Early breakdown of the 2011 Chargers schedule

The 2011 schedule was released yesterday afternoon and there is a lot of buzz for all of the fans. There may not even be a season because of the stupid lockout, but it is still fun to think of the possibilities.

Because of the lockout and since the draft has not occurred yet, we don’t even know what players will be on what team. We will just have to project what may happen in the off-season and breakdown this 2011 Chargers schedule.

Week 1: Sunday Sept. 11 vs. Minnesota Vikings
Our NFL season will start on the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. We will open it up against the Vikings and they don’t even know who will be under center when the season starts. Brett Favre is “retired” (should be for real this time) and there are a lot of rumors that link the Vikes with Donovan McNabb. The last time we played against the Vikings, Adrian Peterson ran like a mad man on our rush defense and set an NFL record 296-rushing yards.

All the uncertainty with the quarterback (leader of the football team) will be an advantage for us and we should be able to start the season on the right foot with a victory.

Record: 1-0

Week 2: Sunday Sept. 18 @ New England Patriots
This is our measuring stick and we will get an early season test against girl-haired Tom Brady and crew. We will need to get over our early season slumber if we plan on beating the Pats. They will be prepared for that game and we most likely will not be.

Record: 1-1

Week 3: Sunday Sept. 25 vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Our first crack at the defending AFC West Champions! We want revenge and we want the title back. Our defense better be prepared for Jamaal Charles and that rushing attack, but I still don’t think that Matt Cassel is a quarterback that should beat us.

Record: 2-1

Week 4: Sunday Oct. 2 vs. Miami Dolphins
Third home game in four weeks. Ronnie Brown may not be part of this offense anymore and we probably will be facing against Ricky Williams and company. Who will be the quarterback for this team when we get there? Either way, we should be looking at our 3rd win of the season.

Record: 3-1

Week 5: Sunday Oct. 9 @ Denver Broncos
Our first look at Tim Tebow and the Donkies this season. They have a new coach and will be running a new defense. We will be looking to head into the BYE week with a victory. We should be leaving town with another victory

Record: 4-1

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: Sunday Oct. 23 @ New York Jets
LT will be HYPED for this game for sure and will try to stick it to his former team. Antonio Cromartie (if he is still there) will also be looking to pick off Philip a couple of times. We should be running big Mike Tolbert in Cro’s direction the whole game. We know that he doesn’t want to try and make that tackle.

We are coming off the BYE week, but this is a long plane ride for the Bolts and LT will be playing inspired ball.

Record: 4-2

Week 8: Monday Oct. 31 @ Kansas City Chiefs (MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL)
The rematch on Halloween! At least we are not in Oakland for that costume town and those bunch of goons, BUT this is still Arrowhead and their cast of characters. The last time we played in KC, it was rainy and windy and the special teams was letting everyone run by them. We will be much more prepared this time and we want that AFC West Championship back.

Record: 5-2

Week 9: Sunday Nov. 6 vs. Green Bay Packers
By this time of the season, people will be HYPING this game up as a potential Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers vs Philip Rivers. What an epic battle it will be in Qualcomm and it will be a high-flying affair between the two teams. The Chargers want to prove that they are contenders and we have home-field advantage (we better fill that stadium up and keep those cheese heads out!).

Record: 6-2

Week 10: Thursday Nov. 10 vs Oakland Raiders (THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL)
10 weeks into the NFL season and this will be the first time that we see the Raiders. It’s going to be a tough, physical game and it probably will be UGLY football. They swept us last year, but this is a new year and Al Davis is pushing all the wrong buttons again.

Record: 7-2

Week 11: Sunday Nov. 20 @ Chicago Bears
Philip gets to play against his best friend Jay Cutler! He will yell at him from the sideline and the defense will make sure that he throws a bunch of interceptions to keep Philip smiling. We get a few extra days of preparation after the Thursday Night Football game and prepare well for the match-up in Chicago.

Record: 8-2

Week 12: Sunday Nov. 27 vs. Denver Broncos
Who knows what the Broncos will be playing for at this time in the season, but it will be fun to see Tim Tebow in town trying to lead his team against us. The Broncos are still not prepared to compete with us yet… maybe next season.

Record: 9-2

Week 13: Monday Dec. 5 @ Jacksonville Jaguars (MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL)
Why is this even a Monday Night Football game? Maurice Jones Drew is a STUD though and the Chargers can’t let their guard down against them. The Chargers just seemed due for a letdown and traveling out to Jacksonville is not easy.

Record: 9-3

Week 14: Sunday Dec. 11 vs. Buffalo Bills
Will Shawne Merriman be healthy to return back to San Diego? Either way, the Bills do not have the talent on offense or defense to put up a fight against a team that is looking to secure a playoff spot.

Record: 10-3

Week 15: Sunday Dec 18 vs. Baltimore Ravens (SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL)
It will be a potential playoff match-up and it will be another physical battle for the Chargers. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the Raven defense will slow the offense enough to sneak out of San Diego with a victory.

Record: 10-4

Week 16: Saturday Dec 24 @ Detroit Lions
Finishing up the season against a Lions team that is getting better every year. Ndamukong Suh will give our offensive line fits. Calvin Johnson will also be making big plays against the corners. We should leave town with a victory, but it will be closer than some think.

Record: 11-4

Week 17: Sunday Jan. 1 @ Oakland Raiders
And we end the regular season out in Oakland. We should have the AFC West already wrapped up and the Raiders will be in meltdown mode by this time in the season. Their coaching staff will be half-way out the door and the receivers will be dropping passes. We win in blowout fashion in the new year and hope that our record is good enough for a first round BYE.

Record: 12-4

There you have it! It’s early and nobody even knows if we are having a season. We don’t even know what players will be on each roster, but I will put the prediction out there for 12 wins and a possible BYE in the first week of the playoffs.

How many wins do you predict?

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  • chargedup85

    12-4 but a few tweaks and why!

    1. W – the vikes won’t have what it takes to stop us from opening strong

    2. L – this one we could take but at home against the pats is a lot to ask us when we all know how we start

    3. W – with Charlie gone there offence won’t be able to pull the trigger against us and we keep Charles to 80 meaningless rushing yards.

    4. W – to many questions for Miami even tho were in Miami and Marshall knows our team there d can’t stop the attack.

    5. W – The donkeys will be coming in and playing well but they don’t have the pieces to be extremely successful under foxes new system and won’t be able to stop our passing attack.

    6. bye

    7. L – as much as it pains me to say we lose to the jets they have a great D and they will be playing well I doubt LT goes off on us but they still squeak out the W.

    8. L – the chiefs get us at home after a tough road game against a physical D I think they pull the upset and take us.

    9. W – after dropping 2 rivers will feel the pressure and the greenery o line won’t be able to stop our D fence and Aaron will feel the pressure and make mistakes.

    10. W – The raiders will be playing good ball and will play us hard but they won’t be able to stop our team set on revenge for keeping us out of the playoffs.

    11. W – Jay won’t be able to handle our passrush and we should be able to rock him into submission (which really isn’t all that hard we’ve had his number for a while). Ed Hochuli won’t be there to hand him another w we hope.

    12. W – the broncos will be in the midst of a QB controversy like Holmgren says if you have 2 qb’s you have no QB.

    13. W – the jags don’t have what it takes to beat us defensively and they will be trying to lose so they can focus on becoming the Los Angeles Jaguars.

    14. W – the bills will be rebuilding until they can find a franchises QB and even then it will take a while. At this point they are fighting to snag Andrew Luck next year!

    15. W – as much as i am hesitant to say a win against the ravens let’s take a look its mid December when are at our best! and coming off 2 games against teams that are not considered top tier defenses or offenses and we are hot at this point it will be a great game but we will be proving at this point we belong!

    16. L – I might be one of the few people noticing the lions doing what they need to to win games and coming off a hard win against Baltimore we drop one to the lions.

    17. W – the raiders come out firming but after the lose to the lions we will be ready and we will return the favor for sweeping us last year.

    • http://boltbeat.com Ernie Padaon

      Very nice rundown… Let’s get those 12 wins!!!

      • chargedup85

        thanks bud, I like yours aswell because it should be put us in a good position for the playoffs! GO BOLTS

  • http://twitter.com/KenCaminiti21 Phil

    The fact that you have the Chargers losing their “measuring stick” game vs the Pats shows what you think about the team.

    • http://boltbeat.com Ernie Padaon

      its early in the season and you know we SUCK getting out of the gates.. PLUS, we have to travel out to New England.

  • bolt backer

    i would love to see us get 12 wins, but it will be a battle with this schedule. we probably will have to fight to get 9 or 10 wins