Ranking Chargers linebacker options in 2023 from worst to best

Jason Reed
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There are several key positions to keep an eye on as the LA Chargers head into the offseason. Linebacker is certainly one of them as Drue Tranquill is a free agent and there is not much great depth behind him on the roster.

It is going to be incredibly interesting to see what the Chargers do at the position. Tranquill's contract projection may be a bit too rich for the Chargers with their financial situation but the team may have to bite the bullet, pay him and figure out the rest later. Or, the team could let him walk and be confident in what they have the on the roster.

There are a few different scenarios that the Bolts could toy around with when it comes to the linebacker position. Some are naturally better than others.

Ranking the Chargers' linebacker options in 2023:

4. Chargers draft an early-round rookie to play alongside Kenneth Murray

The worst path the Chargers could take at the linebacker position would be to let Tranquill walk in free agency and replace him with an early prospect on the first two days of the 2023 NFL Draft. While an early-round prospect has a higher ceiling than mid-to-late-round prospects, this would be a bad use of assets for the Bolts.

While losing Tranquill is undoubtedly a big hole that the Chargers will have to fill, there are other needs on this team that are more deserving of a pick in the top 100. The Bolts absolutely cannot justify taking another linebacker in the top 100 when they should be taking a wide receiver and edge rusher in the top 100 no matter what, with tight end, safety and offensive line also being potential top-3 needs.

The Bolts might end up with a better linebacker to play next to Murray than some of these other routes but in the grand scheme, it will hurt the overall talent on the roster.