2nd round : Chargers adding speed and versatility?

With the passing game changing in the recent years, the emergence of a new offensive weapon is clear to see. Percy Harvin, Wes Welker, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Mike Wallace. What do these names have in common? Pint sized Wide Receivers with burning speed and the ability to get open across the middle. These players are known for playing with a lot of heart, and a willingness to do anything it takes to somehow shake a defender. Whether it’s Mike Wallace using his speed to get past a DB, Wes Welker running a slant route  and being open for that 3rd down yardage, or DeSean Jackson breaking defenders ankles with a single precise juke move, these players bring that “edge” to an offense and keep a defense on their toes all season.

Could this be the case for the Chargers? Could we be adding our own weapon to the trend?

In my mind it is very possible. Now keep in mind that AJ Smith does not have the history of bringing in receivers much under the 6’0″ mark. To be honest I think it would add a flavor and a newness to an offense that already cannot be stopped in the pass game. Assuming Vincent Jackson is back in Bolt uniform in 2011 and potentially Floyd as well, we would be set for height on the outside. Height is a major advantage in the deep ball throws and any true Bolt fan would testify for that after watching Vincent Jackson virtually rip balls out of other guys hands and snag them right over the top of people. We know we can throw the deep ball and we know Rivers will put the pig-skin wherever we need it. So how about giving him a speed option with sure hands that he can count on to be that change of pace style wideout. What defense could you truly match up with a couple 6’4″ wideouts, a tight end that snags anything in sight, and a slot receiver that no defender can even keep up with?

Here are my top 3 favorite burner Wideouts coming from the draft.

1. Randall Cobb – Kentucky/ 5’10″ 191 lbs / 4.47 40 yard dash (combine)/ : During his college career at Kentucky, Cobb was not only utilized in the position of WR but was also called upon in the running game. To top that off, he was also used as a return man where he was very effective. In just 3 seasons he totalled 1,661 yards receiving with 13 touchdowns, 1,313 rushing yards with 22 touchdowns, and even 2 punt return touchdowns. This to me sounds like a dynamic player in which the Bolts could fully utilize and could end up being a great 2nd round pick!

2. Jerrel Jernigan – Troy / 5’9″ 185 lbs / 4.38 40 yard dash (pro day)/ : Jernigan plays along the same lines that Cobb does, although he is yet another inch shorter. He has an amazing knack for getting open and has excellent field vision. He is a weapon in the return game and with a 4.38 40 yard dash time, we could do some serious damage with him. He has soft hands and does not appear to have issues holding onto the ball. Again, a great 2nd round pickup.

3.Titus Young – Boise State / 5’11″ 175 lbs / 4.41 40 yard dash (pro day)/ : Titus Young had an absolutely outstanding career at Boise State and made some amazing snags throughout his stay. He again was utilized in the return game and it almost felt like every time the ball was in his hands that the crowd would just light up. He has great speed and probably some of the best hands that I have seen come out of college in the past few years. The only downside to Titus Young is that he is not known for his great character, and at this point in the Chargers franchise I don’t believe that AJ Smith will be looking to add anyone to the team who is not known for good work ethic and overall character. After a season cursed by a WR hold out, I think we need to take some caution when looking at weapons.



  • http://boltbeat.com Ernie Padaon

    i love the idea of getting a receiver with those kinds of moves… I know the bolts set up a meeting with Jerrel Jernigan and I would love to get that guy on the team to return kicks and to get him out in the open field.

    I also LOVE what Patrick Crayton brings to the table. Not sure where all the receivers fit in if we bring in one of these threats in the slot. BUT I like the options and I think Norv will find a way to use them all.

  • http://boltbeat.com Ernie Padaon

    just in case you all watch vids (i know i do):

    Randall Cobb

    Jerrel Jernigan

    titus young

  • chargerfanpaul

    Love the video additions Ernie. I would have to very much agree that surprisingly I love what Patrick Crayton gives us as well. And even when he injured his hand last season, it was due to a nonstop fighting effort to hit paydirt. He is a total stud for us!

    • Swift

      To me, Sproles was our guy. I just think that Norval didn’t utilize him to his full potential and now it looks like he won’t be with us for much longer.

      When Patrick Crayton went for that grab and got injured, I knew he was the man. He put his body on the line and that’s what all the great players do. The Chargers have heart and they always put their bodies at risk for another game, another post-season, another chance to reach the super bowl. Just wish VJ had that mentality last season.

      Who ever we pick up in the draft, I hope they play with the character and heart of a champ and not a chump.

  • boltergeist

    Chargers couldn’t go wrong with any of these three. However, if I were GM, I’d take Randall Cobb at pick #50. He is just too explosive to pass up. Kentucky would’ve never lost a game if their defense didn’t have to take the field. Cobb was just unstoppable. Cuts on a dime. Gets the extra yards after contact. He is just a flat-out winner. Fantastic football player. Whoever drafts this guy is going to be very satisfied. If the Bolts don’t get him, I hope he ends up in the NFC.