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Booga's Draft Predictions

To honestly attempt to predict the goings-on of a draft, one either has to be qualified to do so, or really feels the need to be criticized.

I don’t necessarily find myself an expert, whatsoever.  I have also had my fair share of criticism.  I mean, come on, I’m five-foot nothing with the last name Peters.  You guessed it.  Criticism comes with the territory.  I just really want to talk draft!


Although I get more and more nervous, and unsure, as the draft approaches, I do feel pretty strongly about a few things that are draft related. And those feelings, so to speak, are the reason for this article.


This is not an article that is being written for popularity purposes.  I know that some or most are going to disagree.  I am truly going out on a limb on quite a few of these accusations.


Being a stay at home dad, I have more time than most do to put in the proper research.  I do my best to dedicate at least a little bit of each day to draft preparation.  I also find a way to change a couple diapers, make b-fast, lunch, and dinner.  I get it done.  I have a complete blast with my kids and also do my due-dilligence to “run them ragged” to ensure a solid nap time.  Which in turn means more study time.  Whether it be via the internet or television, I do my best to exhaust all resources to the best of my ability.


In doing “my best” I have come up with some draft predictions that I think all of you will find to be very interesting.  Yes, some will seem very obvious.  Others……well, I can’t say the same thing.  This is an article that is meant to be debated.  Isn’t that the point of any article?


I have had opportunites to speak, via twitter, to the likes of Antonio Garay, Marcus Gilchrist, Ryan Mathews, and Eddie Royal, etc..  That is just to name a few.  I even had a retweet by John Spanos.  Which, by the way, was very much a surprise but, none the less, very appreciated.  This should literally have no bearing over what you think about my article.  All it means is that I want all Charger fans to realize how amazing it is to have “any interaction” with these Bolts!!


Here are my draft predictions.  This not only pertains to the Chargers, but to the entire draft.  Please feel free to share some of your predictions at the bottom.  As you all know; I love to yap about Charger football.


-Courtney Upshaw and Mark Barron will be gone by the time the Chargers pick at 18.

-Quinton Coples will be a bust.  If you have trouble “getting going” in college then that doesn’t fare well in the NFL.  NFL stands for not for long if you have no heart and take plays off constantly.

-There will be at least 5 trades in the first round.  At least.

-Courtney Upshaw will be a serviceable DE in a 4-3.  Nothing more and maybe less?

-Although @CharleyCasserly predicts no QBs in the 2nd rd, I predict at least two.

-Michael Floyd will easily be the best WR in this draft class.  Blackmon will be good but Floyd will be great.

-At least one player from Alabama will wear Lightning Bolts come April.

-A.J. Smith will “move around” in more than 1 rd of this draft.

-Janoris Jenkins will be suspended by year two for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy.

-Brandon Weeden will be drafted in the late first or very, very early second.

-Kirk Cousins and Kellen Moore will “battle it out” to be the third best QB taken in this draft.  Yes, Moore will be drafted, albeit, late.

-Doug Martin will easily be the 2nd best RB taken.  He will be a steal even if he is taken in the late first.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t go to Denver.  He is my favorite RB in this draft.  That doesn’t mean I think he is better than Richardson.  But, Martin is NFL ready in blitz pickup, too. Having Martin in this draft would make me, as a GM, trade down if I needed a RB early.  He looks like the total package to me.

-I will have a buzz by the time the Chargers pick.  Yes, that includes if we move up from #18.  I am already extremely nervous.  By the time draft day rolls around I am sure I’ll be at defcon 47 petrified status. Don’t quote me on that, please.

-Ryan Tannehill will be overdrafted.  This seems far too obvious to me.  Not enough college experience to translate into being ready to play in the pros.  The draft is so interesting.  My gut says that Giants GM Reese has it right.  Always take the B.P.A. Yet when I hope on who the Bolts should take I base it solely on need.  It’s more than a flawed science.  It’s a crapshoot to the N-th degree.

-Dontari Poe will prove to be a “workout warrior.”  I have to admit that I lit up like a christmas tree after watching him at the combine.  An event that I have seen 6 times, mind you.  No consistent game tape should be the biggest evaluation tool.  Buyer beware.

-Kendall Wright will be the next Troy Williamson.  I’m just not buying him as an outside guy. He’s only 5’10”.   He will find it difficult in the slot as well, imo.

-Stephon Gilmore will be the 2nd CB off the board.  He will also be the best statistically after three years. Yes, even over Claiborne.  Claiborne’s ball skills are insane though.

-Trumaine Johnson will not last until the 3rd rd.  That one is for you Tuck.  I still worry about his level of competition.  He will be overdrafted in the 2nd due to his size.  He will end up being a safety down the road.

-George Iloka will prove to be the best Safety in this draft.  The guy has great size, speed, and versatility.  He is the “answer” to multiple TE sets.  I like him almost as much as I do Ray Ray Armstrong who will come out next year from the U.

-Andrew Luck will have trouble winning 4 games this year.  Prove me wrong.  They have done very little in Indy to provide a winning/supporting cast to who should be the first pick in the draft.

-Donovan McNabb will look ignorant again for his comments on RGIII not fitting the Redskins system.  Personally, even if he doesn’t go to Washington, he will be a fit where ever he goes.  Yes, he is going to be a Redskin.

-The Chargers will have TWO first round picks this year.  I see A.J. “partially” mortgaging the future to get both players he wants in the first.  I just hope its with CLE at #22 or NE at #27.  If he waits longer than that, without trading down prior to those picks, the more likely it is he won’t get either guy he wants/covets.

-Vontaze Burfict will be a Charger.  Wow, hard to believe I just wrote that.  If A.J. were capable to step outside the “A.J. kinda guy mold” then this would be the year.  He goes to us in the fifth.

-New England will acquire at least one “new” first round pick for next year’s draft.

-Detroit will draft another pothead.  Sorry, Yvonne.  Look at last year’s draft.  It’s a strong possiblity.

-New Orleans, Oakland, and Atlanta will wish they had a first round pick.  I know what you’re thinking. Of course every team always wishes they had a first round pick.  I am not buying into the general constituency that this is a weak draft.  I find the first three rounds to be very strong at most positions. This is one of those drafts where I feel you have to go out of your way to mess it up.  But what do I know.


Well ya’ll, have at it.  Let me know what you think.  We are less than two weeks away from draft day.  This, in my opinion, is the most pivotal Bolts draft in about a decade.  What do you think? Thanks for reading.






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