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Ranking possible CBs for the Chargers to sign

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Steven Nelson
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CBs that the Chargers should consider signing: 2. Steven Nelson

Steven Nelson was incredulous when he was handed his walking papers by the Pittsburgh Steelers before the start of the 2021 season. With the franchise already dishing out top dollar to several of its key players, including a record-setting contract for T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh decided to cut its losses and released Nelson before the start of the year.

Nelson’s time on the open market didn't last long as he was quickly snatched up by the Philadelphia Eagles for a one-year $2.5 million dollar deal. The now 28-year-old recorded a solid overall campaign but will be looking for more long-term stability. That’s where the Chargers come in.

In six seasons as a full-time starter, Nelson has proven his worth, recording eight interceptions, defending 59 passes, and racking up 341 combined tackles. The addition of Nelson won’t be life-changing for the Chargers. And, more than likely, they’ll need to add a few more pieces to their puzzle. With that said, he'll bolster their secondary in a much-needed way.