Four takeaways from the unofficial LA Chargers Depth Chart

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Deane Leonard at Safety (?)

This could be one that perhaps falls under clerical error, but the Chargers to this point have not issued a correction. As it stands on this initial chart, Deane Leonard is lifted at safety.

Leonard has pretty much only played outside cornerback to this point in camp so hearing him listed at safety is rather perplexing. Maybe they just ran out of space at cornerback? Then again, Brandon Sebastian is listed there and Leonard certainly has a spot over him.

When the draft selection was initially made back in April, Leonard's official position per Chargers communications was "DB" as opposed to CB:

Ja Taylor was also listed as a "DB" when he was picked. For the record, it would actually be interesting to see Leonard play as a safety/cornerback hybrid with his physical skill set and intangibles. But so far in camp there's not much evidence to say that's the case under Staley.

File the depth chart minutiae here under nothing burger for now, but it's worth keeping an eye on as Leonard's season and career progress.