Four takeaways from the unofficial LA Chargers Depth Chart

Alexander Insdorf
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The LA Chargers released their annual unofficial depth chart on Tuesday. It's important to remember that the *unofficial* depth chart is compiled by Chargers communications as opposed to being some statement from the coaching staff. That being said, there are certain items of interest that are worth talking about from its release:

The LA Chargers (might) have a QB2 battle

The issue that caught my eye upon first glance was the quarterback depth chart. Technically, there's nothing too crazy about it. Just looking at it straight up, it's the expected order from Justin Herbert through Brandon Peters.

What is worth discussing is the -OR- designation is placed between Easton Stick and Chase Daniel. For reference, I consulted the 2021 version of the Chargers' unofficial depth chart and there was no such designation listed. Considering how the Chargers view the FB and RT battles with the same identification on this chart, it sticks out.

Perhaps it ends up being nothing and Daniel runs away with QB2 again. But a preseason environment where both quarterbacks have so-so preseasons as they did in 2021 could produce different results for who the backup to Herbert is this season.

At the end of the day, both quarterbacks will likely make the team. Brandon Staley has spoken glowingly about the relationship Herbert, Daniel, and Stick share in the QB room. But a shift in the order that could affect who goes into a game if Herbert goes down is rather significant to point out. It sure seems like more than just a Chargers' communications typo.