Ranking the drafted Chargers rookies thus far in the preseason

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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6. Otito Ogbonnia

Otito Ogbonnia was drafted by the LA Chargers to be a rotational interior defensive lineman that is going to help bolster the team's run defense. Ogbonnia has not really done anything during camp or the preseason that indicates that he will differ from that role, whether good or bad.

There is potential there as a run defender and as a rotational piece that comes in during certain situations he should be just fine. However, he has not really shown an ability to get after the quarterback yet, which hinders him from getting a bigger role on the team.

There is nothing great nor bad to really say about Ogbonnia thus far in his young career and that is kind of how it felt after the Chargers drafted him. He should have a decently high floor as a pro, but his ceiling is not very high either.

5. JT Woods

The Chargers' third-round pick has struggled thus far during camp and the preseason and has been a perfect example of why we shouldn't, as fans, overhype mid-round rookies to be someone who they aren't in their first year.

There is a massive learning curve for a rookie player in the secondary and we have seen that thus far from Woods. The Chargers drafted Woods based on his traits not so much his ability coming into the league and that has shined through. He is someone who does not look like he is ready to contribute a big amount in year one.

Of course, that can change throughout the year as he gets more experience and because of his traits, there is a lot of potential in his future. The Chargers just need to crack that developmental code.