Predicting the 5 Chargers who get cut after second preseason game

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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The LA Chargers have two preseason games in the books and now have more roster decisions to make this week. Los Angeles has to trim the roster from 85 players down to 80 by Tuesday as part of the eventual grind to getting the roster down to 53.

With the Bolts not playing most of the starters to keep them healthy, maintaining depth in other areas so the team can evaluate the final roster spots is key. However, there is redundancy in certain areas and the Chargers are going to cut ties with whoever they don't find value in.

While there are 22 players in total that won't end up making the roster by the time the dust settles, there are five players that will ultimately reach the end of the road with the Chargers in 2022.

5 Chargers who will be cut after the season preseason game:

1. RB Kevin Marks Jr.

The running back position still doesn't look great for the LA Chargers but all signs are pointing to the team running four backs consisting of Austin Ekeler, Isaiah Spiller, Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree. While the depth has not impressed, there have not been any standouts outside of those four to take anyone's spot.

There are two running backs who are still fighting for a roster spot o the team in Kevin Marks Jr. and Leddie Brown. Quite frankly, neither back is going to make the roster but the Bolts might want to keep one around as a potential practice squad option during the season.

Brown seems to have the advantage with marginally better production and more chances in the Chargers offense in the preseason. If we had to guess on which running back will be cut it is Marks but it will ultimately come down to traits and which back the team prefers. One will stay for the final preseason game.