Bolt Beat Roundtable: Head Coach Wish List

Welcome to the Bolt Beat Round Table. We first ran a round table discussion with Chat Chargers and we wanted to continue giving multiple angles on different topics.

Today’s topic is “Head Coach Wish List.” We have staff members of Bolt Beat sharing their thoughts and we invited some of the writers from Rock the Bolt to share their thoughts as well.

Lets jump right into it!


Ernie Padaon (Bolt Beat Editor)
I am not a big fan of coaches that have been out of the game for more than a couple of seasons. That automatically eliminates Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden off of my list. There are other reasons why I don’t like Gruden too, but I won’t go too far into those details.

Jeff Fisher would be an awesome head coach to bring in. His teams in Tennessee always were tough and always had an edge to them. They were strong defensively and had an attitude to them. If it were possible, it would be a sweet combination. Unfortunately I don’t see us spending the money and going that route. We most likely will go for a coordinator of some sort.

With all the “talent” that we already have on the offensive side of the ball, I would love to bring in a defensive minded coach and then try and bring in a brilliant play calling offensive coordinator (NOT NORVAL). Two defensive coordinators that could be interesting are Gregg Williams of New Orleans and Perry Ferwell out of New York.

Ferwell has been the DC for the New York Giants for the last couple of season and all he does is produce. He runs a super aggressive defense and he is always able to adjust when his team has injuries.

Gregg Williams has a super bowl ring as the DC for the Saints and he also runs a very aggressive style defense. He was given an opportunity to be a head coach once in Buffalo and didn’t do to well. It might be time to give him another shot. He has worked under some pretty good coaches in his career (Jack Del Rio, Jeff Fisher, Joe Gibbs, Sean Payton) and should have learned a thing or two from each of them.

ChargerGirl Cindi (Bolt Beat Staff Writer)
I always liked Mike Singletary.  When he came here to interview I thought it might be a done deal.  He has the passion and ability, he just need a good team behind him.

Ernie already mentioned Gregg Wiliams, I agree that he would be a person of interest.  I just do not see him as head coach.  Not sure why?

I’ve heard talk of Todd Bowles (Dolphins Assistant Head Coach) being available.  He is consistent and a good leader, but can manage a whole team?

I just want someone who will kick the players asses when they need it! 

Da Great Gonzo (Bolt Beat Staff Writer)
Although, he shows as much emotion as Norval, I still like Dungy, he is defensive minded coach. He is the reason the Bucs won the Superbowl in SD, not Gruden. But perhaps someone ‘fresh’ might be a good idea. One guy I like Dick LeBeau, the Steelers Defensive Coordinator. The Steelers D has been good since he took over.

I would agree with Singletary, only because he is a leader, but I am not sure if he is the coach type; perhaps he would be good as a Defensive coordinator. This team is in need of leaders, Norval is not one, and Rivers is not equipped right now.

I do agree with you Cindi, that we need a strong leader type. These guys under-perform constantly and have no accountability. Someone needs to put them in their place.

Racquel Lopez (Rock the Bolt Editor)
Me, you already know I’ve always wanted Gruden but w/ his contract extension, I know that’s not gonna happen. Cowher was one of my choices too but he doesn’t want the Chargers. They need a head coach that’s hard ass and has great leadership. Norv is AJ’s yes man and for as long as he’s there, Norv isn’t going anywhere. Although lately Norv has been throwing everyone under the bus and talking as if he knows he’s on his way out.

I wouldn’t mind Titan’s former coach, Jeff Fisher. Oh hey! How about Al Pacino??? He was great in Any Given Sunday! Lol!

David Medina (Rock the Bolt Staff Writer)
I think first thing should be a new GM. As long as AJ is therem it will be the same controlling style, which in turn will not let the new head coach implement his style and do what he thinks would be right for the direction the team goes in.

I like some of the coaches that have been  said like Jeff Fisher and Mike Singletary.

Jeff Fisher would be good. His teams always played hard and had an attitude to them.

Singeltary along with a good off. Coordinator to run the offense would be good also. It would give the defense some fire. As others have said, I also think Singeltary should get another shot at head coach.

  • tedipe1

    @epadaon @ChargerGrlCindi @Da_Great_Gonzo @Charger_Gal @RockTheBolt Head Coach at the top of my Wish List…Jon Gruden.

    • Da_Great_Gonzo

      @tedipe1 I like Chucky, but how much credit goes to Dungy for putting together the team that Gruden won with?

      • tedipe1

        @Da_Great_Gonzo You’re right about Tony, but I don’t think he would come back to coaching.Jon’s ESPN contract has a head coach buyout clause

        • Da_Great_Gonzo

          @tedipe1 I’m sure Gruden would leave broadcasting for the right job. SD would be a good fit

        • tedipe1

          @Da_Great_Gonzo Gruden is one of the commentators that always is complimentary of the Chargers. Unlike Shannon Sharpe.

    • ChargerGrlCindi

      @tedipe1 I would take Chucky just so we could call him Chucky! I suspect he is not the type of coach who lets guys get away with shit.

  • epadaon

    i am not a HUGE fan of Mike Singletary… he might be a good guy to have on the staff, but I don’t know if I would want him to be the head coach. I will take him as the LB coach though so he could put some fire under LaBoyish

  • Bolt Beat

    dean spanos son would take over if AJ leaves. He is waiting in the wings to be the GM of the team

  • Bolt Beat

    if spanos’ kid takes over the GM spot, that becomes more likely to happen then it would have with AJ running the show. A super bowl head coach can come in and help little spanos out with some of the roster moves and groom him to fully take over the job in the future

  • RussellGrant

    If you can’t get a Gruden or a Cowher, you need a tough, demands results kind of coach for this team. But in order to get a coach like that you likely need to fire AJ Smith because as we see by now, AJ likes a puppet. And even though Marty wasn’t getting it done come playoff time, Norval has proven to be worse and worse as he progresses. He has no fire. No passion for his craft. But what do you expect from a puppet?