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Fan Perspective with @biggsybolt

What’s good Boltheads! After having a great interview with our first “Fan Perspective” Chargers fan, @BOLTSFAN1972 Sam McC, via twitter, this time I spent about an hour and a half on the phone with Paul Biggs (@biggsybolt).  I think it is safe to say we both had a great time talking Chargers football and other shtuff.  Yeah, I just said shtuff.

I have said this before, but, our opinions matter.  When I say “OUR” I mean fans, writers, players, etc.  That is one of the best things that I love about writing for BoltBeat.  We’re all fans.  And although, as writers, we don’t always agree, it is extremely clear to me that we all want what is best for our Chargers.

So, here we go people! I hope you all enjoy this as much as we did.  Paul is a really cool guy and I feel really fortunate that he took the time to do this interview.


BoogaP:  What do you do and where are you from?

Biggs: I work in construction.  I now live in northern Idaho in Old town.

Biggs:  Are you going to ask me about my least favorite player?

BoogaP:  Yeah, why?

Biggs: Well, it ties into what I do for a living.

BoogaP:  Roll brother let’s go!

Biggs:  My least favorite player is shared by most.  That would be Ryan Leaf.  Now here’s the story.  I actually did some work on Ryan Leaf’s in-law’s house.   Needless to say, they were not at all impressed with Ryan as a man, etc.  In fact, it wasn’t just the mother and father that expressed their “hatred” for him.  Aunts, uncles, and everyone else made it clear that he was not liked at all. None of them we’re even shy about it.  They were, in fact, very vocal.

BoogaP: Why am I not surprised at all! LOL

BoogaP: Well, on the flipside, who is your favorite player?

Biggs: I’d have to say Kellen Winslow.  About 30 years ago, I played in a flag football league that he helped put together in San Diego.

BoogaP:  How long have you been a Bolt Fan and when did it start?

Biggs: Well, I’m 39 years old so I would have to say I have been a fan for 39 years.  It started with my grandparents being fans and then my parents.  This is a deep-rooted thing with me, man.

BoogaP:  So I take it that you’ve been to a game?

Biggs:  Oh yeah.  First game I went to I was sitting on my mom’s lap at two years old.  My favorite game of all-time was the ’81 playoff game against Miami.

BoogaP:  Being a fan for as long as you have, I bet I can guess who your least favorite team is?

Biggs:  Yeah, well if you guessed the Jokeland Faiders then you’d be right!  Being born and bred a Chargers fan, my hatred for those idiots started immediately.  I mean, the Holy Roller, how obvious was that intentional!  The dirty, cheap shots of guys like Lyle Alzado that now-a-days would draw HUGE fines.  They got away with a certain brutality that makes you want to throw up in your mouth!  Oh, but the Faiders fans think it meant that they were tough and intimidating. Please! Are you kidding me!?!?

Biggs: I have to say, too, that I get really sick and tired of bandwagon fans of the Bolts.

BoogaP:  Yeah, I’m with you.  Don’t break your legs jumping off and on that wagon.  Or, please do!!!!

BoogaP:  Where are you going to be for the draft?

Biggs:  I’ll be at home watching the draft on NFL Network!  Big draft this year.

BoogaP:  Couldn’t agree more!  Who do you think we should take and why?

Biggs:  I don’t follow a lot of college football, but, I’d have to say Nick Perry.  After talking with Ernie (Our awesome editor! ;)  ) he steered me that direction.   I also really like the connection that he has with our new LB coach, Joe Barry.

BoogaP:  Perry has been my guy since before the combine and in my mind all he did was show why he’s a perfect fit.  Great, quick first step.  Very strong at the point of attack as well.

BoogaP:  Do you own a Charger jersey?

Biggs: No, actually, I don’t.  Can I tell people that you sent me pictures from your phone of your “BoltCave” that included your jerseys?  Just kidding.  I do, however, own a Chargers 1994 AFC Champions hat.

BoogaP: No, don’t tell people you have a small preview of the “BoltCave.”  Wink, Wink ;)  April 26th, draft day. Same Bolt day, same Bolt channel! stay tuned!( Yes people, I find myself much funnier than I truly am!)

BoogaP:  When I did the first “Fan Perspective” interview, Sam told me his favorite moment was L.T. breaking the single-season TD record?  Thoughts?

Biggs:  Same for me man.  Seeing the guys holding him up was so damn cool.

BoogaP:  In saying that, what was your least favorite Charger moment?

Biggs:  (Expletive) McCree not taking a knee after that pick!!!! I started screaming immediately after the INT, ” Get down, go down!!”  It, of course, still hurts!  Or…. it actually is pretty close to the infamous “Hochuli Game.”  That last call wasn’t the only one that the officiating crew got wrong that day!


I’ll have you all know that in the middle of that, Paul interjected that his wife was shaking her head in remembrance of that pivotal, gamechanging moment where McCree went Hollywood on us.  Me too, Paul’s wife.  Me too.

BoogaP:  The Chargers have quite a few “camp battles” setting up this year.  Are you a “Team Kaeding” or “Team Novak” guy?

Biggs:  Wow, I’m going to have to say Kaeding.  His consistency and accuracy in the regular season do it.  I obviously hope he figues out the whole playoff b.s.!

BoogaP: I happen to have an extreme hatred, yet respect, for Brady and Belicheat.  Are we on the same page?

Biggs:  You know, in 2006, if Rivers isn’t injured I think we would have won that game against Brady and company.  And we would have won the Superbowl too.  Funny story, I actually called into a radio show that Randy Cross hosted at the time that year and they put me on the air when I stated, ” I want the hoodie dead!”

BoogaP:  You really said that?

Biggs:  Oh yeah.  I couldn’t believe they put me on the air!!

BoogaP:  How do you feel about Peyton Manning being a Denver Bronco?

Biggs:  Actually now that the schedule is released, both of the Denver games are probably the two games I’m most fired up about.

BoogaP:  This has been a great time man and now I have to ask the really, really important question….Drumroll please!  How often do you visit


Biggs:  LOL!  Honestly, I’d say at least 5 or 6 times a day.  Gotta make sure I’m up on all the latest!

Boogap:  Good answer! Good answer!  Paul, this has been great and I really appreciate you taking the time out of your night to do this interview.  The whole point of these interviews is to let all of the fans know that our voices deserve to be heard! We buy the merchandise, tickets, etc.  Thanks again man and BOLTUP!!!!!!


There it is people!  I have been getting flooded with requests and I really look forward to you all keeping them coming!  This is what being a fan is all about.  Having your voice heard, knowing what you have to say matters, and perhaps having a beer or two in the process.  And, seriously, let me make something clear.  I am going to do my best to get as many people in as I can!  I have already set up future dates for people to email me for an interview.  To inquire about being featured in a Chargers “Fan Perspective” interview, hit me up on twitter @BoogaP or email me at [email protected].  I really look forward to hearing from all of you.  Even Mike Tuck!  lol.  Mike I’ll be trying to find a way to get a hold of you for an interview too!  Thanks for reading and, of course, BOLTUP!!!



P.S. National High Five Day people! Send your videos of you “High fiving” strangers to @antoniogaray and you just might win an autographed picture. You can also put the link from your video in the comments section of the article I wrote about “NAtional High Five Day!”  That’s no joke!  I tweeted with him earlier today and he is truly a man of his word.  If he chooses your video as the best or funniest, then he’ll send you an autographed picture.





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