Ranking Chargers' Justin Herbert and all 32 starting quarterbacks in 2022

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v New Orleans Saints
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8. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson has to be the most disrespected quarterback in the entire league. I still do not have him in the elite tier of quarterbacks but a lot of people act like he is just an average quarterback that holds his team back with his inability to make passes in key moments.

While that is something that holds him back from being in the elite tier, the fact of the matter is that the Ravens are far better with Lamar than without him. It is not a coincidence that Lamar is 37-12 as a starter in his career. Last year the Ravens went 1-4 when Lamar was hurt and 1-5 if you count the Cleveland game where he attempted just four passes.

7. Matthew Stafford, LA Rams

Matthew Stafford was finally put in a good situation with the LA Rams and look what happened. Stafford won the Super Bowl behind a pretty good showing both in the playoffs and the regular season that got them there.

He might not be elite and there are several other quarterbacks who could have been the QB of the Rams and won the Super Bowl. All that matter for Stafford is that he won it, and now, it is impossible to keep him out of the top 10.

6. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow is a very, very good quarterback. He is a great quarterback who is probably the gatekeeper of the elite group of QBs. It is hard to deny him that with how he has played and the fact that he made the Super Bowl.

Is he better than Justin Herbert? Not at all. A lot of NFL pundits put Burrow ahead of Herbert because of the Super Bowl run and that is fine. But if Herbert was the Bengals' QB they would have actually won the Super Bowl last season.

5. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The greatest of all time is still an elite quarterback and is naturally going to be in the MVP conversation yet again with how loaded the Bucs are. However, coming off of retirement at his age, you have to expect some regression from Brady... right?

Who knows. He will probably win MVP, lead the league in every passing category and then announce a 10-year extension where he serves as commissioner, starting quarterback and color commentator.