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Electricity Hits FA Pool, Recharged San Diego?


To be my first post on here, and it actually be about the splash the Chargers made in the Free Agent pool, … AMAZING! A.J. is renowned for taking his red basket, and getting items, “On Sale.” This year is quite different. Possibly because he finally realizes that an explosion in his face, could await, for him in the Q.

A Lot of people were sad to see Vincent Jackson leave, but why? Vjax has done nothing but whine and complain about how HE deserves money, and how HE deserves a long term deal. When was it about San Diego? When was it about us? HE staged a conference, and said HE would even give us a, “hometown discount.” HE didn’t even blink when he signed the HIS contract with the Bucs. So we address the need for a target for Philip Rivers, and sign Robert “Meach” Meachem. People are mad about this? For years San Diego had the tallest wide receiving corps in the NFL. They would push, pull, and jump. We lacked a home run hitter though. Jackson could catch a 50 yard pass, yes, but would get tackled 15 yards after the catch. While Meach is a guy who can catch a 25 yard pass, and run 74 yards for the touchdown. Meach gets the separation, and makes it happen. Not to mention, he has already been to the big games.

It wasn’t enough though, we were still lacking. We still lacked a crown, to make us… ROYAL! Eddie Royal is a guy who KILLED us on the Broncos. With a legitimate Orton he made plays, and proved that he could be a number 1. Now he will have a pro bowler throwing his way. Not to mention how elusive Royal is as a specialist. If anyone can catch him, god bless ‘em! He’s a burner with good to great hands, also a GREAT slot guy.

Passing’s great, but what about, the Ron-ing game? Le’Ron McClain may be on the back end of his career, BUT they said the same about Larenzo Neal. Look how the, “Bowling Ball,” worked out for the Bolts. McClain brings a true power, and BALL SECURITY to the game, and can clean the chute for Mathews. Expect Mathews to state a great case for the Pro Bowl again. The San Diego Supers brought the running game back to the Q. Not to mention the fear. No more need for Tolbert, as long as we have a bruiser we will be able to change up pace. Look at it like this, you don’t mind trying to take Mathews down, but you would fear to go head to head with McClain. Aside from soiling yourself, you will be concussed, and might suffer from memory loss. Not to mention, he’s been to the big games.

DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, is all A.J. preached this year, though. Make way cause here comes DOUBLE J! Jarret Johnson, was a true FORCE on the Ravens. A guy who NEVER took plays off, and an all around player. No matter what you do, playing next to the greatest linebacker of all time, and one of the biggest names in sports today, you won’t be talked about as much. This man brings attitude, and an overall nastiness to the game. 9 years? So what, all that you should look at is how healthy Dub has been, how well rounded Dub is, and how dominant Dub is. Ever since Merriman went to being a leader, Shawne lost the fire. Double hasn’t. Oh, … and by the way… he ALSO played in the big games!

All those players, and it wouldn’t have been possible if we signed Jackson back. So you know what I say? Good, GO, have him Tampa. He will either A: be more trouble then he is worth, or B: not be even NEAR as effective as he was in bolts. If it means sacrificing one player to get all the potential in the world go right ahead. The beauty of this whole thing, is that we can grab an offensive linemen in the first round and be OK.  Although we should try to pick up another forve on defense. That’s for another post though!

Fans who claim to leave because if this off-season, “I HOPE YOU LEAVE!” We don’t want you! You have no, “Charger Heart.” You have no, “Bolt Pride.” To say this wasn’t an amazingly productive free agency, you don’t REALLY know football. To the rest of us, we can expect good things with the possibility of GREAT involved. Only one team can achieve ultimate victory, remember that. Who knows, this year might be, it might not, but sticking by your team in the dark ages makes you more admirable then anyone else.

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  • A_Eme_O_Ere

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Welcome to Bolt Beat!

  • Boltfan4life619

    @chargersbuzztap Hey buddy some us fans that have supported the team for many years are tired of not winning the big one.

  • biggsybolt

    Spot on! I’ve been a bolt fan for nearly 40 years and will be for 40 more (I hope), frankly I’m sick of bandwagoners with their ‘their moves suck’ or ‘they can’t win’ BS. If you’re gonna jump ship, do it, do it now and don’t expect me to throw you a life jacket. Good riddance!

  • dandre207

    umm…  Who is this and how is he able to write an arctile?  This sounds like a high school kid ranting about what it takes to be a true SD Charger fan.  News flash, you don’t hold the keys to the kingdom on what consits of a true fan.  If people are sick of years and years of bad decision after bad decisions from the front office, then they have the write to voice that in any form that they want.  I agree that A.J. and his staff have done a great job in free angency this year, and that is just the point!  People have been screaming for this man and his staff to get key free agents for years and he has refused to do so.  Now that he is forced to do it by the ownership group, fans like you want to jump down other fans backside because fans have been screaming that A.J. is killing the team with his player decisions.  Your rant about VJ is incorrect also.  If your not, or never were going to match what he was going to get on the open market, then you trade the player.  Get something more then a comp pick that could wind up being a 3rd of 4th round pick.  I don’t get it, he did it with Cro and got great picks, do it again.  
    I would say this, lets be happy that our team is fixing its past errors and doing what it needs to do to try to add pieces through free agency and through the draft.  Now lets fix the medical staff to try to keep these good players healthy.  Yep, still have my license to be a charger fan 

    • alannivar

      @dandre207 1st off you spelled right wrong “write”. 2nd VJAX hasn’t done anything for him to deserve that money. When he was holding out in 2010, Rivers went out and through 4,700 yards that season and he didn’t go back until week 12 and he played 2 series and pull his calf. Then he came back week 13 and got 29 yards, in total he is accountable for 248 yards and 3 touchdowns out of Rivers 4,710 yards and 30 TD’s. That’s 4,462 yards and 27 TD’s w/o Jackson and I’m happy with that record. Btw 4,462 yards would be his second highest, first would be this past season. Jackson is a me first player and that’s how you destroy and tear you team apart. That’s why I’m happy he left. Thank you Bucs and good article JOEYNICKS

      • alannivar

        Meant to write threw and he didn’t come back until week 14

      • dandre207

         @alannivar  @dandre207 Are you serious?  Who are you to decided how much money a person can demand or deserve in an open market?  Second, if your going to do spell checking on a chat board, you should do the same in the article being that I found two, but I will thank you for pointing out my oversight.  3rd, no matter what you think he is or was worth, the truth is the chargers still could have traded him before letting him walk because it was obvious that they would not be resigning him for the past two years.  Oh, BTW, you are giving stats to one season, you are crazy if you don’t think that he is one of the top 10 wide outs in the NFL.  VJax does what Rivers loves.  Goes up at the highest point to receive a pass.  Rivers throws great jump balls and both AGates and VJax use their bodies to get the best position on DB and LB to receive those balls.  Lastly, what are you thanking the TB for?  You are acting like they took some slouch off our hands, or they took some dude that was a cancer in the locker room.  

        • biggsybolt

          @dandre207 “Jackson is a me first player and that’s how you destroy and tear you team apart.” How true, example….. Nov 10 oak @ SD, he let touch down pass get intercepted… while US the fans and the media were ready to give him a free pass (lost the ball in the lights), he wouldn’t talk for 2 weeks, not an explanation or ‘I’m sorry’. His EGO was and is bigger than the TEAM (yes, I know professional athletes have and need large egos, but also need to be HUMBLED). Watch, in Tampa his #s will go way down, Maybe 35 catches, 600 yds, 9 yards a catch and 4 tds. He just joined a run orientated team with a crap qb. If anyone really thinks ONE guy will get you that ring you so desire, go ahead and keep playing Madden thinking you can run a team better (if you could, you would be).

    • zeus619

      @dandre207 Agree. We should have traded V.Jax. Instead we have a compensatory pick coming our way. The should have accepted whatever the Vikings were offering it was probably better than a 3rd round compensatory pick. On another note I’m happy with the free agency moves we made this year, but don’t expect AJ to do it again if they win the West this year.

  • 619chargers4life

    not even gonna read the artice. screw Aj AND ALL THAT HE STANDS FOR, where the superbowl at? 

  • 619chargers4life

    we dont need a run stopper we need pass rush i like double J but damn

  • joeynicks

    @dandre207 I just don’t like that people jump ship on a team that they love, but overall O do agree. A.J. has done a great job, this year. A LOT better then recent years. A lot of fans were upset about letting VJ walk but look at what we did with the money! We invested it in spots that we needed. This was a brilliant plan by A.J.
    as for the whole bandwagon thing, and people tired of losing, BELIEVE ME I KNOW ABOUT IT! I am also a Boston Red Sox fan. I have labeled the Chargers the Red Sox of football. I believe that football is a mans game, and you must be a man to stick through the thick, but what I experienced in ’04 made up for allllllll the years before. Also my dad has been a Mets fan for AT LEAST 50 years. I guess I just like the term of, “Ride or Die.” I hope you continue to read despite your displeasure.
    @619chargers4life I agree for the most extent. We struggled with the run though last year. The Double J move was for attitude though, not to mention he has played extremely well and has a great motor. In the Draft we can address that situation.
    @alannivar @biggsybolt @A_Eme_O_Ere Can’t wait to write more for everyone!

    • zeus619

      @joeynicks Completely agree with you. I can’t stand bandwagoners, it takes a true fan to stick with your team through good and bad times.