Ranking the 2023 Chargers free agents by priority

Alexander Insdorf
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4. EDGE Kyle Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy is one of the most difficult players to place on this list. In theory, because of the value of the EDGE position and his explosion late in the season, he could be considered a higher priority. But seeing that the Chargers will have two $20 million+ cap hits with Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa in the pass-rushing room, his late-season push where he had five sacks in his final six weeks might've priced him out of LA's range.

The reason Van Noy is a little higher on my list to re-sign than say Callahan or Carter is that I'm not sure he's as easily replaceable with current roster options. Chris Rumph isn't ready to step up in place of Bosa or Mack as an EDGE "2.5" type of option.

It's highly probable that one of those two will miss time just given their injury history and age. It's one of the reasons overpaying for Van Noy wouldn't be crazy. EDGE 3 should be very valuable to this team.

Van Noy also has some linebacker utility and prior to the Bosa injury at EDGE, that was the position he was supposed to originally play. His presence at the first and second levels of a defense is valuable. Again, it's not something anyone else on the roster can currently replicate.

Ultimately, my guess for Van Noy is that his market will probably exceed what the Chargers could pay given his late-season push. But considering the Chargers' lack of roster options to replace him and the availability issues potentially with Mack and Bosa, he should be a priority.