Jan 17, 2010; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) reacts after throwing a 13-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter of the 2010 AFC Divisional playoff game against the New York Jets at Qualcomm Stadium. The Jets defeated the Chargers 17-14.

Prediction: Chargers Record for the 2012 season

I know it’s only April and we haven’t even seen the draft yet but I think it would be fun to make a prediction on how the Chargers season will turn out. I was kind of hesitant to do so at such an early date but I’m going to do it anyway so here goes.

Denver Broncos: Win; loss

I’m going to say that the Chargers split this series. Even though the Broncos were able to lure the services of one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history, I’m not buying into the whole Peyton Manning hype. Denver won’t be as good as everyone thinks.

Oakland Raiders: Win; Win

Chargers sweep this series. I thought after the passing of Al Davis, the coaching carousel would end and Hugh Jackson would be the coach for at least a few years. I was wrong. This team is in disarray. No constistancy.

Kansas City Chiefs: Win; Loss

I’m predicting we split this series. I’m judging Romeo Crennel’s head coaching history and I’m not convinced that he is HC material but having said that, they have a very stout defense with Tamba Hali and it’s very difficult to win at Arrowhead.

Baltimore Ravens: Win

I think Turner has finally figured out how to beat Baltimore. They also lost their defensive coordinator to Indy so that will be a factor.

Cincinnati Bengals: Loss

The Bengals have always been a tough game for the Chargers no matter where they play. I think the Chargers drop this one.

Tennessee Titans: Win

I think this is a pretty even matchup so I’ll give this one to the Chargers only because it’s a home game.

Atlanta Falcons: Loss

The Falcons are a good team and will be pretty much the same team we’ve seen in the past. A well rounded team with a good running game. Even though it’s a home game, Chargers lose this one.

Carolina Panthers: Loss

Unless the Chargers get better at the cornerback position, Cam Newton will tear up our defense. Ron Rivera is familiar with how the Chargers play, I think we lose this one too.

Cleveland Browns: Win

This team has been bad for a long time now and this season is no different.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss

For the Chargers to win this game, one would have to say that they are as good or better than the Steelers and at this point, I’m not ready to concede that.

New York Jets: Win

The Chargers will be wanting to avenge last seasons loss. Jets are in transition and I have no confidence in Mark Sanchez.

New Orleans Saints: Loss

Even though with the bounty scandal and the loss of their coach, the Saints are still a dangerous team, especially with Drew Brees throwing the rock.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win

The jury is still out on this team. I don’t think Vincent Jackson will be as effective there as he was here because of his average quarterback. Chargers can get this one.

So there you have it. Chargers end the season with a 9-7 record, one game better than 2011. Is that good enough to make the playoffs? It depends on how the rest of the division does. I don’t think they make it, therefore ending the Smith/Turner era.

My prediction, what’s yours?

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  • Leonardo Velazquez

    9-7??? Does this mean no playoffs?

  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    Dude, as I always say this time of year, the Boltz will have a 16-0 season. 

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

      @A_Eme_O_Ere I love this comment!! Undefeated here we come!!

    • RMainwaring

       @A_Eme_O_Ere That would be awesome. 16-0 wouldn’t mean anything if there wasn’t a superbowl win to go along with it, right? (see New England Patriots 2007) lol

  • CoachRRRjr

    I agree with all your predictions except Pittsburgh. I think we pull that one out. We’ll go 10-6.

    • RMainwaring

       @CoachRRRjr I sincerely hope so but if I were to change one of my picks, it would probably be either another win in KC or against the Panthers here at home.

      • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

         @RMainwaring  @CoachRRRjr i am on the fence with that carolina game! We don’t do well with scrambling quarterbacks! He will have all day to throw and when he decides to run, he will have all the running room in the world

        • RMainwaring

           @epadaon  @CoachRRRjr That’s why my first inclination was to put it down as a loss.

    • John A Bauer

       Hope your Right  CoachRRRjr  Especially the Pittsburgh game since I am a Charger fan here in Pittsburgh ! 

  • VictorRios1

    I have confidence in the Chargers every year I think this upcoming season they’ll finish at 12-4! :)

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  • Chargertom

    Maybe it’s me but i don’t see us loseing any games this season!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @Chargertom i love this confidence!!!!!!

  • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

    flip the losses to atlanta and cincinatti and put me down for 11 wins…. actually i like the votes for going undefeated! 

    • RMainwaring

       @epadaon I might change the Cincinnati loss to a win but Atlanta would be a tough one for me to call a win. 

  • JonVivian

    Gotta agree with Ernie and 11 wins. Historically, the Bolts play down to their competition and with such a brutal schedule, I think we might see a much tougher team in ’12. I see the Bolts winning the division with 11-5, KC @ 9-7, Denvelway 8-8 and traitors 4-12. 

  • petespinning

    I think we’ll take KC in both games. We almost did in 2011, with injuries mounting. Except for a last second blunder by Rivers. I know they are healthier this season, but I don’t have faith in Matt Cassel. The Raiders game at home ALWAYS seems to be tough to overcome, for some reason. I think the Jets beat us. They made a 3 TD comeback, and Cason looked like a fool! Last I checked, Cason is STILL the CB, and Plax is STILL on the Jets. Plus, Rex manages to get in Norv’s head before every game. I think we take Pittsburgh, as they are in transition. I think we can beat the Ravens, who are a better team in my opinion. So, the Steelers go down. So do the Saints in an AWESOME shootout! Meachem has a BIG day in that game, me-thinks… and Sproles doesn’t, as he meets J.J. ALL day. I want a Super Bowl ring in New Orleans, more than a perfect record, personally. Hopefully, the Saints team will be in the stands too! That would be sweet revenge for all the Sproles & Brees trade BS we’ve dealt with over the years.
    Over all… I think the schedule doesn’t look as bad this year. No Patriots, thank god! No Packers, no Lions, no Bears… Oh my! I’ll take Atlanta, Tampa, Carolina, and New Orleans ANY day over those guys. I think we go 11-5, possibly 12-4. 10-6 would be adequate. I REALLY hope English starts playing like we hoped.. that could be the difference.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ epadaon

       @petespinning if larry english could just stay healthy… i bet he could do some things for us. 

    • BoogaP

       Plax is a free agent.

    • RMainwaring

       @petespinning Chargers have always had a tough time with the Steelers no matter where we play them and don’t forget who the Saints QB is. Those will be two very tough games. If Larry English doesn’t put up this year, he’s done, at least with this team. Don’t forget about Jonas Mouton either. We still have to see how he does. I do hope we do better than 9-7 but all I can do is judge from past history. I’m sure my opinion will change one way or the other once the season starts.

    • lukeboyw

       @petespinning we wont sadly i have season tickets to the cheifs games only because i live close by and we have lost against them there every year for 3 years no way we beat atlanta we will go 9-7 or 10-6

  • DrewHernandez

    I see us winning at least 10 games but possible 11-12.

  • lukeboyw

    winning 9 or 10 if the team plays with fire and doesnt slack of like that last 12 years we win 11 or 12

  • joeynicks

    I honestly think 11 wins if we have a good draft 13 if we have a great one. Panthers we can beat the losses i think… Pit KC and NYJ. For somreason we cant beat them anymore. But we’ll see in my preview before the season

  • RMainwaring

    I’m hoping that the coaching is better this year. Let’s put a fire under some of these player’s rear ends and see some killer instinct! Jamie Dukes on NFL Network said it best after the first Raiders game last season when he said the Chargers are a “soft Southern California team”. 

  • John A Bauer

    I hope the Charger record ends up at  19-0 ! ! !  Oh well Maybe I am a little overly optimistic !  Just a Charger fan here in Pgh. Pa,   Seriously  I hope They have a great year  & Ryan Mathews in particular Just love his personal story with what he went through growing up ! ! !  

    • RMainwaring

       @John A Bauer Chargers would definitely get some respect after 19-0, right?

  • Jesdog

    Chargers suck that is all I got to say