Add one more to the Bolt Beat staff writers

Hey all, my posts will be coming from the name ChargerFanPaul. I am the most recent addition to the Bolt Beat staff and am stoked on the opportunity to express some views and opinions of the franchise and get some quality feedback from my fellow “Bolt Brothers”.

What do I bring to the the table? A long history of playing football all the way from the pee-wee’s to the collegiate level, a lifetime of Charger fanhood, and a passion every day to expand my knowledge of the franchise from a current and historical standpoint. It all started when I was just a little kid when my grandpa showed up at my house and surprised me with my first jersey. It even came with pants and a helmet too! It was a Dan Fouts jersey and boy did I wear that #14 proud. Instantly I was hooked.

Currently I reside in the state of Washington where I am in the process of completing my degree in Exercise Science. Luckily enough, the Bolts played in Seattle last season and I got myself and my father both front row seats on the Chargers sideline. I was up front yelling at the top of my lungs while rocking a powder blue Ryan Mathews jersey, and needless to say I left my voicebox in the stadium that day. I could not believe my eyes as I watched our special teams crumble twice and allow Leon Washington to take it to the house. But on a brighter note I did get to see Philip Rivers throw for the franchise record of passing yards in a single game.

First off, I would just like to see who the fan favorite roster players are. I will give my top 3 on roster at this time and would love to hear opinions both supporting and opposing my views on them. Here goes nothing.

My top 3 players at the moment:

Eric Weddle – Safety : In my opinion one of the most underrated safety’s in the league right now. He has started all but 4 games in the past 4 seasons and has developed into one of the most pure safety’s in the NFL. To put it into perspective as to how active Weddle is on the field, the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers free safety Nick Collins had 70 total tackles last year. In the 2010 season Weddle put up an astounding 96 total tackles (his highest was 127 in 2008).

Philip Rivers – QB : In the midst of a foolish holdout from his top deep threat WR’s, Rivers worked all year to develop a chemistry with loads of new targets. And to top that off his most reliable target Antonio Gates went down with injury mid way through the season. After a disappointing season record and missing the playoffs I believe people overlooked just how well Rivers played. He passed for the most yards in the NFL of any QB, had the 2nd highest passer rating, and the 3rd highest completion percentage. Sure he has a temper, but you know as soon as you see his face light up that he is ready to fire that ball to victory.

Ryan Mathews – RB : A lot of fans are down on Ryan Mathews for his injuries and games missed during his rookie campaign in which most thought he would earn the offensive R.O.Y. award. The way I see it, he has the ability, the motivation, and the passion to succeed in this league. He is one of the best players I have ever seen in the aspect of being able to stay upright, whether it be spinning out of a tackle or just bowling a defender over. He did have a serious fumbling issue in 2010, but after working on ball control in the off-season I think that he will prove his 1st round draft pick status in 2011. I am very anxious to see him develop and I know with 4.3 ypc while working through injury, he will be ready to light up both the stats and scoreboard for us this coming season!

Now its time. Critique, question, review, compliment, comment, or oppose my view on my favorite 3!

I am looking forward to hearing all the responses.

Much love, and always GO BOLTS.

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  • Open the GATES and let the RIVERS Flow

    The top Chargers player right now is Rivers, hands down. I believe he will be the best Chargers player of all time. Yep, I said it. LT will be second. At Rivers rate we are bound to win a super bowl ring. His character off the field is also what makes him special. He makes wide receivers. With VJ all year next year, assuming he does not get in a drinking and driving accident, and Gates all year and Mathews not injured. Our offense will be unstoppable, but with out Rivers it would be nothing.

    The second player is Gates. Teams plan to stop Gates and they still can’t. Again, anther good person off the field. The Rivers-Gates combo is the best QB-TE combo in the NFL.

    The third I have to go to defense with Garay. He is big reason why our run defense was good this year. Plus how can you not like his sick hair styles? At the beginning of the year I thought we would give Cam Thomas more snaps, but I am happy we didnt cause Garay did a great job.

  • killacamron

    Hey there chargerfanpaul I’m killcam or just Cameron or devin for short I’m one of your fellow boltbeat writer wanted to welcome you to boltbeat as I am also new.
    II am also a student of the game always have been always will be whether its a player or spectator. I do recall that dreadful seattle game I was at tilted & kilt in downtown san Diego with a whole bunch of angry fans. Heart broken at the site of what just happened

    Yesss Rivers is one of the best players on the team. Probably is the best team and he had a career year last year. Ryan mathews I can’t speak on him I believe I just want him to show me something. We have seen what he can do. Now let’s eliminate the injuries and be consistent. Play like the player we know he is. Eric weddle may be a good player but I don’t believe he has dipped into his full potential. He is a great player but its seems as if he’s still in the shadows a little. He has arisen as that dominate player he was drafted to be. He made a lot of tackles last year but I believe there is room for more.

    I look forward to talking and chatting more with you chargerfan Paul welcome to boltbeat

  • Ernie Padaon

    welcome to the team chargerfanpaul!!! definitely look forward to your posts!

    So… how can you not put Antonio Gates on your top 3 Chargers list?!?!? He is a STUD and just makes everyone else around him better.

    I like Ryan Mathews and the potential that he has, but don’t think that he can be placed at the top 3 players on the team right now. maybe in the future, but not yet.

    • Swift

      I see your article on the Madden cover worked. :)

      • Ernie Padaon

        hahahaha… i was so TORN after a while and didn’t even know which way to go with it.

        im happy, but i am sad. (if that makes any sense)

        • Swift

          I’m not confused.

          Would be cool to have him on the cover, but weak if he got injured.

  • http://MSN robert

    As you can see from from my email address I have:

    1. John Hadle was the first Quarterback that i got to see play at my first game when was Aug 1964.

    2. The best widereciver i have ever watched was a receiver called Bambi. Hadle would throw the ball and Bambi would get it.

    3. In the 80′s there was a linebacker by the name of: Seau
    now there was a linebacker that always seem to be around the football all the time

    I was hooked on the first game and ever since i have been taking in all the Charger games i can until 1970 when we became season ticke holders and have been at the Q ever since till April 2003, i got a divorce and my ex told me that she couldn’t afford the price of the tickets. So on that sad day i had to go down to the Charger’s Office and turn in those tickets. It killed me to do so but since then i have moved to Florida but I continue to watch my chargers cause i have TVDirect.. Go Chargersssssssssssssss

  • thegregone

    Welcome to the fam paul! Looks like we’re setting up a nice squad of all-star writers. My top three current Chargers would be the ‘triplets’, Rivers, Gates and Jackson, in that order. Yes, Jackson ticked me and multitudes of Charger fans off with his holdout but I also understand the nature of the beast. Get paid now because tomorrow is not promised and the game eats players alive. However, when all three are on the field the Chargers are unstoppable. This season, we know he’s not going anywhere unless the Chargers get a smokin deal in return or the franchise tag is killed in the new CBA. I seriously doubt that will happen so the triplets will all be healthy and in full effect from game one. Add a healthy Ryan Mathews and blossoming wr’s Floyd and Ajirotutu and the Chargers will lead the league in points per game as they seemingly do every season.

    As for all time Chargers my top three would be Fouts, LT and Junior Seau. Again, welcome and looking forward to a great season on the field and on the web!

  • Swift

    Welcome aboard. I am a nobody :)

    I am a fan in Anchorage, Alaska. I love the fact that our state flag has the same colors as the Bolts. Born in the San Diego area i was meant to be a fan.

    My top 3 current players are 1. Rivers-The Field General 2. Weddle-The Play Stopper 3. Scifres-The Coffin Corner Punter

    There, that’s that. Time for lunch :)