Ranking Chargers linebacker options in 2023 from worst to best

Jason Reed
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3. Chargers don't add, run with Kenneth Murray and Troy Reeder/Nick Niemann

As far as the talent on the field at the linebacker position itself, this would be the worst option for the Bolts to consider. However, at least in this situation the team would not be wasting an early-round pick on a linebacker that may not even have that big of an impact.

When building a football roster sometimes you have to sacrifice a position or two to add to another position. If the Chargers have to sacrifice some talent at linebacker in order to fill other needs in the draft then so be it.

With how Brandon Staley operates with his defense not valuing linebackers that much, this feels like a very real possibility for the Bolts. Tom Telesco has shown that he will not give up on first-round picks until the very last moment (Jerry Tillery) and it would not be surprising if they trust him to make a leap in year four.

After all, both Kyzir White and Drue Tranquill made leaps in their fourth season. Granted, both players had more of a foundation built up to that point but the Bolts could convince themselves that they will strike gold a third time with Murray.

Reeder is a Staley guy that was brought over from the LA Rams so the team could absolutely re-sign him for cheap and have him be the coverage linebacker option next to Murray. Nick Niemann and Amen Ogbongbeminga would be the LB3 and LB4 on the depth chart.