Memo to NFL: Don't make me have to watch baseball!

We all know the gist of the NFL labor dispute and we’re sick of hearing about billionaires fighting with millionaires over how to split nine BILLION dollars. Do not expect us common folk to understand the why’s and wherefores of how this is taking so long to resolve, just make damn sure my Chargers are suited up and ready for a SIXTEEN game Super Bowl run at the end of August. We don’t care how you make it happen, just make it happen! Memo to you Roger Goodell from NFL enthusiasts everywhere: Don’t make us have to watch BASEBALL!

With no NFL and the NBA going into a similar situation this offseason, baseball is the only show in town. A fair amount of NFL fans are also baseball fans but The Greg One is not one of them and I speak for many who feel the same way. Baseball is not America’s pastime anymore. Football is America’s pastime. Baseball has fallen behind the NFL, NBA and is only half a stride ahead of college sports. The reasons are simple. Start with the Mitchell report and the growing number of past and present players admitting to the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs. The season is way too long. A 162-game season is too self-serving as it is twice the length of any other sports regular season. Bud Selig is a tool and the worst commissioner in the history of the game. Of any game. Ever. We don’t need him being the lone voice in professional sports for an extended period of time. Shorten the season to 100 games and I might actually watch. Baseball is three long hours of guys standing around eighty percent of the time.

My baseball excitement ends once the fantasy drafts are over. I’ll root for the Padres because they share a city with my Chargers but let’s face it, one Chargers preseason game feels better than any baseball game. One football game a week for four months is much more exciting than three to five baseball games a week for eight months. Goodell, the sanity of America rides on you and the owners to get your act together and come to an agreement with the players rather than try to skim some of that nine billion off the top before letting the players in on all that profit. Get over yourselves and give the players their retirement benefits, a fair dispersal of all that profit and i’m sure the players will be ready to make a fair deal. DO NOT make me have to watch BASEBALL!

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  • Joshua

    Greg, I’m with you, huge NFL and NBA fan and BOTH might be gone next year. I really am bored by baseball, I can take the highlights once in a while on ESPN but watching a full game live is impossible for me.

    That said, IF these lockouts really do go forward, my backup plan is hockey. I don’t know jack about the game or the teams, aside from the big names that get on Sportscenter all the time, but I fully intend to go full-on into hockey if nothing else is available. Its actually exciting and action-packed, and the collisions are just as painful looking. Not to mention the fights! It basically has the speed, skill, and fluid action of basketball mixed with the violence and anger of football. Win Win!

  • MachoMenos

    You should care how they settle it. Why? Because if they don’t settle it the right way our Chargers will get screwed. Most people think that it is a players vs. owners thing but it’s not. It’s really a players and high revenue owners vs. the small revenue owners.

    The high revenue owners are not sharing all of their revenues anymore which is why they want to strong arm the players out of an extra billion off the top. Technically, the owners are only asking for the same percentage off the top that they got when they originally made this deal. That billion used to be from an original total of 4 1/2 billion a year. Now that they are making 9 billion a year, percentage wise, 2 billion is equal to the 1 billion off the top. However, this solution would still have the Jerry Jones’, Robert Kraft’s and Daniel Snyder’s still not sharing their extra profits with the rest of the league.

    The players have made out like bandits in the last 15 years. The salary cap has increased from 34 million to 128 million from 1994 to 2009. How would you like to make more than 3 1/2 times what you made 15 years ago for doing the same job? Although they say they’re happy with the current deal (why wouldn’t they be?) in their lawsuit against the league they want to make the franchise tags, the free agent tenders, the salary cap and even the draft, illegal. Basically, they want the same deal baseball players have.

    If any of these scenarios play out the small market teams will still be screwed. The last time I looked the Boltz are a small market team.

    So, yeah, you should care.

    • thegregone

      You know Macho, I agree with a lot of this argument, but part of it speaks to my point. That point is that even the owners are not on the same page. How are they going to bargain with the players when they can’t even agree amongst themselves? The big spending owners (Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder etc..) are making an embarrassment of riches but they don’t want to evenly divide those profits even with their fellow owners from the small markets. Sound familiar? (MLB, NBA) However, the small market teams are viable in the NFL more than any other sport. The smallest market team in the league just won the Super Bowl! New England could still be considered a small market team, have you seen their payroll? They’re from the Boston market, yes, but they have made a rule of not paying anyone an extraordinary amount of money. Atlanta is a contender and so are the Chargers.

      To your point, the small market owners are unintentionally forming a division amongst their own. Jerry Richardson did no favors by insulting Peyton Manning and Drew Brees during mediation. Last I checked, Carolina has been irrelevant since 2004. At least the players are united. Some of their proposals can be thought of as posturing, chips to be discarded during negotiations. The draft illegal? No salary cap? Not gonna happen. Tweak the franchise designation? Likely. Point is the owners need to unify the way the players have so we don’t miss any games this season. Well written point. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

  • Ernie Padaon

    seriously!!!! just get this thing done so we can watch some football again!!!!!!!