Top 10 Reasons to Fire Norv Turner

By popular request, here is the list. I thought coming up with this list might be tricky. Turns out, I had to scale it down. Turner has some NFL records, but they are in spite of his coaching ability and are due to the fact that he keeps getting hired. One of those records has him as the coach who has LOST the most games. With that record, why he was hired in San Diego after being fired from Oakland and Washington will forever remain a mystery. Another mystery is why, with his continued inability to coach does he remain in San Diego? I took the liberty of coming up with some notes that the Spanos family can use during his exit interview.

1. Pushed LT out. The season Before Turner arrived the Chargers won every game where LT touched the ball more than 11 times. Turner came in determined to enlist a ‘passing offense’ not only limiting LTs carries, but essentially breaking what worked, San Diegos ability to move the ball and win games.

2. Cannot read a clock. Poor time management and the inability to run a hurry up offense is inexcusable. Even if you are in the lead, if you have 30 seconds left use them.

3. Lackluster play calling. Okay, let’s not sugarcoat it. Turners play calling is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. I look forward to it with about the same anxiety. He has no understanding of a run or pass offense and needs to go back to football 101.

4. Poor use of players. I am not sure if he knows coaches are allowed to use more than one player at each position during the game. It’s crazy not to use all the tools in your toolbox.

5. Attitude. Turner stands on the sideline and acts bored. It pisses me off. I want to see spit flying because he is screaming at someone for making a mistake. I kid you not, If I were coaching the Chargers and one of the guys got a stupid penalty, three times, I would be grabbing their face mask and screaming in their face.

6. Inability to learn. Not sure if this is the same as #7, but we know certain things do not work and certain things work. Norv does not know how to grasp this concept.

7. Stupidity. “we gotta find a way to finish games”. No shit. Is this something you just realized? How did he say that and not get fired that very day? I don’t care if it was mid-season, anyone could come in and do better. Literally anyone.

8. Accountability. Norv has a “leave the players alone” attitude. Players need curfews, rules and babysitters during the season. It IS a big deal if they are at a strip club until 2 am the night before a game. It IS the head coaches job to make players accountable and do what is right for the team.

9. Evasive. When asked about Deilmans concussion and the steps that were taken to ensure his safety, Turner got mad and refused to answer further questions. Sounds to me like he felt guilty. Man up.

10. Makes every single Chargers fan angry. There is not a single San Diego Chargers fan who wants him as our head coach. I did a survey of Chargers and non-Chargers fans. 100% voted him out and 80% said they would like to see me punch him in the face. (that last part was not even on the survey!)

Time for you to chime in with your reasons and vent.

ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • mystereojones

    Norv inherits 2006 14-2 roster and this is what he did with Super Bowl contender built by John Butler and Buddy Nix (NOT A.J. Smith):

    2007 playoffs: 2-1

    2008 playoffs: 1-1

    2009 playoffs: 0-1

    2010: Does not qualify for playoffs

    2011: Losing record

    Face it, Norv Turner is a born loser.

    • Kenny

      @mystereojonesShould he hav won the SUperbowl his first season, or maybe his second? HE made play-off runs with decent teams the team he has now is not the team that Marty had. Look at the horrible 1st round drafts pick dealt to Norv. These are not team building picks, they are all bust. Completely destructive to the organization.

      2007-Craig Davis BUST

      2008-Antoine Cason BUST

      2009-Larry English BUST

      2010-Ryan Mathews BUST (couldnt stay healthy in college&cant stay healthy in NFL)

      2011-Corey Lugiet BUST (5 tackles, 1 forced fumble)

  • epadaon

    Norv is awful!!! one of the wost coaches ever and everyone else sees it. Norv is the biggest reason why we should fir AJ. AJ’s hire, AJ won’t fire… Putting blame on AJ too

    • CindiSpears

      I thought Manuresky might be the next list, but maybe it’s AJ? We need to rebuild the entire management team. @epadaon

  • MattAlschbach

    Cindi, your list could easily have been the “Top 100 reasons to fire Turner.” The clown never should have been hired in the first place, and the fact that the Spanos family continue to employ him illustrates unequivocably that they do not care about winning, the city, nor the fans. We can only hope that the Chargers lose all of their remaining games, and that pressure from the public forces the Spanos family to fire Norv AND A.J. Smith, who is just as culpable for their losing ways.

    • CindiSpears

      Well said. We could always start “Occupy the Q”. @MattAlschbach

  • Johnnie Lovell

    Well said

  • JoeCalabrese
    • CindiSpears

      Done! @JoeCalabrese

  • northidahobolt

    the problem is up at the top. We can look to #1 ownership. -Spanos family is not sincerely interested in building a winner, not just a winner but SUPERBOWL winner. The organizations that win superbowls have 1 thing in common- they are directly, locked on, win no matter the cost , hire the best, have championship attitudes and their business means just that. -The business to win superbowls! #2 GM- let’s face it AJ is an ass. Can he spot talent? yes if they’re from a dinky school…has he let talent escape from a doomed organization? Yep. Look at his signed players- have they performed up to their potential? #3 head coach. Norv is a nice guy. Horrible head coach, mediocre play caller and dismal motivator and thinker. I can defense the Chargers. Classic example- Ray Lewis stuffing Sproles on the 3yd line a couple of years ago- I screamed no on the trap before it happened!! Lewis admitted he even knew that play was comin… Doink…game over… Whats with all the long balls practically every other down? See other Norv is a bum posts below.. #4 the sissy players. Sickening… where is the toughness? The Bolts are physically outmatched every damn game. There is no animal on the team (Spikes maybe). It seems like there are a lot of fall down, oh my leg hurts, i have a stinger, I have plantar fascilitis, oh, should I try for the ball?attitudes…. Suck it up, play hurt, bite kick scratch claw spit, barf punch..what a relief that would be…and the showboating after a decent play? so what…shut up, quit showin off until we have a ring, get back to the huddle and kick ass…The raider game proved what we already knew…The Chargers are MAYBE a .500 team, no better… We need a new organization starting from the top….A PUBLIC TAKE OVER!! Bill Cowher? yep, Even Job Gruden? Yep…

    • CindiSpears

      Yep! You hit the nail on the head. We have a team of whiners! @northidahobolt

  • Sparticus

    I have to believe that Dean will step in and remove our Head Coach. AJ has an ego that will not allow him to admit when he is wrong, and that is the only reason that I believe Norv is still here. But when You have crap on the field, the Owner will step in….(See Ted Cottrell).

  • Kenny

    Gruden and Cowher have both said they dont plan to come back to coaching.

    • CindiSpears

      Sure they say that, but they are bored. They miss being able to yell at people. @Kenny

      • Kenny


        I could see Gruden getting the itch he talked about coming back prior to his new ESPN contract. My guess would be that his new contract has an opt out clause in it, if he were offered a HC position. However, I think that any replacemetn will fail while AJ Smith is at the helm.

    • epadaon

      @Kenny i dont think gruden even can come back and coach right now… he just signed a big contract with ESPN…. there could be an OUT clause somewhere in that contract though

  • epadaon

    i would just want a defensive minded coach to step in and fix that side of the ball… that is how we can get some toughness back! I like Jeff Fisher… but we most likely will try to bring in a coordinator from somewhere to get the job done. I also bet AJ still is around after all is said and done…. what coordinator would we get? Would you guys take a chance on rob ryan… i am sure people would be on the fence with that choice.

    • Kenny


      If the Bolts hire a DC as a head coach, then lets hope there is a complete re-vamp of our lack-lucter defense.

      • epadaon

        @Kenny that is the only hope that we could have!!! that defense has bee weak for a long time.. ron rivera was able to hide some things, but it has been WEAK! the offense should have enough talent on it.. just need a talented playcaller

  • Kenny Thorpe

    You do realize we are called fans because we are FANATIC. This article was obviously writen by a fanatic, blinded by the Fire Norv movement, instead of using logic and reason. All of these reasons seem to have came straight out of the 2008 Fire Norv hand book, that was published immediatley upon him not leading the Chargers to a Superbowl. Really, Norv should have won a Superbowl his first season as headcoach?

    The plain and simple truth is that AJ Smith is the real problem. While most SD fans would believe that Norv coachs a team that is stacked with talent, this is far from the truth. Sadly, the Chargers are a medicore team, at best. Yes AJ did a good job of rebuilding the Chargers, but his decisions in recent years have been nothing short of destructive to a once dominate team. Just take a look at the 1st round draft pick thrown at Norv’s feet since 2007, complete garbage.

    As for Norv running LT out of town, that was a joke, right? Norv Turner recieved a high milage LT, and an LT that was out of gas. I am as big of an LT fan as the next guy, but give me a break. LT was great in his prime, but Norv didnt get that LT. He got the LT that stood on the sidelines with his helmet on in the 2008 play-offs. LT was on the downward slope of his career, and refused to accept a position as a 3rd down or change of pace back. As such, LT ran himself out of town. Ironically to end up being a 3rd down back in New York. If only he would have agreed to step back and let us bring in a new feature back, LT would still be on the SD roster. This was an LT and AJ Smith issue. I believe AJ Smith was as much responsible for this departure as LT, but to place this on Norv is absurd. The HC doesnt negotiate pay, nor does the HC dicatate to notoriously hard-nosed GM like AJ. LT and AJ obvisouly split on bad terms.

    As for the point that “all” fans want Norv out. WRONG, I want AJ Smith out. If Norv leaves who will replace him? Maybe Fischer, but who knows… I seem to recall everyone calling for Marty’s head in 2007. Now everyone is calling for Norv to get the axe. Is there a coach that SD fans will support, I think not. This is just fanatics acting fanatic.

  • Ernie Padaon

    i have to say, i put a lot of blame on this to AJ as well… the talent on the team just is not there… Norv still is a terrible head coach and bad playcaller, but the drafts have been a wreck!!! look at our number 1 draft pick this year… he might have the same amount of tackles as mike tolbert.

  • Kenny Thorpe

    I could see them going with a defensive minded coach as well. Rob Ryan seems to be a good defensive cooridinator, but the problem lies with our talent on the defensive side of the ball(or lack there of). He is being productive right now becasue he has play makers in Big D. Unfortunetly the Chargers dont have those play makers.

  • JerryBGoode

    I am totally with Kenny Thorpe. LT was done. He also wanted too much money. So did Sproles and he had an average season last year, at best. This is an AJ Smith drafting problem that is the major cause of the current decline. We do not have a single impact player on defense except perhaps Weddle, who despite being overpaid, is a top safety. We pick up Spikes and he cannot run at all. He is lost in coverage on a TE. Can’t keep up.

    The O line has some good players but we are weak on back-ups and we overpaid for Clery, who is very average. We have had poor draft choices for 4-5 years now and the only good ones have been late rounders or free agents like Tolbert. We have wasted our top 4 choices time and again and paid heavily for guys like Hester and Matthews, by trading choices to go up in the draft.

    This is not an endorsement of Norv but you have to have some talent to succeed. In retrospect, Jim Harbaugh would have been a good choice but no one can stand him. He wore out his welcome at USD and at Stanford as well, from what I hear. Norv has taken them to the AFC championship and playoffs in a number of years as coach. Not to get beyond the early rounds is disappointing. He is not a strong motivator but is a smart coach in general. Can we do better? You bet. If someone is out there that is clearly better lets get him but we every coach has to start with some great players and make their draft choices count. The Raiders have out -drafted us not out- coached us the past two years.

    • epadaon

      @JerryBGoode i absolutely understand that coaches need players in order to make things happen… Like I said, not all my blame would be Norv. AJ has not been getting things done at all!

      BUT it sucks when we are not taking advantage of the players that we have. Darren Sproles is flourishing in his new offense. He struggled at the end here with the Norv Turner playcalling.

      Why didn’t we give Antwan Barnes a shot to start till Shaun Phillips got hurt. He has come in now and is showing that he is a playmaker. Travis LaBoy has shown nothing.

      Why do you not help out Brandyn Dombrowski on the edge when he clearly cannot handle the pass rush from the Raiders.

      Both get the blame in my book!

      • Kenny


        I was wondering that about Barnes as well. Laboy has been a complete waste, I dont know how he keeps getting starts. Maybe they can move Laboy to offense and he can help Dombrowski on the left.

    • CindiSpears

      We can do a lot better all around. Even coaches who are not that talented can motivate their players to raise the bar. I think that we do have the potential to be a first rate team, but the attitude is just not there. @JerryBGoode

  • CindiSpears

    Speed and size. Those are the only things that cannot be coached. We have those. We need someone who can make the players believe they are superstars – even when they are average. That is what Gillman, Coryell, Ross and Shottenheimer had. That is what wins games. And yes, Kenny Thorpe, I am a FANATIC and I will back ANY coach that believes in the team and shows it. I just wanna win!

    • Kenny


      We have SOME size, but not speed. Floyd doesnt count for anything, becasue he cant play a full game with out injury. Jackson is big, and has been successful becasue he is a great route runner. Other than that i dont know what speed or size we are talking about. Our full back is smaller than both of our half backs!!! The only real impact players with size are #73 and #83. I cant think of nyone with speed.

      Im not down on the Chargers, at all. I am also a fanatic, but the team is not the roster stacked full of talent that many believe exist.

      • CindiSpears

        Floyd – 6’5″, VJ,- 6’5″, Sperry – 6’5″, Gates – 6’4″, McMichael – 6′ 3″, these guys should be catching passes. Sperry is a 6′ 5″ 265 lb TE who we are not using. We got him from Miami in 2010 and he has had less than 100 yards! He averages over 10 yards per carry, why aren’t we using him? Again, back to the toolbox.

        Speed? Yeah, I would love to see someone return a kick all the way.


  • JerryBGoode

    I beg to differ on the speed and size issue. Yes, we have some big receivers (like Floyd and Jackson) but we have been absolutely manhandled three games in a row by Oakland on both lines. Michael Bush ran right through us, again, and their OL controlled our defensive line. The same thing happened on the other side, their DL were chasing Phillip all over the place and sacking and hitting him almost every play. Their DL are big and fast and can pass rush. What game have we done that to the other team? Injuries certainly have been a big part of our problem but other teams manage to overcome them. We don’t and I believe its the lack of depth and talent at some key spots.

    On the subject of speed, did you see Jammer chasing their rookie WR from behind most of the game. They guy was not a starter. and came in because the fast Jacoby Ford was hurt. We have no speed WR to stretch the field. Jackson and Floyd are good because they are bigger than DB’s not because they are faster. Plus our kick and punt return game has no above average speed either. It suffers every game with Goodman, Crayton and Cason on returns. We have no LB’s with speed other than Barnes and Phillips and Barnes was only starting because Phillips got hurt.

    Our coaches cannot all be bad. They did not forget how to coach starting this year. While Manusky has been a disappointment compared to Rivera, he did well at SF. The OL and DL have decent coaches and so do the special teams now. We are just not as talented as in years past and Rivers is not able to carry the team like he did last year.

    • epadaon

      @JerryBGoode I know manuresky has been a disappointment but I think it is mainly because he was touted as someone that he is not.. Fans expected a team to chase after the quarterback and someone aggressive on defense. He never was that at San fracisco and you can ask some of their fans about that.

    • CindiSpears

      I’m not bagging on all of the coaches (this time). I would quite honestly just like to watch a game and think it was close and we really did try our best. @JerryBGoode

  • JerryBGoode

    Kenny: Remember that Dombrowski was a free agent from SDSU and he was a OG. . He played that position almost all the time, not OT. He is out of place at OT, not quick enough with his feet. He is also much shorter than O’Nell I believe. We got Tyrone Green to back up O’Neill, as I recall, but he is playing guard for Dielman the last couple of weeks.I don’t know why they left Brandon D out there to be beaten time after time but I presume they did not want to have Green also play out of the position he had practiced for and played the previous weeks. It was disaster for Rivers to not have an adequate back up at the blind side position of left OT.

  • Sparticus

    The Chargers need to consider going back to 4-3. For years our strength was at LB, but now it is our weakness. Our outside LB’s can’t get to the QB as expected with a 3-4. Put Cam Thomas, and Antonio Garay at the Tackles, and let Corey liuget, and Vaughn Martin rush the passer. I think the Chargers also need to consider bringing in Jeff Fisher. I like Cowher, but I think he is waiting for the Tennessee job, or something close to his new home in Tennessee. Gruden is an Ass of the first order. He walked in to a Tony Dungy built team, won the Super bowl, and could never get control of the team since. I don’t know if any of you remember Keyshawn Johnson just screaming at Gruden on the sidelines during a nationally televised Monday night game while Gruden just pretended like he couldn’t hear him. “lalalalalalala I can’t hear you. lalalalalalala”.

    • epadaon

      i cant help but agree about Gruden.. would rather go in another direction. Jeff Fisher would be pretty sweet

  • hostile17
  • northidahobolt

    after yesterdays horrible second half and Norv non-chalantly smacking his lips… time management blunders with the replay… no excuse… How much does he get paid? The play calling was adequate… Norv and AJ have to go… Now, the article with Dan Spanos on was an eye opener of sorts…. No passion for building a winner there! Disappointing to say the least…now I’m whining…lol We need a complete organization change….

  • LTrain Bolt

    Turner has been an absolute abomination for the Chargers…I wanted someone more prolific than Schotty, but I would never have traded him for Norv. Norv is everything that is wrong with the Chargers. He does not inspire the players or the fans.

    You don’t run hall of famers with plenty left in the tank out of town. By not setting even simple blocking schemes for the run, we will continue to hurt our star running backs over and over again.

    You don’t set up a few runs a game by passing 70% of the time. You set up big passing plays by running most of the time. He is so backwards it is sickening. I am a die hard fan, and most games I can tell what is going to happen before it does.

    We will be down by 7 to 10 points at half, make a comeback attempt in the second half. It will work if the other team falls asleep. We will come up just short if they actually play the 2nd half with us. We will stop running the ball effectively, because Norv basically gives those downs away with bad run calls. Then we will be forced to throw into coverage because we don’t run any effective crossing patterns. Our screen calls are garbage and unmasked. In the end we will see numbers out of Rivers (who is a good QB) matching the numbers of guys like Vick, or McNabb. Brutal.

    I hope they fire him soon…