Ranking the 2023 Chargers free agents by priority

Alexander Insdorf
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5. CB Bryce Callahan

Looking back on Bryce Callahan's 2022 season, it's hard to believe he was a post-draft signing for the Chargers in the offseason. A lot of that had to do with his previous injury history in Denver, but Callahan put those concerns to bed and excelled in the slot with Los Angeles.

The reason Callahan is a little lower on this list relative to the other free agents is his possible market. After making essentially vet minimum with the Chargers this year, one would have to wonder if making $4-5+ million on a one or two-year deal would take him out of consideration with the rest of the Chargers' free agents and their organizational cap issues.

On the other hand, he is one of Brandon Staley's guys after working with him prior to his Chargers' tenure. That could very well play a role if he's willing to take a little less than his market value to remain with LA.

The Chargers did draft two cornerbacks in their 2022 draft class though in Deane Leonard and Ja Taylor. Taylor specifically did get to play a little more later in the year in some defensive formations. Do the Chargers trust him to step in the slot in place of Callahan? They'll also be able to look into a stacked 2023 cornerback draft class if they'd like.

Now that the Chargers are almost certainly keeping Michael Davis, I'd guess Callahan becomes the odd man out in a room that already contains Davis, J.C. Jackson, Asante Samuel, and Ja Taylor.