3 nightmare free agents Chargers fans better hope don't join AFC West

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Kaleb McGary - Denver Broncos

Kaleb McGary is not the big name that Lamar Jackson or Michael Thomas is and it might not seem like he would be as big of a deal. After all, he does not play a flashy position and it is worth questioning whether or not a right tackle would make that big of a difference.

A right tackle is not going to make as big of a difference as a franchise quarterback but considering the situation the Broncos are in with the team's holes and how much they can spend this offseason, this is probably the best they can do.

Denver had one of the worst offensive lines in the sport last season and the team is going to look to replace some departing members of said offensive line. With no first-round pick thanks to the Sean Payton trade, the Broncos are going to have to go out and hit a home run in free agency.

This would be a home run for Denver. McGary is one of the best run-blocking right tackles in the sport while also being great in pass pro. He may not be a Pro Bowler, but he has the talent to become one and has consistently produced at a high level for Atlanta.

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The last thing any Chargers fan wants to see for the Broncos is consistency. We all want to see the team continue to be a circus show and getting McGary would bring stability on the line and for Russell Wilson.