Chargers vs Bears: Tough Matchups All Over the Field

Things are not going to get any easier for our Chargers this weekend. We have to head out to the windy city to face the Chicago Bears. The Bears match up really well against us with their tough defense, electrifying special teams and a good running game.

The Bears defense forced 4 interceptions against the Detroit Lions this weekend and they have one of the premiere pass rushers in the league. Hopefully Marcus McNeill is healthy because I would hate to see Brandon Dombrowski trying to stop Julius Peppers all game long. Philip Rivers probably hates the sound of that also. Maybe Norv could put a tight end over on that side to help out in the blocking, but that idea might make too much sense.

FOUR interceptions by that defense last week? I am sure that Philip could give them a couple more opportunities at it. Philip still leads the world in turnovers and we need him to step up. Hopefully this is the game that Philip plays out of his mind!!

On top of those four interceptions, the Bears defense forced 3 fumbles and recovered 2 of them. Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert better keep both hands on that football, these Bears will be ripping away at it all day long. Turnovers have killed us all year long and the Bears are the best at forcing them.

Other than that nasty defense, we will have to punt the ball off to the best returner in the history of the game. Anytime Devin Hester touches the ball, we will all be holding our breath hoping that he doesn’t return it for a score. We better not kick the ball to him! I wish Nick Novak had the leg to kick it off out the back of the end zone.

Should we mention their offense? Jay Cutler is the quarterback and we know a thing or two about him. The Bears offensive line has had trouble keeping him upright. He gets hit as often as Philip Rivers does and we will need to keep putting that pressure on him. If we can get that pressure than we can force Jay into those picks that we love from him.

Our run defense will need to slow down Matt Forte though. Our run defense has not been able to slow down anyone, so hopefully Mike Martz will just decide to try and attack our defense through the air.

It’s going to be another tough game for our Bolts. Hopefully something goes our way so we can end this 4-game skid. We need some players to play out of their minds this weekend.

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  • All Charged Up

    3 things I see we desperately need to stay afloat this game.

    1.Marcus McNeil-Like you said, if Dombrowski is in his place we might as well go into Wild cat all day because I’d hate to see Rivers get pumbled like that.

    2.Replace Crayton and Goodman with SOMEBODY in returns-Those two are just ineffective on returning, hell we should just have Tolbert there so he can at least gun into coverage and get somebody shaken up., Run, RUN!-I want at LEAST to see 10 touches from the Duo Sunday. It’s not asking much, and it’ll keep that defense somewhat honest if they’re half successful.


    • epadaon

      @All Charged Up big mac is needed bad… i did notice Curtiz Brinkley returning a kickoff last week and he looked alright.. hope that we still see him out there getting that done!

      We seriously need to use our running game more often. Mathews looks good when we give him the chance, but we don’t give it to him enough… Maybe a screen pass every now and then. We used to run a draw play even. JUST SOMETHING!

  • Kenny

    As if Phillip isnt playing bad enough. To see him playing with no protection on Thursday was heartbreaking. I dont why we didnt have McMicheal permantantly fixed on the left for extra protection. Lets hope that they figure something out for protection before Sunday. I personally dont think that Da Bears D is as good as they have looked the past 2 weeks, but they dont have to be that good if the Chargers O line looks like it did on Thursday.

    Go Bolts!

    • epadaon

      @Kenny i dont understand why we didnt keep someone on that left side too.. just seems like it would make sense to help dombo out, but that sucks…. latest word has 3 of the starters on the line could be out. OUCH! someone get the ice ready for philip