Ranking Chargers linebacker options in 2023 from worst to best

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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2. Chargers add a cheaper linebacker/draft one in the later rounds

This is a similar situation to the one before it. The team still wouldn't be paying Drue Tranquill but thye also wouldn't be fully trusting in Kenneth Murray and a cast of depth options to fill in the gaps. In this situation, the Chargers would replace Tranquill but would be doing so in a cheaper way.

The cheapest way to do so would be in the 2023 NFL Draft but as already mentioned, it should not be with an early pick. Quite frankly, the earliest the team should take a linebacker is the fourth round and even that might be too early. The fifth round seems like a good time to take a LB in the 2023 NFL Draft for LA.

However, the chances of landing a linebacker that can contribute in year one that late in the draft is pretty slim. The team would still be asking someone like Reeder or Niemann to play a sizeable role on the defensive side of the football.

The other option would be to sign a veteran linebacker that is cheaper than Tranquill. This path seems more likely if they want to replace him with someone as they can get someone with experience that can be the green dot to relay the defensive play calls in the huddle.

Heck, if the team wanted to keep it internal they could re-sign Kyle Van Noy to play inside linebacker more. He is undoubtedly a cheap option that has experience in this defense and could help call plays. Another cheap option could be Cory Littleton. While their paths did not cross at the same time, Littleton did spend multiple seasons with the LA Rams, which could influence Brandon Staley.