Pre-Combine full Chargers mock draft: Bolts finally take WR in first round

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Chargers mock draft round 3: Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn

I know, I do not love it either. The Chargers have drafted a mid-to-late-round running back in each of the last three drafts and it has not really worked out. Joshua Kelley just barely started contributing in his third season while Larry Rountree is a practice squad guy and Isaiah Spiller was not ready next season.

While Spiller could benefit from a full NFL offseason, it does not seem like the Chargers are all that high on him or that he will even be NFL-ready for his second season. He was the youngest prospect in the entire 2022 NFL Draft and it is clear that he probably needs more time.

The Chargers cannot bank on Spiller having a huge breakout year in 2023 and should be drafting another running back as insurance. I don't love it as a fan but with how this team operates and with what they are trying to accomplish with Kellen Moore, getting a RB2 that can actually complement Austin Ekeler is huge.

Of the mid-round options, Tank Bigsby is perhaps the most intriguing. He does not offer much value as a receiving back but the Chargers do not need that with Ekeler on the roster. Instead, he is one of the better pure runners in this draft class and should be more of a sure-fire pick than other mid-round running backs in this range.

Bigsby has rushed for 2,903 yards in three seasons for Auburn with 25 touchdowns. He has averaged 5.4 yards per carry in that span. Bigsby has more carries than most other rookies in his class so his overall shelf life may not be as long but the Chargers need someone who can come in and make an impact in year one. They already have their project in Spiller.