Predicting the 5 Chargers who get cut after second preseason game

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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3. DE Andrew Brown

There is no such thing as too much depth on the defensive line as having a deep rotation of players that can stop the run and get to the quarterback is massive for a team's success. However, there still is a limited number of players that a team can have on the roster and eventually someone is going to get let out.

There are several more cuts that need to be made on the defensive line but for the time being, only making one cut makes sense. If we had to pick on which defensive lineman is going to get the ax after the second preseason game it is Andrew Brown.

Now is the time for the Chargers to give some of the depth options more reps in the third and final preseason game and the need for playing Brown is no longer there. It does not help Brown's case that there are several other strong candidates on the defensive line that the team is going to want to keep around.

The trio of Carlo Kemp, Ty Shelby and Jamal Davis are all intriguing for the Bolts to further evaluate. While one, maybe even two, of those players will end up being cut, they deserve the extra reps and looks from the team.

Then you have someone like Christian Covington, who probably does not deserve to make the roster next season but will likely get more looks as he was on the team last season. The odd man out in this situation is definitely Brown.