Ranking the available free agent wide receivers for Chargers in 2023

Jason Reed
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1. Noah Brown

Several things would have to happen for Noah Brown to join the LA Chargers but it is not completely out of the realm of possibility. First, the Chargers would have to open up enough cap space to actually be able to pay Brown without sacrificing the rest of the roster.

Brown is by no means going to get a huge deal in free agency this offseason but he probably will be in the $4-6 million range. Los Angeles would also likely need Brown to take a small pay cut compared to the other offers he may get.

That might be something that Brown is willing to do considering all the circumstances. He would be following offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to Los Angeles and would be catching passes from one of the best quarterbacks in the sport. That could help his long-term value if he has a good season in LA.

Brown had by far the best year of his career in 2022, finishing with 43 receptions for 555 yards and three touchdowns. He was not overly consistent production-wise but he had several big games that played a huge role in Dallas' success. If LA were to get 2-3 of those a year that would be great.

Brown is not a speedster that is going to open up the top of the defense and he might be a bit too similar to Mike Williams in that he is a jump-ball specialist. However, considering the Chargers struggled immensely in the red zone last season, it would not hurt at all to add another option that can make a contested catch.

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If the Chargers are able to afford Brown without sacrificing another area of the roster and also draft an early-round wide receiver then we suddenly would be looking at a really solid receiver room for the 2023 season.