Ranking the drafted Chargers rookies thus far in the preseason

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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2. Ja'Sir Taylor

If there is one rookie that has moved far up the totem pole in comparison to where he was drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft it is Ja'Sir Taylor. This was another example of the Chargers drafting a defensive back on traits but Taylor has taken to the league much quicker than his rookie counterparts.

That is not to say that Taylor is perfect nor should he even be one of the three starting corners (even with J.C. Jackson out). However, Brandon Staley and co. can be comfortable knowing that Taylor can play a nice role as a depth option that still gets decent playing time in Brandon Staley's defense.

He is not someone who is going to come in and guard a top-two receiver man-to-man and have a lot of success. However, he is someone who can use his coverage abilities and athleticism to make plays happen and take the ball away on nickel or dime.

1. Zion Johnson

The first-round pick holds his place as the top-ranked drafted rookie. It is impossible to put anyone other than Zion Johnson at no. 1 considering Johnson has been just as good as advertised thus far in his short NFL career.

Johnson has looked tremendous during practice and is turning heads in the same way that Rashawn Slater did a year ago. There have been a bit more learning curves in the preseason games themselves but overall Johnson is proving that he is polished and is ready to make an impact this season.

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At worst it seems like Johnson will be an average right guard in his rookie season with the potential of being even better. As more and more time goes on, Johnson will only get better and better.