Predicting the 5 Chargers who get cut after second preseason game

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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5. TE Stone Smartt

Stone Smartt was put on the PUP list early in camp and has not been able to be out on the field and prove his worth. Unfortunately for Smartt, the team has to make room at some point and with so many other backend roster battles, it makes sense to open up a roster spot by parting ways with a hurt player.

The Chargers will likely waive Smartt with an injury designation as there are no signs that he is set to come back anytime soon. This would result in the tight end position being down to five players on the roster but that is where the Chargers should look to be.

While Smartt would not end up playing anyways, the Chargers should be giving big playing time to the two potential options at the position in Surratt and Kampmoyer. Maybe we will end up seeing someone like Donald Parham getting a series in the last preseason game with Kampmoyer and Surratt essentially getting all of the other snaps.

The decision can then be made between those two tight ends with the other option potentially even going to the practice squad. Los Angeles is not just going to be monitoring their performance on offense, but more importantly, their performance on special teams.

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Neither guy is going to play a big role on offense and it will instead be their value on special teams that wins them a roster spot. Kampmoyer appears to have more value on that side of the ball, which is why he is in the lead for that potential fourth tight end spot.