Predicting the Chargers' next moves after two key restructures

Jason Reed
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2. Restructure Corey Linsley and Joey Bosa

More restructures should be on the horizon for the LA Chargers. Mike Williams and Keenan Allen were a bit of a surprise but these two restructures would not be a surprise as Corey Linsley and Joey Bosa have long been candidates to make this kind of move.

There are other players that the team could restructure that no longer make sense after the Allen and Williams decision. Sebastian Joseph-Day and Khalil Mack both had restructure potential but with so much money going toward Allen and Williams next season (with larger dead-cap hits), it is less likely for those two (who only have two years left under contract).

Instead, it makes more sense for the Chargers to restructure players that have more years under contract and that applies to Bosa and Linsley. Sure, it smooths out the cap hit and makes it harder to get out of the deals later on but the Chargers likely will never get out of said deals.

Both Bosa and Linsley are producing at an elite level still and will likely be producing at an elite level for the remainder of their deals. That makes it easier to absorb a bigger cap hit later on, especially as the NFL salary cap continues to rise.

A Bosa restructure would save $15.2 million this year while a Linsley restructure would save $6.2 million. LA would create an additional $21.4 million in cap space, which after cutting Feiler, would put the team $20 million into the green.