Predicting the 5 Chargers who get cut after second preseason game

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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2. K James McCourt

This is the first training camp in what feels like forever that the LA Chargers don't have to have an open kicking competition. In previous years all eyes were on which kicker would end up winning the job in Los Angeles but that has not been the case this year as the team has their guy.

Dustin Hopkins was released by the Washington Commanders last season and the Bolts quickly signed him to a one-year deal for the rest of the season. While not perfect, Hopkins faired pretty well in Los Angeles and was the best kicker the team had in quite some time.

That earned Hopkins a new deal with the team which cemented him as the starting kicker next season. However, that did not stop the team from bringing in some competition to keep Hopkins on his toes producing at a high level.

While there was practicality in having a second kicker in James McCourt up to this point, there really is no reason to have him around after the season preseason game. Hopkins should start getting all the reps as he rounds into shape for the regular season.

McCourt only attempted one kick (an extra point) in the preseason game against the Cowboys so it is pretty clear that he is not part of the team's plans.