke!)

What I know is that Curtis Brinkley is the real deal.  He didn’t have to offer me tickets.  He doesn’t have to give me the tickets.  He just needs to do what the Chargers organization, myself, and the TRUE Boltheads know that he is capable of doing.  That is his job.  He will do his job.  If the Chargers believe in him then I do as well until they are proven wrong.  The game against Kansas City just flashed some of what he is capable of doing when having the touches to showcase his ability.

The game I asked to be able to go to…… well, what would you have said?

Leave it in the comments section.  If you are reading this article and you are on Twitter, I implore you to immediately log on to your Twitter account and show @boonah920 some love.  Show him that what he did is appreciated by the true Chargers fans.  We have an ISH-reputation across the Nation as being bad fans.  I take that personally and I refuse to be a part of some moron’s reasoning behind such a dubious distinction.  Tell ‘em to make 7Up yours, in your own way of course.


Thanks a lot for reading.  I hope you all get to read this because the server for BoltBeat has been breaking my footballs for the last couple days.  Leave some encouraging words for Brinkley in the comments section.






P.S. 112 days until the season opener.  Not that long at all right? Right?? Ugh!!


P.P.S.  If I’m such a true fan and want other true fans to feel appreciated, then wouldn’t I give those fans a way to feel appreciated?  Stay tuned this weekend.  Mark. My. Words.  It WILL be epic. EPIC.  I’m out!


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  • BoogaP

    The people that leave the best comments will be rewarded. I am a man of my word. This does not include Ernie or Randy! lol.  Ya’ll already know something cool… SSSHhhhhhh!

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    Boonah!!! cant wait to see him during the preseason and the offseason. i always liked what i saw when he was on the field and think he could make some nice things happen for us if given the chance!!


    @BoogaP im all for @boonah920 being the number 2 when they put him in last year he was a beast!!!!!

    • r_mainwaring

      @RESPONSIBLEBRAD @BoogaP @boonah920 I kinda thought he was better than Tolbert.

  • RMainwaring

    I’m so jealous. Dude, that is so awesome. I love it when players take the time to chat with us fans. I’ve always been a Curtis Brinkley fan. Brinkley can totally do the job, as well as, if not better than Tolbert. Probably why A.J. hasn’t signed another RB free agent.

  • shirtallica

    @SanDiegocitynew Thats an awesome story man!

  • pels04

    I asked acee on twitter a few months ago why the chargers were looking for a #2 rb when Brinkley was on the squad. No reply which is what I expected. I’ve been a fan of Brinkley since day 1. I think he’s shown he can be a solid #2 and even fill in as a #1 if needed. I hope SD gives him the playing time he deserves. What’s with the number change anyways? Don’t see a 44 on the roster

    • BoogaP

       I’ll find out why he changed from Dub Cuatros to 36. I got a lil sidetracked when he offered me the tix! lol

  • SobelSD

    Just watched your stuff on YouTube boonah and I love it! I remember that KC game well, u made my day. I’m glad u wrote this boogaP because I have been anxious about the rb2 situation, checking the pages every few yourself for the last month and I feel guilty now for not remembering what brinkley can do. I have faith in norv and aj’s evaluation of talent and if they believe in you then I’m more than satisfied. I’m sleeping extra well tonight haha. Keep that humility and that fire boonah, it’s inspiring makes me stoked to have you on our side. You’re the man! I’m sure your dad would be super proud of you right now and I know you know that. Looking forward to watching you this season!

  • SobelSD

    Every few *hours

  • Boltbuddy

    Good write! Brinkley’s got footballs.

  • KeenanRickless

    A lot of people sang it, but when I hear it in my head its Aaron Neville and Linda Rondstadt- I don’t know much.
    But seriously, you clearly know a ton :P
    As for Brinkley, if he does creep by here to look at the article. I want you to know Booga isn’t alone. You are supported by the fans. I read your story about 6 months ago and it speaks to both your strength of character and of body. That bullet by your heart keeps you motivated. Keep it up buddy! We all believe in you!

  • SandyPeisner

    I like Rainey he would have been a great draft pick. Brinkley while not a bruiser like Tolbert will do a good job as primary back up. I think Hester will get more carries. He was LSU star tailback.

  • RMainwaring

    I’m just afraid boonah will have a breakout year and end up with another team like Michael Turner.

    • BoogaP

       I agree. I am replying without a like cuz you are probably right. When someone has gone through a certain amount of adversity and still continues to rise up, you can’t help but think they will succeed. Brinkley is confident that he’ll get it done and for that reason, amongst others, I think he will too!

  • MikeTuck

    I hope your right, he’s shown some bright spots,  I think like alot of young backs it will take a good line and them getting use to his style. Then it’s getting enough snaps to where he feels comfortable. hopefully Rivers and Co. can get some early blowouts so the youth can get big minutes before the secound half of the season. Time makes all players better.

  • http://www.boltbeat.com/ rrrivers

    -@BoogaP @KeenanRickless Yah the song was actually originally done by uhh Lionel Ritchie, I love it. But like you guys said covered by a bunch of people.
    -As for #36 I like the guy, I think he’s tough, fast, physical, and can catch the ball, something that’s gonna be crutial for our backs this year as Rivers gets acquaited with the new wide outs. Very excited to see him gettiing the role all though would love incredibly to see L.T. back in the powder blue for one last Super Bowl year. We all no that’s the only reason he’s coming back, he knows he’s going to canton, he just wants himself the ring too.
    -RRR Bolt Up
    -P.S Let’s go Kings lol.

  • Bleu

    I ben telling dudes about Brinkley since I first saw hime play he has soft hands. He is pretty good between the tackles to. We are one of the best teams when it comes to picking rb so I’m knowing he is more of a beat than we know

  • PeteSpinning1

    So… who ya takin?  ; ) Muahahaha!