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Thank you Philip!

Now that the NFL offseason has slowed down a bit, we have all had a moment to exhale and regroup a bit.  My thinking led me to realize that with all of the QB talk and shuffling, perhaps, I may be taking our QB for granted.

Philip Rivers is creeping up on L.T. as my favorite Charger of all-time. But, am I taking his ability and performance for granted?  In 2010, Rivers led the league in passing yardage with 4,710 yards.  Peyton Manning broke his own personal record that year for passing yards.  He finished second to Rivers.  Manning is pretty good. Although it was only by 10 yards, I believe that the entire league might be taking Rivers  for granted. This offseason has been full of QB talk.  Here I’ll mention some of the reasons why I am sooo glad that we have the best QB in all of football.


-Manning Watch: Are you kidding me? At least he didn’t end up in K.C.  How does the whole Manning thing truly effect the teams that were in the Manning sweepstakes?  There are lots of egos in the NFL especially at the QB position.


-TEBOWMANIA!!: Please.  The whole Peyton deal made the Tebow talk blow up.  Now he’s a Jet. Good.  I, for one, am glad to see him land in NY. The pick up of Tebow creates even more dissention in an organization that specializes in breeding dissention.

- Brees being franchised: Who knew.  With Bountygate obviously being an enormous hurdle for the Saints to overcome, why on god’s green earth would the Saints not find a way to sign Brees long-term?  It’s beyond me.  Mickey Loomis, Saints G.M., is really “dropping the ball” on this one, in my opinion.

-The battle to trade up for the St. Louis Rams # 2 pick: Who believes that the Redskins gave up too much for the #2 pick in the draft?  I am not included in the yes group but I agree that whomever they get better be legit.  I am not falling into the Luck, Griffin III debate.  Not yet anyway.  However, at this point they have made it obvious that they are taking the QB that isn’t drafted with the first pick.  Do sounds of the name Bobby Beathard ring in thine ears??  Yeah, he had a penchant for trading away first round picks like the Fonz traded away women. Difference is the Fonz still scored every time.

- Cleveland being “stuck” with Colt after NOT gaining the 2nd pick: The “back and forth” that the Browns organization is putting out there about the QB situation in Cleveland should be a bit disturbing to McCoy.  They inquire about Sam Bradford, they hope for Matt Flynn, they act as though they’re fine, they try to gain the #2 pick, they lose the #2 to the Skins, etc. What a mess!


-Jacksonville not trading for Tebow: I’m a little bit shocked by this non-move.  Jacksonville happens to be Tebow’s former stomping grounds.  Khan, the owner,  better hope that Gabbert reverses last year’s performance.  He looked absolutely terrible.

-Where would Matt Flynn end up?: Well, now we all know it’s Seattle.  Miami messed up on this one in my opinion.  Unless Joe Philbin knows something we don’t know.  Flynn going to Seattle makes you wonder if the new head coach in Miami thought that the game against the Lions was just  an aberration from reality.  Pete Carroll is an interesting bird.  He wanted in on the “Manning Watch” as well.  Denied.


-Who will “overdraft” Ryan Tannehill?:  Tannehill has his pro day tomorrow.  He may very well perform well enough to persuade Holmgren to take his Favre out of his….well nevermind.  I am going to release my mock draft soon and I believe that unless Ryan has a terrible pro day, that he will be drafted with the fourth overall pick come April 26th.  Notice I left the door open for a draft day trade there?  No telling if Cleveland will still have the 4th pick on the opening day of the draft.

-Alex Smith hating “Manning Watch”: Purely speculation but he had to have hated the fact that he helped take the 49ers to the NFC championship game and then he is possibly going to be replaced by Manning.  Smith being drafted first while Aaron Rodgers chilled out until pick 25 is difficult to understand in hindsight.  But, I was never sold on the QB out of Utah.  He does have some decent weapons now that Moss and Manningham have been signed.  Decent being the operative word.

-Miami: With the teaming of Stephen Ross as owner and Jeff Ireland as G.M.. Enough said , right?  If that doesn’t scare you away, what will?  They will most likely be praying that Tannehill drops to them at the #8 pick in the draft.  I, personally, doubt that very much.  Tannehill will be overdrafted to fill need as opposed to someone taking the BPA. Book it!

I could go on for days.  Everyone is always looking for the BBD at the QB position.  BBD is the bigger better deal.

Do you all remember the Mark Malone, Billy Joe Tolliver, Bob Gagliano, Erik Kramer, Mark Vlasic, John Friesz, Moses Moreno, Craig Whelihan, and Ryan Leaf days??  I do.  Not sure we all do.   As a youth, I believe that I might have had a distorted view on what a QB should be and how they should perform.  Who can blame me?  I tried to support the likes of those QBs even Leaf.  I made excuse after excuse for those Qbs in an effort to support our team.

This isn’t just about Rivers being our fiery leader.  This isn’t just about him playing through that torn ACL.  This isn’t about him having a top 5 passer rating of all-time.  It’s about all of those things and more.


Philip Rivers, on behalf of the Bolt Nation, I thank you.  There is not another QB in the league that I would rather have as the leader our Chargers. Thank you Philip!  You are appreciated and you are the best QB in the NFL.  I highly doubt that it is just me that appreciates you.  I even find it hard to believe that only I find you to be the best QB in the NFL.



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  • tank58

    great article I couldn’t agree with you more, #17 is the leader of the chargers and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I would rather have him over brees now. ImO ;)

    • BoogaP

       Thanks for the props man.  If I had to draw up the perfect QB, and leader of a team for that matter, it would be Rivers!  Tough, intelligent, fiery, deadly accurate, and he gives his receivers a chance to get up and get the rock.  Too many QBs now-a-days are hesitant to throw it up and possibly damage their QB rating. 
      Tank- Like I told Leonardo above, we want to see you on here more as well! We need people who get “it”! Bolt Up!

  • LeonardoVelazquez

    Yes absolutely, most underrated quarterback.  He does not have the weapons that Manning had, Rodgers has, Brady has, OR the offensive line.  This year was all about mistakes around him.  For one, no time to throw the ball with a broken offensive line.  The other factor was Wide Receiver play.  They did not seem to play as well as they usually have.  I remember one play in particular where Philip threw the ball up down the middle of the field for Floyd (6’5″) who was covered by Brandon Flowers (5’9″) and Floyd didn’t jump up for the ball and Rivers was intercepted.  I think Rivers always has thrown the ball for his receivers to go up for it (“put it in a place where only they could get it” which in their case was really high) and it ended in an interception.  This happened many times.  Another was in the first game against the Raiders when Rivers threw it into the endzone for Jackson and he didn’t even jump for it.  
    Rivers is perfect.  Haha.  Cannot believe Chargers are ranked 22 with such a good quarterback.

    • BoogaP

       Thanks for the comment man.  I was talking to my dad about the power rankings and we agree that it is bs.  That being said, that is just what I want the rest of the league and the Chargers to think as well.  Let people underestimate us.  Let the Chargers not be considered the “best team on paper” going into the season.  I like it.  I’m with you 110% on Rivers.  My 3 yr old daughter’s first jersey was #17!  My son is 1 and his first jersey was Mathews.
      Not sure how often you’re on here but keep coming back! We need people like you on this site!

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  • MikeTuck

    Mark Vlasic had the best bounce pass in the NFL! John Friez was the best out of the bunch which scares me as Whitehurst reminds me of Friez. The Chargers need to invite a few QB’s to camp. I’m still in favor of kellen Moore becoming the Chargers #3 behind Whitehurst. I think in the end he is a better athelete and reminds me of all the negatives against Flutie. He has a great ability of getting out of the pocket and turning it into positive yards. Not a big arm? Teach the recievers to break off their routes and comeback to the ball, if he doesn’t throw it to them there’s a good chance they’ll be blocking for him.

  • BoJackRusso

    PR is a total badass.